Arsenal NEED luck to carry on through internationals

I think that the Arsene Wenger will be pretty pleased that Arsenal do not play again until the game against Liverpool at the Emirates stadium in two weeks. That will be the first of (hopefully) 10 games that will decide whether the season was a great success, satisfactory or a complete disaster so the manager will welcome this break.

The Gunners are on a great run but we have been running on empty a bit and could really do with this time to gather ourselves in order to go again with all guns blazing. A lot of our wins in 2015 have been too close for comfort, with Leicester, QPR, Crystal Palace and Newcastle this weekend all pressing us hard for a late equalizer and we have certainly had some good luck along the way. We ned that carry on for the next two weeks.

Now the Champions League is out of the way, Arsenal only have one or two FA cup games to worry about as well as the Premier League and so we should be fresher and more able to finish teams off or control games when we are leading. That is if all the players return fit and well from their respective international duties of course.

A key injury or two could really hurt us and our prospects now, and Wenger will be hoping that the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Olivier Giroud, Santi Cazorla and Mesut Ozil are all used sparingly by their national coaches. If our luck holds in this way and we get players like Wilshere, Arteta and Debuchy back to help out, the Gunners will be ready for a big push when the domestic action begins again and who knows where that could lead…

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    1. why are we picking and choosing? We need ALL of them to come back with the ability to walk on 2 feet.

  1. Im praying that all our “gunners” who will be on international duty for their respective countries come back injury free! Coyg!

  2. Money talks@
    Dont forget thomas rosicky! We need him to be fit also! Little mozart is just as important to us! Coyg!

  3. if we have a big squad with quality we wouldnt have to worry…

    but sadly our squad is thin and weak….if 1 or 2 players got injured and we are finished….

    1. seriously are u sarcastic? ive read your comments for a long time and am none the wiser. if so , you must be one miserable ..dude

      1. I don’t know what it is about him. His comments are like that of a supporter from another club and always negative. We need to do some sort of checks for these guys.

  4. 2 players ?

    What like wilshere ,arteta , debuchy , ox and Gnabry !

    Whatever would we have done if Ozil , theo, Ramsey ,giroud and koscielny were out for substantial periods too ……?

    1. Good point lol

      We had loads of injuries and we even hardly played Podolski and Campbell but we are 6 points behind Chelsea (with game in hand), one point behind City in 3rd place. I don’t want ANY injuries but we won’t be “finished” with a couple more injuries if we “God forbid” have them

  5. Worried about Alexis, looks exhausted already and now he’s off to play for the Chile national team, who work really hard for every game.

    1. well at least we don’t have to worry about the jet lag this time around. Hopefully he takes it easy though.

      1. I don’t think anyone else really does either. Ever since, he left the BPL, he is not the same player at all. He is a huge flop. He costs more than Ronaldo and is not looking like he is in the same league as him.

  6. The team is getting by with
    15 players like last season.
    The rest are not missed.
    Diaby, Sanogo injury wrecks
    Walcott Wilshere Chamberlain Gnabry
    always injured over rated and inconsistent.
    Arteta Podolski Flamini over the hill.
    Campbell Ryo not up to it.
    Eleven players who could be sold and replaced by six top quality players.
    Unfortunately only Ryo Diaby and Flamini are out of contract in June.
    Wenger will probably keep the token Jap for Asian supporters.
    So only Flamini and Diaby to go meaning 8 deadwood a third of the squad.

    1. its seems like Chelsea, Utd, City are all getting by with 15 to 16 players…the rest hardly play or get invovled majorly

    2. Ok.. So i haven’t been on this website in a while but lets have a flashback to the beginning of season.. Just to show how ridiculous your assessment of the squad was…

      Ramsey – pretty sure you labelled him along with your ‘injury wrecks’
      Coquelin – Has somehow now evaded your ‘over-rated’ or ‘not up to it’ list..
      Monreal – Hmmm similar story…
      Giroud – Wow are you somehow happy with his performances this season? funny

