Arsenal NEED Giroud and MUST support him says team mate

At first I thought that Arsenal were getting the same bad luck as last season when, after the likes of Gibbs and Arteta had picked up little knocks, our main centre forward Olivier Giroud was ruled out for the rest of the year after an innocuous challenge at the end of the Everton game.

But when you look at it, out luck was not so bad after all because it happened in time for Arsene Wenger to go and sign Danny Welbeck from Man United as cover. And if the same thing had happened in the second half of last season it would probably have been a disaster and may have seen the Gunners drop out of the top four and fail to win a trophy again.

But even though he is not the only option anymore, Giroud is still a massive player for Arsenal, as Laurent Koscielny explains to Arsenal Player, and he could be really important for us when he returns around the turn of the year. His French team mate also believes he will come back stronger and more determined than ever, as long as he gets the full support of the Arsenal players and fans in his difficult spell on the sidelines.

Koscielny said, “Olivier is an important player for us. He’s very strong during the game and he’s scored a lot of goals. So for us it’s very difficult to lose him. But I know him and I know he will come back stronger.

“He will want to show everyone that he can be a very good player and a good striker in the Premier League and in Europe. It is important for us that Olivier keeps this mentality and comes back stronger for us.

“We have a lot of players in the forward positions now so we have a solution. We played with Alexis, Yaya Sanogo and Lukas Podolski, so we have a solution and now we need to be a unit and to prepare the same way to win the game.

“When you are injured for three, four or five months, the most difficult thing is to keep motivated and be happy enough to come back. Some days you could just say I don’t want to come back – I can’t arrive this week. We need to be with him.

“He knows all of the players are with him, and we are behind him to help him to come back quickly, stronger, because we need to play with him to score a lot of goals. I think he will be very important for us in the last six months of the season.

“For a striker we talk a lot about his goals, but when you watch Olivier during a game you can see his job, which is not just offensively but also defensively because he can come back for free-kicks to help us.

“When we play the long ball, he can keep the ball and he’s strong so the defenders can’t touch the ball. He’s very, very important for us. Now we need to do without him and I hope there is a player who can replace him and do the job well.”

Hopefully we won’t miss the big French forward too much in the next few months, with Welbeck and Sanogo able to step up and fill his size 14 boots. And I am sure that everyone at Arsenal, especially his biggest fan Arsene Wenger, wishes him well and that he is back as soon as possible.

So, Gooners, how much do you think we will miss Giroud?

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  1. mohawk says:

    Sadly, it took Giroud’s injury and a few more Sanogo goal-less “performances” to highlight Giroud’s importance to the team. The good news……….. his injury forced Wenger into making the Welbeck purchase. It all works out.

    1. ebemka says:

      We are all behing him..

      1. JStarrr says:

        It must be tough…my experience from playing in my islands football league is that, when you get injured you are unable to compete for your spot. It can be very frustrating if you are then not missed because someone else steps up.

        I think Welbecks warm welcome has probably sparked a little jealousy…let’s hope it just drives Giroud to the next level…

    2. DanielC1989 says:

      no, it just took non-football minded people to finally realise that Giroud was a big part of our ‘success’ recently

    3. ArnSam says:

      I personally won’t miss him, but wish him a good n’ quick recovery. He’s substandardised our attack so much that people on here had started admiring even mediocre strikers from lowly clubs just because what we had was poor in fact people are celebrating welbeck not because he’s that good but only in comparison to OG12 in terms of pace, dribbling and may be running behind defenders.

  2. TongaBull says:

    I only care about beating Shittyyy

  3. pranavTrue Gooner says:

    Yes. Giroud is an important member of our squad. A true gunner. I will always respect him. Come back stronger…

  4. davidnz says:

    I am sure Arsenal had
    a player called Giroud
    just recently.
    But every one hated him.
    Could this be the same chap some folks
    are saying they now miss?
    No couldn’t be. No chance.
    Must be same name different player 🙂
    Its like the new guy Walcott.
    The last Walcott we had was slated by the fans.
    Good to see the fans are getting behind this new
    Walcott guy 🙂

    1. nzGooner says:

      What are they smoking over there in NZ?

      1. nzGooner says:

        Wait a minute…

        1. Hafiz Rahman says:

          Spend some minuites

    2. Goonsquad8 says:

      @ David

      You were one of giroud’s biggest critics and sh*t talkers…..
      But I’m glad you’ve came around and started supporting the team

      1. davidnz says:

        Not true. I supported Giroud
        more than any one.
        Check back the many articles
        on Giroud you will see.

  5. Here is where I8 stopped reading … ” as long as he gets the full support of the Arsenal players and fans in his difficult spell on the sidelines.”

    I never realised Giroud was an Arsehole like Wilshere with ULTIMATUMS.

    The arsehole is PAID a lot of wages to “come back stronger and and more determined than ever.”

    The contract does not state he is being paid to gauge the support he gets from fans and players and base his performances on that. How fu*kin unprofessional can Giroud get????

    Wilshere is too thicj to understand this, but his fall from grace followed his arsehole statement, “If Wenger is not the Manager of Arsenal next season I think I will have to reconsider my future at the club.” Again, an ULTIMATUM.

