Arsenal need not worry about Lucky Liverpool

A quick look at the Premier League table will tell Arsenal fans that we are already off the pace, with three of our big Premier League rivals sitting above us. Apart from the very obvious fact that the Gunners have not started the season very well though, I do not think we need to worry too much about two of those rivals.

Man United have somehow won two and drawn one of their games but they have been poor and have been lucky with their opponents. Their two 1-0 wins came through an own goal and a deflection while their defence still looks shaky and Rooney looks like he couldn´t score in a brothel (although we know that he can).

And as for Lucky Liverpool and their smarmy manager, their incredible luck surely cannot last. After his unbelievable cheek or arrogance led to him praising the linesman that incorrectly allowed Benteke´s goal against Bournemouth, Rodgers was at it again last night.

As reported by The Mirror, he praised the obviously bad decision to disallow Ramsey what should have been the winner at the Emirates.

The Liverpool boss said, “His shirt looks offside. Great decision by the linesman.”

Let´s just wait and see what he says when some of these ´great´decisions begin to against his team. People are talking about them being much improved, with Jamie Carragher praising their defensive record so far, crowing that they have yet to concede. But they have and not just to Ramsey, because Bournemouth also had a goal disallowed for a foul that never was.

So without their luck, Liverpool would actually have conceded twice and only scored once, against Stoke. I know Arsenal have to improve, and quickly, but I do not think we need to worry about this early start from United and Liverpool, because it does not tell the whole story.

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    1. @Benzorla
      Not at the rate we playing..No goals scored at Home in 2 games…A ground that most opponents used to fear to visit…

      1. We talk, talk, talk and whine, I wish we had the bite to back up our bark. If you think we are dealing with the Man. U of last season, you, my friend, are sorely in for a nasty surprise, those boys have mastered the art of grinding out wins, even fluke ones, let’s learn to do that and then we can brag.

        1. Well said! Whether they are lucky or not they are still getting the points, and as for lucky liverpool we was lucky not to be 3nil down in the first half (or 3-1 depending how you want to look at it)

  1. whether it’s by luck or hard work a win means three points regardless of how we can’t keep on relying on who is and who is not lucky..of topic *******

    Giroud made benteke look like a messi..did you know that he is the only barrier between Ozil and ballon d’or .every time before a game begins Ozil looks at him and think… we go again .mhh

      1. @Gunner
        giroud isn’t that bad to miss a one on one with a keeper..all strikers can be dangerous if not maned..for me,I will never blame Giroud because he is not the one who fields himself.he is not the one who brought himself to Arsenal.we can’t blame Giroud because we know he is not world class.he gives all what a striker of his level can give and even does it perfectly.for me I blame Wenger. he has the responsibility to know who plays where and what one has to offer can’t buy a 80km/h car and complain that its not moving at 180km/h speed..

  2. I think we need to worry about our own erratic form tbh. We are under performing, and it’s not just down to lack of signings, it’s also down to lack of playing players and rotating the squad efficiently.

    1 or 2 signings will help, but when we bring on Ox with little time to make a difference, then something is wrong. I don’t want to think it, but I have to say it looks like the manager is too proud to admit he is wrong until it is too late in the game. He cannot be that clueless.

    So we need our own game to be good before we worry about anyone elses.

  3. C’mon don’t be bias..they were lucky?? man our ass is lucky..lucky Countinho struck the bar twice, lucky cech and coq with Gab turned up in such heat (man they deserve so much credit)…they weren’t the lucky ones, we are.. they were a treath to us, we were less with Giroud and Ramsey up there. don’t bring the offside shit, does it means we can’t score goals,that we that bad we can’t even get goals?? Lucky us cus with their sharpness, they were denied, i can point out two-three screamers they could have had..on the other which one will you say we could’ve had?? no point in lying to ourselves, we all the best for our club, but we’re still far from the best

    1. This is simply not true. Liverpool Chances:
      Countinho hits the bar – good chance, Coutinho hit the post – brilliant shot from not such a great position and a brilliant save, Benteke misses a sitter. Benteke has a penalty shout (it’s one of those that are never / holding).
      Arsenal Chances: Ramsey disallowed goal, Sanchez misses sitter, Giroud has shot saved and should have been given a penalty, Sanchez misses a shot right in front of goal.