      Now it seems you have a tenuous grasp out what actually makes a ‘squad.’
      It’s possible to actually have players who are showing promise but a little bit raw and lend or ‘loan’ shall we say to other clubs to hone their skills without any baring on our current first team. Crazy I know!! And the great thing is, they often pay for their wages as well!!!!
      So the token ‘Jap’ who hasn’t played any baring whatsoever on our first-team or Sanogo and Campbell can continue to develop without effecting our current team.
      You see development doesn’t always happen in a linear fashion and a lot of players develop at different times… It could be a 24 year old striker playing in Ligue 2 rapidly developing and rising to having one of the best goal per minute ratio in the premier league.
      Or maybe that other defensive midfielder who’s broke out and been a revelation this season at the age of 23 after a horrible loan spell, and was struggling to break into the first team in a lower league club.
      Or these ‘injury wrecks..’ may take years to overcome but turn into a vital part of the first-team. Ramsey…

      So in short… David if you were projecting the players who have been absolutely brilliant in the league so far for us this season, I’d bet my left nut that you would have rather sold a lot of them before they actually had a chance to show how good of a player they can be.
      So please forgive me if I find your evaluations of players appalling especially when even an idiot could see are brimming with potential such as Wilshere, Gnabry and the Ox.

      1. right on. i feel like we should be able to see the comment hisrtoy of each person, so we can see the swing fans. y’alls opinions change faster than my girlfriends moods.

        1. What exactly do you mean by swing fans. I am a fan of Wenger but it doesnt mean i wont criticise him or call him on something if i think deserved. Same for players if they dont show enough character i will be upset about it. However i will defend them overly bias at times when i think people are wrong or insulting, also before and during game give full support.

  7. I would like to come on here if we win the double and see how many people have changed their minds. Come on lets get positive you wont win anything with a negative attitude. GOYG

    1. well chances of winning the double is almost Zero……

      For the league,
      Chelsea has to lose 4 games and we have to win our remaining 8…..

      FA Cup is still very highly possible to win it…and we may have to sacrifice the top 4

      1. Of course you are right – almost zero chance of them losing 4 of the last 9 games. But drawing games ain’t much better than a win these days so perhaps 1% chance of them drawing 4 and losing 1 (against us) giving them 83 points. But we would still need to win all our games – another 1% chance.

    2. Look who’s talking. The evergreen gooner wanting Wenger and half the squad out after the draw with Anderlecht. Patience is not your forte but hey, is good that we see now what supporter you truly are.

  8. Funny how ‘Snot ball’ Costa pulls a hammy with 10 Mins to go, nice cheating there Maureen
    No Spain for him.
    Cheating bastards!

    1. Funny how ‘Snot ball’ Costa pulls a hammy with 10 Mins to go, nice cheating there Maureen
      No Spain for him.
      Cheating bast*rds

      1. Doh – I seriously never twigged that captinweestain. Well spotted/deduced. Sly, sly f**ckers – although he has been sH**te for Spain so not sure he would get a spot.

  9. I think we will be fine.. Bellerin, The Coq, Mertesacker, Arteta, Flamini, are not playing for their national sides.

    Giroud, Cazorla, Ozil, Gibbs, Monreal, Welbeck, Walcott etc will not play a lot of minutes in the international break as their countries have so many other good players in the same positions.

    Sanchez is the one that I am worried about, he seem to play every single Chile games be it friendly or not. Rosicky too, he just seems to get injured every time he plays for the Czech Republic.

    The Ox is injured and won’t take any part, he will be back after the break.

    I think most of our players will have a rest.

  10. Off topic because feeling mellow and haven’t got much to say on this thread:

    1) If you think this forum sometimes goes in to flip-flop meltdown then have a laugh at some of the Pool chat rooms. Priceless. Unbelievable. Also nice to see I haven’t seen one Pool fan fancying their chances at our place on 4/4/15 – they almost appear awestruck at the prospect. Just hope we deliver.

    2) Could our season be defined by 2 wins against Liverpool at the Emirates and Wembley? Beat them on 4/4/14 then see UCL qualification just about nailed on.

    3) Lack Of Self Awareness Award of the Year – Nigel Pearson. The guy has some colossal gonads calling anyone else arrogant, with a straight face to boot.

    4) May be in a significant minority here and never thought I’d be saying this – but Van Gaal the man is growing on me as a PL personality.

    5) And lastly get down to the bookies and see what odds on Diego Costa being unavailable for Spain but being on the pitch at 17.30hrs on 4/4/15 for the Chelsea/Stoke match (thanks for the conspiracy theory Captinweestain).

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