Arsenal need more quality to catch Chelsea, Man United or City for the title

What Do Arsenal Need To Do To Win The EPL?

It was a season of disappointment for The Gunners last term, with many demanding that Arsene Wenger’s contract not to be renewed. A lot of fans seem to be of the opinion that Arsenal won’t make progress whilst the Frenchman is still at the helm and they made their feelings known throughout the campaign.

The real cause for concern was the fact that the North London club failed to qualify for the Champions League for the first time in 20 years. All that is in the past though and everyone starts with a clean slate. So the question is, what do Arsenal need to do to win the English Premier League title? Is it even a realistic possibility?

The acquisition of Alexandre Lacazatte is a great start for Arsenal. The Frenchman will score goals and as seen in the Community Shield final, he fits nicely into the new three at the back system that Wenger seems to be deploying. Keeping Lacazette fit is vital. The Gunners now have strength in depth in their front line, with Lacazette, Olivier Giroud, Danny Welbeck, Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott, all offering something different.

Alexis Sanchez is integral to how Arsenal perform. His goals and overall contribution over recent times have probably carried the team to be fair. There are question marks over his future as it appears the Chilean wants a move away from The Emirates but Wenger assured fans he will be an Arsenal player after the transfer window closes and this maybe it the most important thing the club can do in order to mount a title push.

One thing that stands out at Arsenal is that there just simply seems to have been a lack of pressure to succeed over the last few years. Other rival teams have spent ridiculous amounts of money and even though Arsenal have spent a bit, they’ve still been left behind. There just hasn’t seemed to be any urgency to forge a title winning side. By and large they’ve been happy to stick with what they already have or to give youth a chance. We’ve always had problem areas that needed addressing but there never seemed to be any rush. So there definitely needs to be more pressure and urgency.

I would say if Arsenal are to be serious contenders, they do need to add a bit more quality to the squad. There are players at the club who simply haven’t progressed and if they were moved on, they could be replaced by better players. The board need to spend more but it just doesn’t seem to be their way or model. The issue is, the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United are all opening the gap between themselves and your Arsenals and Evertons and without spending, the gap may never be closed.

This point of view is shared with all reputable bookmakers like Unibet; who have Manchester City as favourites to win the English Premier League priced at 17/10, Manchester United is 33/10 and Chelsea is 7/2 third favourites. Arsenal is priced at 11/1 to actually lift the trophy; with even their bitterGI`8-9-/+rivals Tottenham (9/1) deemed as more likely to have any success in the league.

It would be great to see Arsenal really challenging once more and it isn’t impossible. If the purse strings are loosened a bit more, some quality added, with some deadwood moved on, it really could happen.

Updated: August 11, 2017 — 5:45 pm


  1. Absolutely

    Spurs, United, Chelsea, Liverpool and City are all contenders. It’s going to be a hell tough of a season.

    Lacazette and Kolsanic are two excellent players but we ideally need two more. A winger/attacking midfielder and a central midfielder (who is very good defensively).

    Two more good players and we can talk competing to win the League otherwise we will be talking about making the top 4

    1. why do we need another winger/am? Ozil n Alexis are starting n there is only 2 am in 3421 formation

      1. We are trying to get Thomas Lemar. That’s his specialties. He is better quality than many of our players

        I doubt we just stick to one formation

        Also Ozil and Alexis can’t play every minute of every match. We need to increase depth in quality in those areas.

        1. But will he want to leave the French champs and not be an immediate starter? Would Wenger pay 40-50 mill for a substitute? Lots of questions. We must prioritize a replacement for Ramsey. He would be nothing more than a squad player if he went to any of the top 5 teams in Europe. Harsh, but we need to be ruthless in judging our qualities.

      2. We need to replace average players with better, simple as that.

        1. Exactly!
          And how many times this have been said before and still some people talks buloxx.

    2. Based on current squad, I really don’t see Chelsea better than us. Man City and Manchester United might be better(They have been spending much in recent years and doesn’t always guarantee EPL cup). We have to realize the fact that we are not yet at the level to compete with those teams in high spending. Chelsea has a tiny squad compared to us. Their captain and managing recently complained about it. One special feature I see in our current squad is the fact that each position either has competing players or players who can put in a shift when the 1st player is not available.