  4. Wenger all the way no matter the result, let’s get behind dis team….but we should not forgive Wenger if Giroud leads our line dus season yet again.

    1. @Benzorla
      Agree Giroud is not the WC Striker we crying out for to win the league but he is not the SOLE reason we didn’t win yday and vs West Ham…
      Man City have scored 8 Goals so far…with only one from their CF…(4 from midfielders and 3 from defenders)…its not only our striker that needs to work on his game…

  5. Oooooh Wenger! Just wake up, we were the lucky one not to have conceded 3 penalties, 2 shots at the bar and Cech 2 great saves.

    Pls spare me the crap. Don’t sign anyone (atleast am tired of being linked to even basketballers) just change your teams’ mentality… Tell them to shoot believe me it works in Epl. We are no Barcelona so stop acting like one.

    Who else noticed Giroud couldn’t even win any header yesterday? He wasted all long balls from Cech. And you say he’s good at hold up play? I only laugh in Greek. Hihihihiihihihihii

    1. He won a few and he was also battling with the CB’s on most every goal kick. When Theo was on and he saw the ball coming from Cech and made no effort to try to win the ball. I remember saying gee Skirtl had an easy header.
      Theo Alexis on either side of OG. That should be our front line. Ox in for any team that is just defending like yesterday’s second half. Ramsey and Ozil paired.

    2. All giroud seems to be interested in is doing first time gay little flicks that half the time dont come off instead of actually doing his job of winning the ball in the air and holding the ball up properly which benteke done brilliantly yesterday

  6. General criteria for a number10 is probably killer passing,scoring,dribbling, energy etc…now I’ll rate three players based on these.

    Cazorla 8.5
    Ozil 7
    Coutinho 6

    Coutinho 8.5
    Cazorla 7
    Ozil 3

    Effective-Dribbling and chance creation…10
    Coutinho 9
    Cazorla 7.5
    Ozil 4

    Energy and involvement…10
    Cazorla 8
    Ozil 6
    Coutinho 5.5

    Based on this analysis
    Cazorla 31
    Ozil 20
    Coutinho 29

    Clearly Ozil is not good enough…thats just me rating him against two guys…imagine if I considered Mata,Silva,Fabregas etc…

    I bet he wouldn’t make top 10…we need another number 10…or play Cazorla there.

    1. I think the void Fabregas left is still there.To me the Fabregas of arsenal was the most accurate passer i have ever seen.But i think of Coutinho and Cazorla Ozil should have the highest killer passing.I still miss Cesc is just cant get over him.But hey its in the past so we gotta make do with what we gat.What kind of incosistent team for several years is this with many average players.What?my word.Now the team looks so awkward.

      1. For me Fabregas is a better passer. He’s got an insane passing range and can easily lob a killer ball 40 yards forward. Ozil’s passing range is much more limited. But Ozil is better at moving into holes and finding space. Imo they are very different players and theres no reason why we cant buy fabregas and accomodate both in the same lineup

  7. In recent seasons, every team will have a period of good and bad perfomance. What matters most is how they respond after a bad run. Liverpool are currently going on a good form, but i can guarantee you it will not last for the entire season.