    Ultimatums reveal the character of people and pre-warns us there are conditions set by them at all times, whether fair to us or not. It means unprofessional and emphasises a high risk of mercenary acts to come.

    Wilshere was touted as the next Tony Adams, next Arsenal Captain, next England Captain, the next Mr Arsenal and so on …. yet he has blown the possibility of ever being the next Adams.

    Tony Adams would have NEVER said this about his future regarding Wenger, no way. He would not base his effort for the team on the mood of fans and other players and his determination was always maximum, even using injections in his back before a game … something else you would not see Giroud or Wilshere do.

    Cheers for the heads up about what an arsehole Giroud is. Like Wilshere with his ULTIMATUM which showed he is a Wenger fan and not loyal to Arsenal, which showed he would bleed Wenger if a vein was cut and not Arsenal like fans once thought, how self-serving he is to arse lick Wenger to get the Captain armband and how indifferent he can now be after winning Wenger’s favour, something he does blatantly by producing lazy performances and still getting picked for the team – despite it making us playing with 10 men (something else Adams would never do) AND of course …. spend the time out injured recovering in nightclubs and smoking, etc ….. Giroud has now showed how self-centred he is, how his perforances and effort depend on how he feels and thinks about support from fans and players.

    When you give a partner everything you have, devote all your time to making them happy and providing them with all they want, then one day your partner listens to crap from a mate or just gets paranoid and imagines you did something and leaves you …. you will understand Wilshere and Giroud.

    1. rkw says:

      some mistake here admin…this was a submission to dear deidrie

    2. mohawk says:

      Having a bad day?

    3. Gorgo Italiano says:


      You do realise Giroud never said a word here, dont you?

      He’s not given anyone an ultimatum. Ever.

      I think that drivel coming from your keyboard therre was more about the girl that left you (if that post is anything to go by, with good reason too) heartbroken, rather than what Kos said about Giroud.

  6. Hafiz Rahman says:

    The Hold up play….a very important play….

  7. Zulu-boy-SA says:

    Koscienly is not gonna come out and say We don’t need Giroud, is he? Even if he wanted to, he has to keep face.

  8. Zulu-boy-SA says:

    I will be the honest one, we don’t need Giroud, he scores less goals than I need from a striker.

    1. DanielC1989 says:

      ok so last season Podolski or Sanogo would have got more goals and assists than him? I don’t think so. they had their chance and didn’t score any from playing as a striker. Welbeck will get goals for us while he’s away so I don’t know what the fuss about Giroud being injured is all about. yes we will miss him but it’s no problem. Welbz is dat guy

      1. Zulu-boy-SA says:

        No, Sanogo is terrible but Podolski I have reasons to believe that had he played the same amount of games as Giroud he would have more goals than Giroud, and Podolski was only played once, twice atmost as a striker last season, you can’t really judge him on that. Everyone knows that when Podolski hit that ball it has more chance of going in than when Giroud hits it.

    2. ChristopherHWinters says:

      Well how much you demand from the one considering Arsenal plays a team game? Also Giroud helps everyone in building the goal and he has faith if he himself is not there to finish, someone would definitely do. He has to create a chance. Just like West Ham home game or Hull City away game or the famous FA cup final!

      1. Zulu-boy-SA says:

        I need a golden boot contender striker, that is atleast 30 goals, with that I know I have more chances of winning the league, as Suerez, Van Persie and Aguero have proved in the last 3 seasons.

        1. jonestown1 says:

          Get real mate. The only times Suarez and RvP (once in 9 seasons) scored 30 league goals they won nothing. Aguero has never scored 25 league goals never mind “30+”.

    3. mohawk says:

      Needing a better striker is NOT the same as not needing Giroud. Separate issues. Arsenal need more than 1 striker. But Giroud is what we have. Do you advocate dumping him now? What happens when Welbeck is unavailable? Do you want to be like some clubs and use players for a month or 2 then dump them? Giroud is still the top goal scorer in the club. Think just a little before you write.

  9. ruelando says:

    I think most arsenal supporters love Giroud and wish him the best in recovery, he has done well in the style of play that Wenger has been using for the past couple years, and was doing a fine job last season which we could have won the title if it was not for injuries, no business january and his lost of form due to workload.

    At this time we have the opportunity to revert to old ways by using players with pace in the squad as strikers, many fans and myself feel we have better opportunities to win games using this format, with Welbeck as forward it even becomes more apparent, he has the skill sets to evolve into the Henry/Wright Hybrid.

    Podolski is more suited for a two man attack or the left midfield player, where he can attack the space left by the striker. He is arsenal best finisher, but is not mobile and easily marked out of the game when he is the sole striker.

    Sanago has all the set skills arsenal needs and has been quite important in many games, frustrating for him and the fans, he is too anxious to score and that has put pressure on his mind to score. I would not be surprised though if he starts the Mancity game, because he played them in the community shield and had success in bothering the defense, with Welbeck on the bench, if he does not perform. Yes the Defense line of Mancity may be different to the community shield, but i figure it may suit Sanago quite fine

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