      1. Based on current squad , Chelsea strolled to the title with no competition. Arsenal as usual were recovering from the their December / January slump . Costa – although much hated by many has outscored All of our strikers with ease year after year . Sanchez can be compared to Hazard in midfield a’s they are both world class game changers . Like for like our midfield and defence is weaker nor as consistent as theirs . That i believe is our major flaw and why we aren’t champions like Chelsea , because we are not consistent in our performances over the length of the season

  2. It’s not just a matter of quality or buying new/more players.

    Its also a matter of poor tactics, failure to adjust and adapt new tactics during the game, poor leadership by players during the game, and having a squad that is overtly injury prone.

  3. its counterproductive continuing to peddle the idea arsenal needs to catch all 3 of those clubs. we need to catch only one and that’s man utd because the others in the headline have some way to go before they come anywhere close to claiming the titles we have. looking from this perspective it could be said that despite our failings, both chelski and citeh need greater quality and consistency before ever coming near to us.

    “bookmakers odds” mean little because as the team improves these do. Odds are incidental detail, they’re of minor importance they never reflect the “will to succeed” nor “measure a teams desire”.

  4. We do need to spend but the deadwood needs to go in the next two transfer windows to allow room in the squad and finances to be raised where possible.

  5. I have exactly zero expectations from this season. I learn in the last 3 years that having ambitions which you can’t influence their outcome can lead to depression which only alcohol can cure.
    Therefore, a new season with my 30 years love, what do I do. How do I keep waking up at 4:00AM to see Benteke killing Bellerin on the corner and Ramsey getting injured on the counter? Well, I can’t stop watching us. That simple. Then there are the good games which gives you that glimmer of hope but I learn that these too are treacherous. Don’t hang to them, trust me. Enjoy the occasional stunning result and laugh to see players faces when they play FC Astana Azerbaidjan. Because they deserved it.
    Enjoy the well known press conferences. I can write it down today what Wenger will tell you when we win, lose or draw. I am that good. Nah, just kidding, is a script which everyone knows it already but they like to hear it anyway.
    So, internet gooners, make what you wish of this season. Hell, we may even win tonight. Remember though that in theory nothing major changed in the club in the last 10 years. Keep that in the back of your mind if you value your health.
    Right, now come on boys! Stuff the foxes, show them here’s Sparta. COYG!

  6. A player like Cazorla, technical, quick to transition into offense with lasered in passes, unlikely to be stripped of possesion like Ramsey, is vital. No idea if Cazorla himself can ever get back to that form. A player similar to him who is available is hard to think of, but maybe Lemar can be converted? I think a bid for Van Dyijk would be great too, no reason not to add that type of class. Hard to justify spending 40-50 million on a winger when our best front 3 is already set. Benching a big money signing will make little sense to Wenger. The place we are strong is depth, now we need a major upgrade to Ramsey imo.

  7. I agree with the writer coz u can now I imagine how hot the Arsenal front line would have been if Mahrez was signed to fill in for Walcott. Series in the middle pack and probably schomicheal in goal. And one central defender to play on the right of the back three. But what has Wenger done? He assumed all Arsenal problems have been dealt with. But surely haw confident is he of lifting the premier league when teams that finished above him last season, are alread buying players. That’s the reason I feel Wenger is making afool of himself and Arsenal fans as well. He should not the right man to be I control if arsenal was to be champions. Because this isn’t going to happen for the first time as it has happened before. And he does not seem to copy from what serious teams are doing the likes of Man U, City, Chelsea and PSG. He has trusted people like wilshire, Gibs, Debuchy, Walcott , welbeck, conquelin, Gabriel to bail him out in the tittle push but all in vain season after season winning FA cups to convince us he is the right man for the Job. This should be his last season at Arsenal give he had had the right time to recruit and failed. To hell with Wenger and his economic policies, i think he has already lost the battle to land the title for Arsenal. And he will never in it again for Arsenal even if he was give 15 more year on his new contract. We nolonger have a mighty team, but rather a team of weaklings that cannot lift the title.Let’s all wait and see what the future holds for him Arsenal. Bryanz (Arsenal die hard)