    I find Arsenals problem is complacency. Giroud, Walcott, are all handed in big contracts recently, Im sure it has affected their perfomance

  8. I am not going to lie I am upset.
    But in the same breath, i know I can’t do a better job as a manager, it’s not like football manager.
    Am I the only one who though liverpool were parking the Bus, and time wasting from the get go. I felt like the main aim was to get a draw.
    When they saw no Pers and Kos, Benteke eyes must of lit up. But give credit when it’s also due. Yeah they started badly, but as the game went by they made Benteke presence irrelevant.
    Le Coq and Cech seems to be the only one on tune for the first 45min.
    I support the decision to start Giroud, he had no service in the first half, and about 3-4 or the second half. Even world class strikes have bad days… Would you say Aguero is not a world class strike for missing is one-on-one first attack during the city game, or now Sanchez not good because he missed chances. Things like that happens, yeah we need another striker but I for one believe in Giroud, for the simple fact he wear and Arsenal shirt and give his all… Or do you want another lil boy inside me told me to go there, or your not paying me as much as they offering. I take someone who willing to work hard and play for the badge, rather someone who play for the money, because you know who will be more loyal. Something rare these days.
    I am frustrated, but I hate loosing. When I used to play basketball, even if I was messing about or having a bad game 0points, 5 turn over, 1 assists I hated the fact I lost, even if I deserved it… So I am sure they must hate it and be even more frustrated then I am… The question is okay, how do you respond in the next game.

    As for the Refs, yes they human they make mistake. But other sport have technology not to undermine but help. I guess they be less corruptions if every call made by the ref could be challenge… Oh “kick backs” pay for some people secret life…

    3 games, 4 points… All I can say is come on Arsenal… Stand up and be counted again.

    1. Well said but, one thing though, a disloyal little boy who who knows how to score tons of goals and when he wants or a very loyal servant (debatable since no bids has ever come in for Giroud) who just gets by? I’m sorry, but I’ll take the little boy at this point.

    2. agree with u @ludajr
      enough is enough.. feeling so backstabbed with massive benzema news/rumors and ended up drop dead.
      not hoping / expecting new players will coming.
      so lets just hope wenger realize that he need to stop being arrogant and stubborness by telling im doing this job for 20 years bla bla bla..

      wenger just need to give our player chance to play in their natural position,
      not forcing them to play in other position that wenger likes .its just really killing ourselves, its really clear now, no wonder why many good players choose to leave arsenal.
      but better than expecting this and that. let just keep focus on the fact and thankfull for what we have now on our squad. some world class player are there.. hehe
      and some are not ,but atleast they trying even i know some of our players not to good.

      all i can say is , as a arsenal fans since i was a child , seeing what arsenal being now its just so damn hurt , so devastating for me..
      but yes we need to stand up again, its still looooong and hard way to go this season.

      once gooners will forever still be a gooners

  9. I’m a Wenger out type of guy. Five points behind our main rivals already two of the others above us. How many of our main rivals are we going to beat this season? How many points are we going to drop against teams we should be beating. (west ham, Liverpool?). Season over already after three games to me. Looking ahead two seasons already because we not going to win EPL or CL while Wenger at the helm. How about we go nick Koeman from Southampton???

    1. Agree but why did Liverpool play 10 behind the ball with little attack in the 2nd half. The keeper was wasting time from the start? Why?

  10. I also think us having a goal disallowed is missing the point a little. Liverpool had plenty of great chances and were very unlucky not to score. Honestly, a draw was fair, but we could easily have lost the game.

    On that basis this for me is a game where Cech earned us a point with his great saves, and perhaps a more clinical finisher would have earned us 3 points?

    1. Wenger will sign a
      couple of top players.
      He will offload a few.
      Benzema could still show up, Cavani maybe.
      A lot will happen before Sept 3rd.
      Need to prepare for Newcastle now.

  11. HAHAHAHA this article is so funny.HAHAHAHA.The writer spoke with a lot of pain.I think even Liverpool should have sealed the victory though they were lucky but for Cech.I remember saying ignorance is the mother of failure.Stop speaking like arsenal have not been lucky from our last games honestly.For this coach words cannot describe him because he is really indescribable to be honest.I do not even know what is so good about Giroud after 3 seasons.I was not even judging him form yesterday.I judge him from season 1.Can someone show me what makes him special please enlighten me so that when i watch him i can see it for myself.Average players are taking over our lineups and peeps are happy about it.This is bad.Really bad.For a good seed yield good reward but a bad seed yield bad reward.Had i known is always at last i say unto you.Verily verily let those who have ears hear.

