Arsenal need more goals – but we’ve got the team spirit to make Top Four

Hi Gooners! Another great result for us yesterday! by Sarah

A lot of possession, creativity and plenty of goal attempts with 24, and eight shots on target. But we still only scored two. Luckily our Hale End youngsters managed to find the back of the net to finish Brentford off.

We need to be putting these goals away, we are going to be coming up against tougher opponents in the next run of games. Wolves again on Thursday, who will most certainly give us one of the tougher games. Then Watford, Leicester, Liverpool and Villa. Before Christmas everyone was discussing how Arsenal has the easiest run of games until the end of the season. To me these are some tough games and if we don’t get our goals in the back of the net, I can only see us getting results from having the unity in our team with the odd goal here and there.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few goals margin in our games and not have to panic about drawing or losing? Because we haven’t put those chances away?!

We are still having big problems with lacking goals, and our disciplinary record is a serious problem when trying to get into the last Champions League spot. Where, let’s be honest, most say it was never intended to get into that the Top four. But with our games in hand now and how the table is, most will think this is as good a chance as any and will want our team to fully aim for that fourth spot.

Our passion after the games is showing just how close and strong our squad are. I believe this is one advantage we have over the rest of the teams and could ultimately help us gain that last spot for Champions League.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a group of players so tight-knit and passionate and after every game, win, lose or draw, still seem to have the togetherness.

When I’m seeing Ramsdale and Co involving the supporters at the end of games and sometimes tormenting the opposition supporters – I love that!

I love that we have a group of players involving their fans. Ruben Neves claimed we celebrated like we won the league against them. Stating “I didn’t see them celebrating like this in the past ten years” Yes, he’s right, we haven’t had our team act like that for years. Our team now get the fans involved home and away, and when you have the support of the fans it builds the team up and they want to perform better. It spurs them on. It doesn’t mean we think we’ve won the league at all. This is one positive over the two negatives of discipline and lack of goals that could be in our favour for the rest of the season.

Hopefully if rumours are true about Martinelli being trained in a different position, then we can give ESR a regular start in the team as he showed yesterday how important he is, and our goals will start rising and the return of Tomiyasu will keep our defence steady.

So, do you think our team spirit can gain us the last top four position?

Let’s keep the positivity going for Thursday. COYG!

Sarah Rohan

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    1. No need for mentioning unrelevant stats.. Stats should be from the start of the season not to be cherry picked..

  1. 2 of our games in hand are away to Spurs and Chelsea, plus we have games against Pool and United. So for me there is little room for optimism

    1. Man U are hardly any better off if you check their run in plus they have the CL to navigate. It all boils down to whether you think Arsenal can do it and it seems Silentstan, you have your doubts.

    2. Our 2 games in hand are v wolves and spurs the 3rd is against Chelsea but we only have 2 in hand on most. United after their Watford game play city/liv away and spurs home next 3 for instance and have the 2nd leg against atletico in that period too. We’re in a great position, in our hands.

  2. Trying Pepe upfront is the most appealing option for me. He is probably our best finisher at the club, so put him directly in front of goal and task Odegaard to play through balls for him to run onto.

    1. no doubt Siamois, I was just about to post something similar…it’s interesting that even in the birthplace of tiki-taka they know how to incorporate long, direct passes so that their best scorer can thrive on the pitch

      1. They’ve got an advantage in that no-one expects them to play to PEA’s strengths.
        We tried to fit him into a system more akin to what Barca are known for, which is probably why he tailed off.
        Xavi is doing what Mikel did when he first came in… Being pragmatic, and making the best of the players he has.
        Mikel is a couple of seasons into creating his vision, which has shown quite a few positives. My only hope is we nab a CL spot so we have a better chance of bringing in one or two top quality strikers in summer.
        Hope Balo does well at Middlesbrough too. He seems a top prospect, and far more capable than Nketiah at creating and finishing chances, where Eddie is more of a poacher.

        1. I would strongly suggest that even MA would feel that his tactical approach is far more pragmatic than Xavi’s, as the latter has taken some real chances by trying to reinvent the wheel mid-stream through the purchasing of players who are largely counter-intuitive to the typical style of play on offer at Barca…whereas MA’s largely negative approach, much like someone facing a relegation battle, is far more pragmatic, in that he clearly realizes that he doesn’t have the tactical nous to get the most of the players under his charge so he’s opted for, what he believes, is a far more realistic way to eke out results…btw he’s not a couple seasons into “creating his vision”, as his original “vision” last year involved a far less extensive “retool” option, which relied far more heavily on a more senior-laden lineup…only when that turned into a dumpster fire did he have a “vision” rethink in order to save his proverbial ass

        2. “Aubameyang has now become the first player in the 21st century to score a hat-trick in Ligue 1, the Bundesliga, the Premier League and La Liga.

