Arsenal need more than just one player to be consistently good

There have been just four games this season and so one can argue that is not enough to start judging the players but I would suggest that the problem of consistency among Arsenal players has been an issue for a lot more than just four games.

One of the biggest frustrations I feel watching Arsenal is the lack of consistency from one game to the next and already this season I have to say that almost every single Arsenal player has been inconsistent.

Now, please note that I said almost every single Arsenal player, not every single one.

I accept that there are mitigating circumstances with some players but it does not change the fact that, in my opinion, only one Arsenal player has been consistent this season.

That player is Alexandre Lacazette and that was by virtue of him not seeing action against Liverpool until the last ten minutes otherwise he may well have registered a poor game.

Dani Ceballos played brilliantly against Burnley but disappointed against Liverpool, Nicolas Pepe has been up and down and was poor against Tottenham, Pierre-Emerick Aubaameyang was anonymous against the Reds and so on.

And for those that want to argue the point, I would like to direct you towards the end of last season in the games against Leicester City, Wolves, Chelsea etc.

Players do have off games, even the best players in the world but generally speaking those at the highest level do play consistently well for a huge percentage of the season, I am not sure we have too many players that can claim that.

Arsenal would walk into a top-four spot easily if the players stayed consistent but the truth is, they do not and that is the difference between success and failure.

One last thought, when Leicester City won the title they did it because for almost the entire season their players were consistent when the top-six clubs players were not.


  1. Our left wing area needs to be addressed in the January transfer window….
    Aubayamang is not good on the ball, so he won’t do well there
    Nelson is massively overrated
    Martinelly needs to play, before we can judge……

    We are going to suffer this season if we don’t address that left wing area….

    We shouldn’t have allowed Iwobi to go if there wasn’t a good plan to upgrade that area

    1. Some will keep jumping on this bandwagon of a player being overrated .
      The same thing was said about Nketiah and now he’s shutting people up at Leeds.
      I believe Nelson will do same because he has even more potential than Nketiah and he works very hard and gives his all even when things aren’t going well.
      He finishes well and his decision making is good too.Just a matter of time.I believe he should have a central attacking role rather than on the wings

      1. Kev Have been saying that even before the season started,
        I watched most of his games for Hoffenhaim last season,
        there was nothing spectacular about his time with Hoffenhaim…
        Most of his six goals were just tap ins

        Jandon Sancho is miles better than Nelson,
        infact million miles better than him
        Nelson doesn’t take any risk as expected from any good attacking midfield or wing player…. all he does is to pass backwards or sideways immediately he sight an opponent coming…….

        He started the first two games and did nothing…
        Hoffenhaim would have tried to purchase him if there is something spectacular about him…..

        Am already missing Iwobi…
        we could have won Nld if he had played that left wing role…
        He would have destroyed Davidson Sanchez

        Am a Dutch before you start calling me a Iwobi supporter from Nigeria…..

        if we don’t upgrade that area, we going to suffer this season

        Nelson Martinelly and Saka are not an upgrade of Iwobi…..
        Iwobi is far more better than Nelson in any role

        1. Why play the Nigerian card just because you are giving a different opinion and you prefer Iwobi?
          Listen, I get that you believe Nelson is nothing special but I’m telling you that is a big lie.If we are talking currently you can say Iwobi is better but when it comes to talent for talent Nelson trumps Iwobi and imo anyone currently playing for the U23’s.
          I believe Sancho was always better than Nelson even in U23’s but to claim Nelson is nothing special is big claim.
          This guy was our best player in the U23’s and is rated by many as the best since Wilshere.
          Right now the problems with him are his mentality and finding the right position.I saw him at Hoffenheim too and I never saw him as a winger.Ypu are lying when you say his goals were also tap ins.Most came out of moments of individual quality

          1. I believe Nelson would play better as no 10, but we already have too many players for that position

            I don’t think he would ever cut it as an LW. He should be able tocompete for the RW position

          2. He might do far better as a RW but I believe he will ultimately end up in a more central attacking role whether at Arsenal or another team.
            This is not making excuses for him but rather linking his style of play to his position.His style is ineffective at the wings.

  2. As I’ve always been saying Aubameyang is not that good on the ball but uses his main qualities which is positioning and pace to great effect.
    However, because of this in matches where space is greatly reduced and against a good defense his game is neutralized and you will see him do almost nothing.The reverse scenario is also true where he will score lots of goals against an open defense because of his style.
    This is why I believe PAL isn’t as dangerous as peope claim it’s going to be.If Pepe can go a level higher than his current level then I believe he’s a player to be feared.
    What people call inconsistency on his part is Auba being himself.He is only playing his game and if he’s inconsistent in anything it’s his finishing.

    1. I think playing laca on the left as an inside forward like mané could solve the problem. laca is more of a risk taker, he has close control and can dribble one on one. he’s played as a winger before and it’s something the coach can explore but and we all know Auba is more dangerous playing upfront just that no one is talking about this positional swap btw the two

      1. Emery already knows about that proposition.Infact last season he made Laca and Auba interchange their positions several times in the match.In effect, one was seen on the wings and the next as a centre forward.
        I believe that approach wasn’t sustainable for Emery because even though Lacazette is better with the ball at feet he is good at holding up the ball which means he can bring others into play.Emery must have seen this and thought it well help Auba score goals even when out of position rather than having Auba at CF and Laca on the wing where he might be ineffective

  3. You spot it bro, Auba is not good with the ball, not effective on the wing, but I rate him over our attackers cause no matter how the guy will always find the back of the net. he’s a born goalscorer, Though he miss sitters, but what I love about him is that whenever he misses goal, he doesn’t feel the heat, will smile and struggle is worry off, cause he knows he will always come through. Laca is a tough guy, always ready to give it all, I love him cause he’s goals always burst my brain, he’s goals are always superb, don’t have much to say on Pepe cause the guy has not confuse me yet, We need a proper right footed winger as Kev has said, Nelson is unconfused too, maybe Emery should give Matinelli chance too.

  4. Aubaameyang was poor against red is wrong, he lacked service. The one or 2 chances he got I can understand that should have been put to bed but apart from that he really lacked service.
    Pepe also same: He really troubled Robertson.

    Left back and Right back are also fairly consistent.
    Leno has one error against spurs but he produced world class saves to keep the score down.

    The bigger problem is our CB and midfield. Our last hope is on Holding to shore up the defense, else we will struggle like last season. Troira also needs to produce his last season’s before christmas form.

    1. If our hopes is n Holding then we are doomed.I recall how lucky we were in the unbeaten run last season.Bellerin and Holding played a lot of matches for us in that period and our defense was still torn apart looking even worse than the previous season.
      I remember how many criticized Bellerin over here with some eve stating he’d be a good winger because within that period he was getting more assists but was average at defending

  5. Lets bring in Zaha in the January window. This will solve the left wing problem.Plus also we need a formidable centre back then we shall be good to go.

  6. I am not convinced Ceballos’ less dominant performance against Liverpool was not a result of what the manager asked him to do rather than his own inconsistency.

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