  8. Remember if you aren’t at the head of the class when it comes to the development of young talent, which means eyes on the ground everywhere, a vast array of connections with soccer associations throughout Europe and beyond and a manager willing to properly train and play said blue chippers,( like the 90s Arsenal or clubs like the modern day Monaco and Dortmund) you need to spend to win…anything in between is highly problematic…failure to make the necessary changes leaves you in the proverbial “no man’s land” and that is currently where we reside…it’s difficult to get out of this rut…just ask either of the Milan teams…next step after that is being known as a “seller”, which could be us already if and when Sanchez leaves…there are only two teams that have worn this moniker in recent times and had some decent success and that is Athletico Madrid and Dortmond, which only occurred when they both brought in new, charismatic leaders in Simmone & Klopp…the odds that Wenger could conjure up the magic to repeat the performances of a bygone era are incredibly low, so why prolong the agony…he’s not willing to create the hierarchy necessary to go the youth route and he’s unwilling to put his team’s potential success ahead of his job security by laying it on the line with Moustache, so it’s time to place all your chips in the middle or go gently into that good night

  9. Arsenal Shd Bring Maherez In Stead Of Lemar

  10. many fans that have been through “this process” will know its gonna be a tedious one. the fans in deep need of their daily dose of arsenal. wenger the pusher waiting for the annual cold turkey before providing a fix. fans succome to relapse as the fix was never strong enough.

    *at times its as if things already spiral out of control but …what a difference a day makes. the difference could be todsy…

  11. I will always say it wit Arsene in charge Arsenal will not win a major trophy.he is not cut out for that.he is happy wit making profits n balancing d book.after all that happened last season he is not even moved d squad should hv been strengthen by nw.but hw do u take d tittle away from Chelsea,Man city and Utd. highly impossible.get ready for another season of moaning and complains.

  12. Manchester United finished 6 points behind us yet they are “title contenders and we need to catch up with them” while were are doomed. Did they not spend more than us last season? They lost Abrahimovic and replaced him with Lukaku, hardly an improvement. They added Lindelof who so far in preseason has underwhelmed. Matic may improve their midfield but his major contribution is defensive which was never their problem last season.

    On our part we added Lacazzete who hopefully will increase our goal threat, thus, a significant improvement in attack. We added Kolasinac who brings power, speed, and aggression to our defence. We have spent less than Man United but our spending has improved us more than theirs. Besides, they are the ones who need to first close the six-point gap between us last season and not the other way round.

    Enough of this dystopia and negativity. Who says buying more players translates to improvement?

  13. Before anyone begins to lose his head over the imagined big gap between Arsenal and the other so-called big teams we need to ask ourselves where we think our team needs to strengthen. No single team can have a squad of 50 players as some here seem to be insinuating. You can only use 11 players at a time. Already our squad is heavy and trimming it is proving tricky due to several factors. It would be lunacy to get rid of Walcott so as to get Mahrez . As Winger has pointed out, Arsenal already has many players in the Mahrez mould. It would be folly to add more. We need to strengthen those areas where we still have weaknesses but above all we need to strengthen the team’s mental attitude. We need a fighting spirit in the team, a never say die attitude. We need a manager who is ruthless and will not hesitate to bench anyone who underperformed. We need Jens Lehman to act as the team’s whip. Already there are some positives. Xhaka, Sanchez, Kolasinac, Holding, Koscielny, Wilshere and even Welbeck, Monreal , Giroud , Mustafi have traits of fighters which need to be harnessed. If Arsenal overcomes the feeble mental attitude it will win EPL this season even without any more new players.

  14. To me, our squad is not a massive problem. We have quite a good squad with decent depth. Sure we could always improve but I think the manager’s choice of who to play and in what position has a much bigger impact at this stage. Play Ox on the left and bench Kolasinac and we are a weaker team. Play Kolasinac on the left and Ox as right wing back and we are a better team.

    Starting lineups, substitutions, and timing there of, mental preparations are all more important than the other winger or DM at this stage IMO.

  15. If this team can FIGHT? to the end, refuse to be beaten by anyone and try to beat anyone, they’ll probably be out of sight by February 2018.

    If we add a great CB (Van Dyjk) and a midfield maestro (Seri, or any other mercurial figure), it will be even easier.
    But, would we dare this long adventure? Can we fight with our last drop? Would we take the bull by it’s horns? Whoever will answer these questions by their performance will kiss ? the trophy come May.
    Let’s hope it’s the Arsenal.

  16. Bring in a new coach. Even if we buy the whole Madrid squad we WILL NOT win the league or even challenge vwith Wenger

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