Arsenal need the 12th man today – Get behind the team….

Different Atmosphere At The Emirates? by Dan Smith

Whatever your thoughts were regarding Arsene Wenger, one positive is for the first time in years gooners will be united this weekend. The Emirates has often been mocked for it’s lack of atmosphere. The lack of trust in the squad meant it never takes long for the stadium to get tense. It means it has never become the venue which should be our fortress. An impressive structure to look at but not one that intimidates visitors. This, enhanced with protests, banners and even fights becoming the norm.

Ironically rock bottom appeared to be the same fixture as this weekend. Supporters were so depressed by the League Cup Final many couldn’t be bothered to show up days later. That remained the case till the end of the season. So at least in the short term the Gunners will will be backed 100 percent.

Those who demanded change now hope this is the start of a bright future , while all are fascinated about something new.
There’s also a recongnition that against Man City we might need the 12th man. Maybe the champions having to face Arsenal with everyone on side will make a difference?

Get behind the team!

Dan Smith


  1. Sue says:

    The Emirates will be rocking!!!

    1. Angus says:

      Well that was an embarrassing comment.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal might get their 12th man if they come with 11 soldiers

    But it would be different if one of them disappears in the field

  3. Leeroysgooners says:

    Really hope it’s a full house today and everyone is positive and gets behind Emery and the team today its a new era time for a change of atmosphere COYG

  4. Malaysian gunner says:

    Arsenal better be careful when playing the os trap.MC scored goal from an os position in the last epl game.You never know .These mo could penalize Arsenal and close one eye to fouls from MC.
    As for todays game ,I am optimistic. Of course MC are favourites but who knows .
    If Arsenal can score first,well well we will be in for an interesting game.

  5. kev says:

    If only we sorted our defense I believe we could’ve even competed for the EPL.Im not being delusional at all.Yes,I know this is Emery’s first season but our team is not as incomplete as some make it out to be.The spine of our team ain’t good.On a day we are getting peppered who marches us on?Who tries to take charge of the defense and midfield?Who can be that leader?I fear for our defense tbh.The attack has not problem.If we press City intelligently today we will beat them easily.

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    we will hammer city…

    1. AY75 says:

      Awesome John!, I do hope we smash them. I wouldn’t mind just nicking the win either. For those fans predicting we’ll lose 3 – 0, you guys keep saying you don’t want the team to just roll over for our opponents, yet, you guys are always the first to do it. And another thing most pundits are failing to factor in before making their predictions is that we might have the most lethal attack in the PL. And by the time they come to acknowledge that, I hope we’ll be in a vicious, ruthless and unstoppable form….. COYG…. let’s claim $#!++y’s head.

      1. John Kelly says:

        Ha Ha what are you talking about a lethal attack. but what about the back and you are dreaming to much. Mid table at best this coming season.

  7. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Don’t be surprised to see Welbeck as our LB today

  8. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Don’t be surprised to see Welbeck as LB today

  9. Goonerboy says:

    Personally, i dont need to be told to show love and undying support to my favourite team, win, lose or draw today, Arsenal till i die…

  10. Goonerboy says:

    I hope the writer is right in thinking that the Arsenal fan base are now united. Lets wait till when we lose a competitive game under Emery, you will then know of we are really united, but for now, the jury is still out

  11. gotanidea says:

    Mo Salah scored again

    That the beastly inverted winger performance we would get from Welbeck, if one day he decides to be braver in taking on the opponents

    1. McLovin says:

      Lol you cant teach football brains. Hes about to turn 28, he wont get any “better”.

  12. Durand says:

    OT but Liverpool is putting on quite the show. Absolutely relentless pressing and causing turnovers, look a juggernaut so far.
    I hope to see us pressing city like that; smother them and don’t give them time or space to breathe.
    We have the attackers to really do some damage, but our midfield has to be solid and the defenders need to play as a unit and communication is key.

    Emery’s tactics will also be key, and how he adapts during the game. Ready for the match now!

    1. Muffdiver says:

      Mate let’s be frank .
      They are ahead club wise .

      They buy van dijk
      We buy sokratis

      They buy Keita.
      We buy xhaka

      They buy Alison
      We buy Leno

      They are champions league contenders .
      We are Europa league contenders .

      Are fans and boards lack of bottle meant we left it too long . Milk went stale years back .
      Just hope we find our way again .

      Hope we can at least stop this opening day loss routine

      1. Durand says:

        No argument from me muff, I’m just not one to surrender before the fight even starts.

        You are right about the transfers, thats the difference between Father Christmas and Mr. Scrooge. John Henry of Liverpool is ambitious and put his money where his mouth is. Kronke is bah humbug when it comes to spending money.

        If he did it right like Liverpool, then no need to spend £100 million every window. Honestly, Liverpool set for couple years, and money was well spent. No need for them to spend big for couple years

        1. Muffdiver says:

          Agreed man .
          Not meaning to sound defeatist
          Just green eye of jealousy I guess .

          I will pray and hope we can pull out something special

          1. Durand says:

            Jealous indeed, I’m still bitter about the fat Russian selling out to f##king cheapskate Kronke. Apologies if a bit edged in previous comment.

            Welcome back by the way, your sense of humor will be needed and much appreciated.

      2. John Kelly says:

        We’ll said a a person who can see what is in front of him And not trying to hide What is happening with Arsenal as a club. You are right The rot was Left to Long. And it’s going to be a hard finding our way back.

  13. Bryan says:

    We need to be together today and cheer the plqyers

  14. GanjaMan says:

    I hope we stay composed and take our chances which will come.

  15. JustJoy says:

    huddlefield were behind there team even when they were loosing..

    the 12man is there we will do it.

  16. Scott Williams says:

    C’mon you gooners!!!!!! Let’s pull the rabbit out of the hat and show we can do this!!! ??Stand up if ya hate Tottenham!!!!

  17. Me says:

    Well nothing has changed at all.
    Nothing at all.
    No spine or fight just calamity as usual from the likes of Cech, Ozil and Ramsey…
    If this keeps up Emery will be gone by May.
    Dreadful start…
    I hate this team….

    1. Angus says:

      You failed to mention the fans. Who were awful and we were at most 1 nil down for a large part of that.

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