Arsenal need goals! – Walcott MUST play on the wing

Theo Walcott needs to play on the Right!! by JH

One of Arsenals main issues this season has been our lack of pace up top. With Aaron Ramsey on the wing we lose the pace and width that The Ox or Theo naturally provide. I do understand AW putting him on the wing is due to his ability to change a game, He is very good at converting chances, he also has a great range of passing coupled with fantastic vision, I also believe he is there for his engine, Aaron Ramsey can run, and he can run for 90 minutes, something most other players cannot, so with that engine you would assume he gives good protection for his fullback.

But this is not the case, due to Ramseys constant inclination to move in field, he is often seen in the number 10 role, sometimes even closer to left than he is to the right. While of course there are times where Sanchez shall go and cover his position, he does not always, because he is our left winger, this is where he is most effective, therefore this is why he plays there.

Ozil also finds himself trying to cover Ramsey on the right, but no matter how much I rate Mesut Ozil, he is not cut out for the defensive duties as a LW, hence why he plays number 10, he is a creative genius, he will not/cannot spend 90 mins going box to box, helping the defense whilst simultaneously orchestrating our attacks.

And then there are times where nobody covers him, and there is a huge hole on our right, the ball inevitably falls to the right, but nobody is there to pick it up, the opposition clear, and look to attack our right side as we only have a 19 year old kid there to stop them.

Simply put, I agree that Ramsey in the team gives the team an added edge, HOWEVER!!! Aaron Ramsey on the right takes away our edge.

Now I love the Ox, and wish I could say he should start every game, his pace and power are fantastic weapons, he also has great feet to beat his man, but he simply doesn’t score enough. When you play a front three, I feel both wingers need to chip in 10-15 goals. Now I know He might get that many given a full season. He might, but Walcott would. And right now I don’t feel Arsene has time for ‘Ifs’ and ‘maybes’, he needs certainty.

A full season fully fit on the right, Walcott would score at least 15 I think. He has superb movement on the right side, he is also (most of the time) a very good finisher. He loves to play on the last man, and despite our opponents often playing deep, the timing of Theo’s runs are often impeccable, coupled with the ability of Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla, Ramsey and whoever else may be behind him, more often than not his runs in between the fullback and centre back would be met with the pass that he wants, and as I have said, he is usually very dependable in front of goal.

I also think that Theo plays a lot on confidence, once he starts scoring, he just looks like a beast, hopefully his 2 goals today (although against an awful side) will give him a boost, I hope to see him net one against Switzerland, and then give him a start on the right against Stoke, who I feel may come at us.

I know he wants to play in the middle, but quite frankly, he is not cut out to play in the middle alone against the majority of the Premier League.

He is now 26, he has just been handed a new long term deal at £140K per week, he needs to earn that paycheck. He has recently reached the 50 mark for Arsenal, but simply put unless he can reach at least 100, he has not met even a fraction of the potential he had. And even if he is to break the 100 club for Arsenal, he would probably be the slowest to do so, Joe Hulme and John Radford taking 307 and 306 games to do so, then Dennis Bergkamp took 296. Theo is already on 211 premier league games for Arsenal and has struck just 50, although these games have come in fits and starts rather than solid runs in the side.

Theo has only amassed 20 or more starts in 2 of his previous 6 seasons at the club. the last of which was the 2012/13 season, his fitness must improve, but when he is fit, I feel he must start.

Although we are just 4 games into our season, Arsenal players have managed just one goal.

Walcott needs games. We need Goals. And I feel that the 2 will come hand in hand.

What do you guys think? Who should play on the right? Theo, the Ox, or should we stick with Ramsey???

By JonnHirons

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    1. Shame Wenger didn’t sign that striker. Likelihood of both Giroud and Walcott starting together now is minimal. Whoever he starts with, the other will come on at 70 minute mark regardless of how game is panning out!!!

      Theo is best on the right but needs to mix his game up between hugging the touchline whilst pinging crosses to Giroud and also coming inside to run the channels and get onto Giroud knockdowns / flicks!

  1. Hopefully’, We will see the Arsenal of 2nd half of last season this weekend (After International Break). I know other teams,even the average teams are stronger now with new faces. But once we hit form, we’ll go in a good winning run. Let’s start with a home win against Stoke. We need that home win after a poor ‘home’ start this season. C’mon Walcott, Giroud and Alexis! C’mon Arsenal!!!

    1. Who cares, we’re gonna end up at 4th place and knocked out before quarter finals in CL anyway. I wish this season was over already #WengerOut

  2. “Arsenal need goals…………walcott must play on the wing”………. Who’d be competition for giroud when he becomes frustrating to watch?………..Damn u wenger! We really needed that WC striker…..

  3. -walcott against top team / if welbeck was our cf / wilshere playing

    -ox can be alternate starting if our cf was giroud / no badboy willshere because ox oftenly pass into middle, and giroud is the man who can finish / headed well

    seeing walcott on the wing in england game vs san marino, wow. Top class. *

  4. We need to sacrifice either ozil or cazorla to attain balance in the team.4-2-1-3 should be our formation.Ramsey should partner coq in midfield and play as a box to box midfielder. Either ozil or caz at the playmaker role and a front 3 of alexis,giroud and walcott. This squad has goals in it.

    1. Nah. Cazorla and Ozil are essential. Despite our team lacking the tempo and fluidity that make us so dangerous when playing well those two have still been creating chances for fun.
      I rate Ramsey extremely highly, but he doesn’t have near the intelligence in dictating the play and running our attack the way the other two do.

  5. How about this???

    With the freedom of inter changing positions during games??? E.g theo to the top ox to the right, Alexis to the left, Or Alexis to the 10 Ozil to the left Ox to the right etc. Just to make it fluid and un predictable. #COYG

  6. Play front 2 of Sanchez & Walcott.
    Behind them left to right
    Cazorla. Ozil, ox
    Le coq behind them
    Back 4

    Jack,Rambo,OG , Danny boy. On bench.

    1. Cazorla’s too good to put wide. Needs to be central.
      Our forwards have a lot of freedom as is. No point playing a formation that sacrifices a deeper playmaker for an additional number in the box. If we’re to play a two striker system Giroud is a must.

    2. @fishface, you will definitely need ramsey’s engine in such a formation, because when you are playing two up top then you need your strongest central_midfield, not necessary the must creative, if not you will be exposed through the middle.

  7. My best 11 for Arsenal (Paulista is in there as I think he will be better than Mert with more game time )

    Bellerby kosc Paulista monreal
    Cocquelin cazorla
    Walcott ozil sanchez

    Carla can come up and create and he’s good in defence. The only 2 players not inv are Ramsey and Ox who can be rotated and brought on. I think Ramsey on wing is a mistake also.

    1. That would be my team too and the 2nd team doesn’t look too shabby either

      Debuchy chambers mertesacker gibbs
      Ramsey wilshire
      Chamberlain Rosicky campbell

  8. The curious case of Theo Walcott….he who dreams of striker stardom but is best suited to the right wing…someone tell him!

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