  12. Wenger got some problems in dressing room.PLayers like Ibra,Messi,Ronaldo get furious on their substitution or if they dont start a game.Same is the case here in Arsenal. Wenger is under pressure to play Sanches and Ozil no matter what form they are in.Ox the best player in EPL at the moment , in the bench sums up everything

    1. If the goal stands well then those liv chances don’t come as a totally different game pans out. Ya never watch sci fi. So they did have luck, much more than we did as Cech brilliance stopped them but referee decisions stopped us. And for each of there goal chances two in particular, we had Sanchez head over when anywhere on goal would have done trick, then Giroud with the best chance of the game. The post was hit a few times but that counts as wide of the mark.

  13. Few weeks ago, I said The Emirates is beginning to worry mi. I am more confidence playing away than at the Emirates. Anyway, that need to change fast. The emirates must turn into the old highbury where teams were so scared of us.

    We are worried because Arsenal do finish the season on a high. Imagine if we have a great start? Anyway, i doubt we will win the league simply because of Wenger tactics in games. i will just enjoy each game and take them as they come….

  14. Any unbiased observer who saw yesterday’s game cannot fail to appreciate that Arsenal played better than Liverpool in the second half by far. Secondly, Giroud did not mess with any ball as some people would have us believe. There is nothing wrong with Giroud. If those around him give him the balls he will fire, if not he won’t. He is not alone on the field. I can blame Wenger for not introducing Oxlade earlier. He would have made a difference. Our fans should learn to appreciate our players rather than denigrating them. It is sheer lack of class to behave like that. Let us encourage the players we have and then wait for new additions.
    Does anyone appreciate that yesterday we had a makeshift central defence which was missing both first choice defenders? These are men who have not been playing for a long time; hence they were a bit rusty. However Gabriel has shown us what he can be. There is no reason to panic. The season is just 3 games gone and 35 left.

  15. The article is bang on the money the problem at the moment is that after a bad result or two bad results as it stands that you will get the doom mongers login in proclaiming the world is at an end crisis crisis I tells ya.

    Man city are not chelsea, if it was they who had the five points Id be more worried, city like ourselves have a habit of getting too confident then taking points for granted. Everything I’ve seen of city from the last number of seasons points to this, cant count the top notch runs they’ve been on before an injury here or injury there and suddenly people point out how influential he is to there success.

    We just need to hit form now, if we do that then we will be rolling teams over before ya know it. A signing or two will go a long way, not just towards squad strength but a moral boost for players and fans.

  16. “His shirt looks offside. Great decision by the linesman.” what a plonker cracking jokes like hes won.

  17. I just laugh when i see Ozil and Cazorla playing together in the same team.When we win peeps are blinded by the fact that it is wrong.When we lose then reality catches up with them and peeps are saying Ramsey is shit.Maybe only i can imagine how Mertesacker at right back or Giroud at right wing would seem like.A player is being played out of his position yet peeps are blindly attacking him but never point out the managers fault.Play Cazorla at no 10 and put Ramsey at his best position.If you wont do this and you want to continue to tread the wrong path play Ozil at no 10 and Cazorla at box to box and bench Ramsey and lets see how this thing survives and peeps are complaining about tippy tappy football infront of goal.Men!! this is unbelievable.O! and you might as well sell Ramsey since Cazorla has taken over his position according to you peeps and feel he is better so than he can develop under better guidance.

  18. Ox has to start a game on the right wing. I like Ramsey but he’s not a winger and if you want to spread the play you play with wingers. Ox has been arguably the best player so far and yet a central midfielder is playing in his position. I see that it’s a more conservative option, Ramsey covers a lot of ground, but at home go for the jugular, wingers on both sides that take players on. Like everyone I want to see transfers, striker in particular, but focusing on what we’ve got give the man in form a chance from the start.

    1. and I should add the obvious weakness for Liverpool is their left back who gets plenty of help every time Ramsey runs into the middle.

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