Arsenal need players for the here and now, not for the future…

The same 48 hours where Haaland move to Man City was made official, Brighton accept a 30 million offer from Spurs for Bissouma, and it’s reported Liverpool will be confirming a 100 million package for Nunez, Arsenal have managed a 4 million purchase for teenager Marquinhos.

Cynically you could say that sums us up.

Three sides who finished above us identifying targets who will make them stronger, while we prioritise tomorrow – never today.

Using his Brazilian networks, of course if Edu has been scouting the 19-year-old for so long it’s correct he buys him if the price is right.

By all accounts, many in South America can’t believe Sao Paolo sell such a talent for such a reduced price

Another reason for our director to take advantage.

Edu warned in a statement the midfielder is for the future and is still developing.

In years’ time we could be talking about a bargain. The problem is it’s the here and now that needs improving.

The club made a choice 12 months ago to build around youth, all signings under the age of 23. Youngsters that Arteta can teach and mould to suit his ethos. Where you agree or not, at least the Gunners had an identity at last, a clear action plan.

It’s clear though the youth need help.

Physically and mentally, Saka and Smith Rowe couldn’t cope with all the pressure of being the sole creative providers.

Anfield, Etihad, City Ground, The Lane, Selhurst Park, Saint James Park, Goodison. Too many examples where we needed some leadership

We were well beaten in too many fixtures.

Call me negative, the truth is too many can’t say anything bad about the Gunners.

The squad needs improving it’s as simple as that. Surely, we have ran out of creative spins to put on a lack of ambition.

When the Kroenke Family first took power in the board room, we were told to wait for a Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie, Ramsey and Wilshire to mature.

That was over a decade ago!

Then we were asked to wait for our core group of British players to hit their prime.

Are we really going to, almost 20 years after our last title, wait for the jam tomorrow again?

Come on Gooners wake up!

In 2022 we don’t have a single world class player.

In the run in, we were relying on Eddie Nketiah as our main source of goals!

Our fanbase let our owners do this. When do we say enough?

Yes, Marquinhos might turn out to be good.

Yet in that time do you trust our owners not to cash in on a Smith Rowe?

Will a Saka trust the process enough not to be tempted by more money and trophies elsewhere?

So sorry, I don’t care about a player who might turn out great.

I want great today!



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  1. Agreed although Marquinhos is a very low risk investment and probably has no effect on our budget whatsoever.

  2. I think Arsenal skip Bissouma because they’re looking to sign either Douglas Luiz or Sander Berge. I’d prefer one of them or Fabian Ruiz/ Palmeiras’ Danilo over Tielemans

    Remember, many fans were disappointed when Villa snatched Buendia, yet see how it turned out for Villa versus our Smith-Rowe’s performance this season

    As for Haaland and Nunez, I agree Arsenal should’ve acted quicker. All top four teams above Arsenal have got tall CFs for speculative long crosses and attacking set-pieces

    1. Luiz and Berge are terrible compared to Bissouma..

      If we miss out on Bissouma, I think it’s because we were not interested in him or we got snubbed by him.

      That young lad from Lens seems like a quality player too. Doucoure his name was I think. I wonder if he’s a target still.

      1. I’ve watched quite a bit of Ligue 1 furbol and Doucoure
        is a fantastic young talent. He would be a tremendous
        upgrade on Xhaka, EL Neny and Lokonga but may
        not be the type of ball carrying, offensive minded CM
        that MA is currently looking to add to the midfield

        Personally I would loan out Lokonga, sell Xhaka and
        add both Tielemans and Doucoure but I’ve only both
        played and been a passionate fan most of my life. 😀

      2. Luiz has played under Man City’s system, is a Brazil national team player and would likely click with Magalhaes/ Martinelli. Whereas Berge will be a great asset in set-pieces and would likely work very well with Odegaard

        As for any young midfielder from Ligue 1, I hope Arsenal assess their targets thoroughly first. We need to be careful after the cases of Guendouzi, Ndombele and Bakayoko

        1. “Luiz has played under Man City’s system, is a Brazil national team player and would likely click with Magalhaes/ Martinelli. Whereas Berge will be a great asset in set-pieces and would likely work very well with Odegaard”
          Let me translate this.
          “Luiz has played 0000 minutes in Man City, is nowhere near a starter or a rotational player for Brazil National team as much as i like to portray that picture (423 mins for a 24 year old, 9 appearances out of which 1 was a friendly, 6 were qualification matches and 2 of them were irrelevant matches in copa america) and would likely click with our two other brazilians because as you guys know, all brazilians click with one another. Whereas Berge will be a great asset in set pieces and might increase his record of 1 goal per year at the premier league (based on the 2019, 2020 seasons).”

