Arsenal need Goretzka – and we will get him!

We may all expect to see Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez move away from Arsenal for free next summer, but as Arsene Wenger said last summer, we will be seeing more and more players running down their contracts in the future so they can get much higher wages when they actually move clubs.

One of the biggest names that will be on the market in June is the versatile German midfielder Leon Goretzka, who is currently at Schalke in the Bundesliga. According to the latest rumours the 22 year-old will be in much demand from some of the biggest clubs in Europe but the Gunners are prepared to go all out for him, with talks to begin in January when he can legally talk to clubs outside of Germany. Goretzka himself admitted that that is when he will be making his decision. “There doesn’t exist a deadline, but I think we are in the final phase. The final decision will be made in January.” he said.

It was widely publicized that Arsenal sent scouts to watch Goretzka at the Confederations Cup last summer, where he helped Germany to a winners trophy and amazingly he has scored 6 goals from midfield in his 12 appearances for his country. One of the main reasons why Arsenal are expected to win the battle for his signature (other than the wages on offer) is that Goretzka would be reunited with his friend Saed Kolasinac, who was playing alongside him at Schalke before the Bosnian international moved to Arsenal on a free last summer, and the fact that his international team-mate Shkrodan Mustafi is also in the starting line-up for the Gunners. Kolasinac recently posted a pic on instagram of him and Goretzka together, which will definitely have hinted that their friendship was a close one.

Goretzka could be the next big German midfielder. He is considered to be the next Ballack, and at 22 years of age, we should be all over this transfer. Kolasanic is here, Xhaka, Ozil, Per, all German speaking players, the manager speaks German too. Get Podolski to give him a call, do what ever you can to bring this type of quality to Arsenal. He is also very calm and good on the ball, and willing to run up the pitch for a shot on goal. A very versatile player, Goretzka can operate either as a defensive midfielder, a central midfielder or a right midfielder.

Because he stands at 6’2, his height allows Goretzka to be terrific at winning the ball in the air, which means he can score goals with his head, and keep possession for Schalke. Goretzka’s size also makes him ideal at blocking the ball, and he has become an ideal shot and cross blocker, a great trait for any defensive midfielder. His willingness to tackle is uncharacteristic of midfielders in modern football as we know it. Goretzka, apart with his tackling, also starts attacks for Schalke by getting lots of interceptions in the midfield. Goretzka is an expert at reading where the other teams passes are going and making interceptions. Even though he is primarily a defensive midfielder, Goretzka possesses a wicked shot from long range. People say we are weak in the middle of the pitch and its easy to bully us, but not with this guy. He would be the perfect partner for Ramsey..

Arssene Wenger may redeem himself for letting Ozil and Alexis move for free if he can secure another couple of top stars from Bosman transfers himself, like he did with Kolasinac last summer.

Personally I think he would be an excellent addition to the Arsenal squad and I have a feeling that his arrival is nearly a certainty. All the signs are looking good…

What do you think?



  1. jon fox says:

    What does his signing or any other signing matter, so long as Wenger stays?

    1. gotanidea says:

      That’s right, all newcomers would have difficulties to thrive under Wenger’s guidance, with the exception of Sanchez, because Sanchez has learned a lot in Barcelona. Wenger’s effect starts to affect Lacazette’s and Kolasinac’s confidence.

      Actually I have not seen Goretzka plays, but by reading the admin’s description, Goretzka is as physical and as skillful as Pogba? As long as Goretzka is a ball winner, hardworking, mobile and skillful defensive midfielder like Kante, Busquets and Mascherano (in their prime in Barcelona), he would be a great addition.

      1. Muff diver says:

        He won’t pick us
        Teams with better wages. Prospects . Coaches . Squads are after him .

        We will get some btec version an swear he’s the second coming

      2. john hodges says:

        dont forget he played in the german team when he was getting all the raves scoring goals ect ect playing with very good players but not so good in club games. would he fit in at arsenal?

  2. Eddy Hoyte says:

    “Arsenal need Goretzka – and we will get him!”

    Already getting ahead of yourself mate innit??

    Don’t raise our hopes please, you guys should just let us all watch quietly and see what players the club gets, we don’t want no “Lemar is a done deal” kinda bullsh!t talk or stuffs like “We will get him” …
    you guys should stop playing agents n Managers, and by the way anyone noticed Kev n Remember Recourse been no where to be found since Season kicked off.
    Bro ya both better stay hidden!! Don’t pop up on here soon as its January please

    1. Eddy Hoyte says:


  3. Me says:

    We have top players already and still we are miles behind.
    The issue is the manager who is still living in 2004.
    The tactics employed, the management of the team and most importantly the motivation simply are not good enough.
    The sooner he is gone the better…

  4. Jack reacher says:

    Hahaha u think wenger is Gona let xhaka go after buying him and elneny looks same way too many mistakes to say go buy again won’t happen he’ll persist with xhaka cause he’s loyal that way no way we getting another Jesus jack can’t get game I think ozil will sign and Sanchez will go but not January it will be summer and I also think wenger will sign another contract he can say look da way we played against Utd we’re getting close and board will say yes sir ur rite stay we don’t care , just my opinion hopefully I’m wrong and we sign all around us but if u look at da German scout we got he’s brought in too find gems like he did at Dortmund again just my opinion ok good nite ???

  5. Ray says:


    We will, will we? I think we may see more leave before then!

    You won’t see clubs like Man C. letting players contracts run down unless they don’t mind if the player leaves. Arsenal on the other hand need players like Ozil and Sanchez but are powerless because the club have no backbone any more!!

    Arsenal are a stepping stone club and the wage cap proves it! Special players get special wages!!

  6. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Wenger will just ruin his career. Look at his current record – a squad full of overpaid underperformers….

    1. Muff diver says:

      Xhaka the one I’m very surprised by .
      An he just keeps playing him

      Rather than make him earn his place . Just play them an hope they eventually come good.
      No longer than 10 years tho…that’s the limit

      Shouts out to Whippet Walcott

  7. shark says:

    It sound like a promising signing (if it’s going to happen) but so was Xhaka and now is just embarrasing when he’s trying to tackle, passing the ball to the opponent and losing his man into the box. He doesn’t even shoot anymore. Maybe Bayern was just making fun of him when they declared their interest in him (the new Xabi Alonso).

  8. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Leon Goretzka will not be joining Arsenal he will go to Man Utd. Wenger has nothing to offer him where as Mourinho has a lot to Offer him. Under Wenger Arsenal are going nowhere Fast.

  9. John says:

    He is a pretty talented dude………and will be a potentially good addition to the team……….

  10. Arsenogenic says:

    @Dandy Gunner. Really? Who might he be displacing to the bench? Pogba? Or Matic?

    You sound like one of those Mourinho worshippers. “The Sun shines out of Jose’s ass”. You are entitled to your opinion though.

  11. Mogunna says:

    Perfect one we need in middle and free since owners are cheap. Great player thought. Our german scout and squad should give us more chances but no guaranty as all top clubs wants him even if not free bc he is a real german beast and play great all around football. He has all skills , eliminates, intercept, accelarates, tackles,shoot, heàdèrs. runs 90mn non stop…broke in national team wears the number 8, not 18 as before. Real barca psg bayern all on him as our top 6….if ozil signs new deal, it wil make a major impact on his decision…we can hope realisticaly in those terms and all our Germans , an asset, a plus here… as long as wé don’t wait june……

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