          Aubameyang has also become the first player to score two hat-tricks in competitive games at Mestalla as he also netted a treble for Arsenal in the Europa League in 2019.

          It was only a matter of time but the striker has also become the first Gabonese player to score in La Liga”.

          This is the same guy that was forced out of our club and some people here went as far as labeling him a deadwood.


          1. Yeah yeah, you can follow him to la liga. We are fine and better without him.
            All the best for you two though.

      1. Who cares!!?? This idle playboy is history and I for just one of very many, am delighted he is gone and we now have eleven all tryers in our team every week.


        1. Jon
          Don’t agree with you many times but on this occasion I do.
          Good player but run his course for us and him
          He needed a fresh start and we needed rid of him.
          He hasn’t consistently performed for us for well over a session and a half.
          And We haven’t had a cf to call our own this time as well but we seem to be doing OK with out him. We are still creating and some team will get spanked very soon

          Onwards and upwards

    2. Who cares? He was good for us too before his bumper contract. Good for us, good for him, good for Barca. Time will tell that Mikel made the correct decision.
      I cannot wait to see Leno, Xhaka, Elneny, Laca, Eddie gone and replaced by real players. Laca should bury his head in shame that 20 year olds know where the goal posts are and how to put the ball in the net. 180K fraud.

    1. He moved on and so have I.
      I have never understood the thrill of following an ex Arsenal player as if he was in some way still a part of our future

      1. If you’ve moved on Sue then why even comment? 🙂

        I still follow Willock as well and quite a few ex Arsenal players I want then to do well, especially those that we had from youngsters.

        1. She commented because someone else brought it up, she didn’t make a comment on it and let’s got started on the article topic and how auba is completely unrelated. As it is Auba related now as auba pointed out the mestalla is his home he scored a hatrick for us there to.

        2. Help me ask them o. How may posts have they not made here about Aubameyang since he left. They all commented and now that Auba is shining, they have moved on. The process you guys trust better work out if not they’ll follow MA out.

  3. Premier League is harder than la Liga. You can see how many times PL teams have whooped La liga teams this season. The reason is why I don’t fancy arsenal paying exorbitant amount on a striker from la Liga. South America will be good place for scouting a strong hard working striker.

    1. Very true. Even more so when considering English teams traditionally destroy Spanish teams. And that is why UCL and UL are usually dominated by English teams. I think Liverpool has many UCL wins compared to all of Spanish teams combined.

      1. Do you consider tradition as only a few years ago? because it’s only recently English teams have started to look stronger.

        Real Madrid has 13 alone (let’s ignore the other Spanish clubs for now) and Liverpool has 6.

        Using your example…if we add Barcelona’s 5 wins that’s 18 wins for Spanish clubs compared to Liverpool’s 6.

        English clubs combined is:
        -Liverpool 6
        -Man U 3
        -Chelsea 2
        -AVilla 1

        Giving English teams 12 in total which is the same as the amount of Italian sides so not sure how you can say English teams destroy?

  4. Yeah what is this English teams destroying Spanish teams nonsense? Even Europa League in the past 10 years has been dominated by Spanish teams:

    7 wins, Spain (4x Sevilla, 2x, Athletico, 1xVillarreal)
    3 wins, England (Chelsea, Chelsea, ManU)

    If we go 10 years further, we will find 4 more winners from Spain. So any sources for this claim?

  5. So Auba scored a hat trick for Barca vs Valencia. Arteta’s grudges do not fare well for man management, and we are STILL paying much of his wages.

  6. The team spirit is fundamental to any success. That said, we need to put away our chances as the games coming up will be difficult and we cant afford to miss chances. If either Martinelli or Pepe start over Laca in the CF position, what worries me is the press and link up play which Laca brings to his game will be missing. Either Martinelli or Pepe will have to adapt like Laca or Laca will have to improve on his scoring for Arsenal to make a strong push for top 4. This is the best chance we have had in years for a top 4 position and we cant allow it to slip by.

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