          1. Luiz still played with Man City’s system, albeit in non-EPL matches. His nine international caps are also good for a young DM, considering the strong competition in Brazil national football team

            Whereas Berge just scored six goals from 33 appearances in Championship last season

            1. as i have said in another post, you cherry pick the facts to fit your narrative. Berge did score 6 goals in championship, but he scored 2 in two years in the premier league. and this is where he will be playing if he is signed for Arsenal. you picked the stats that support your argument instead of the stats that should be taken into consideration or the total stats. First you consider the facts, then you reach the conclusion, not the other way around. If you have already made a decision based on your opinion, then either dont quote inaccurate stats or dont present your opinion as a fact. As far as the luiz played with Man City’s system comment, i honestly consider it laughable, as being in the same team does not necessarily mean that you have been in the same training nor does it reflect in any way the ability of the player or how much he adopted to first team instructions (he was not even in the reserves most of the time, barely training with the first team. one of his seasons was on loan).

  3. We are strongly linked with Jesus and Tieemans. We already have Turner and Marquinos sorted. Ramsdale Turner
    Tomiyasu Niles
    Tierney Tavarez
    White Gabriel Saliba Holding Trusty
    Xhaka Partey Lokonga Elneny
    Tielemans Odegaard ESR Azeez Flores
    Pepe Saka Martinelli Nelson
    Nketiah Jesus Marquinos Balogun.
    Business sorted.

    1. Business sorted for another 8th place finish. We all must be so excited with these signings…

      City bench player, unknown 19yr old and a keeper from the US. Nothing to shout about. Teilimans is a decent singing but only if he is Xhakas replacement, those 2 in the same midfield, no thanks. Same with Jesus as he isn’t a no9 a d we need one, if he’s Pepes replacement then that’s basically like for like with Jesus being abit more aggressive and Mikels wee buddy from city days and we will pay over the odds for him like Ben White. Again signed the wrong player last summer in stead of Bissouma and wasted more money like Pepe and all the other we have let go for nothing.

      Niles is not staying at Arsenal & he isn’t good enough or he would already be a starter.

    2. Yeah, and with Artactics in the helm we will outsmart every team in rhe league. We are ready to fight for the 6 spot trophie

  4. Arsenal haven’t challenged for the tite in xx years, despite spending a lot.
    Ideally, we need players, who improves us now, but who also can improve themselves and be part of a potential title challenge in 2-3 years.

  5. Like a spoilt child…..wah wah wah why cant we spend £100 million on world class players when we are not in the champions league……

    Its a plan for the future for this very reason, we do not have unlimited funds to play with…and if we did… would all the other teams……

    Oh no somebody signed a player that might have been ok….but wanted champions league football…..

    take a reality check and stop acting like a child, or buy the players with your own money. and negotiations.

    1. and who’s fault is it that we are not in the CL ?
      Because if I recall when the Koronke Family first became majority share holders we were in the CL?

  6. It’s all about balance as far as I’m concerned.
    I’d be extremely disappointed if an oven ready player or 2 are not signed but nor do I have a problem with the club investing in the future

  7. Dan, your constant articles relentlessly knocking our club are distasteful and oh so B.O.R.I.N.G!!!!

    For the sake of those who believe in SUPPORTING our club, just give the negativity and “spoilt child demanding sweets NOW “, a rest!!!

    1. NOW ?
      nearly 20 years since we last won the title
      If articles are so boring who do you respond to everyone of them ? lol

  8. Absolutely sorted … if our aspiration is top 6 .. and if no other aspiring team surprises we might even make it … sad state of club and fan base

  9. Talking about the here and now it looks like Spurs are getting the Bissouma deal done. Congratulations to everyone involved at Arsenal for giving Elneny a contract extension. Now that’s proactive.

  10. Well I am ok with Arsenal signing Marquinhos, someone so young with an extremely high potential. But the fact is we must make senior signings also necessary for the team and if Jesus and Tielemans are signed, that would make a good summer along with a full back being signed. Also the Spuds signing Bissouma and we not signing him makes me very happy because Idont want anyone convicted of sexual assault charges near my beloved Club. He may or may not be a good player but if he has lost his basic character, that is the end of the story.

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