Arsenal need to strike NOW after UEFA ease FFP rules

The last couple of years have been the best for a long time for Arsenal and the fans, financially speaking as well as on the pitch. Not only has Arsene Wenger finally had some decent money to spend in the transfer market following the Emirates stadium debt being paid off, but our big spending rivals Chelsea and Man City have had their wings clipped a bit by the Financial Fair Play rules that UEFA brought into action in 2009.

Well it is not going to last and so the Gunners need to make hay while the sun shines. An ESPN report has now confirmed what was being discussed towards the end of last season, that the punishments for over spending will not be used anymore, as long as the clubs involved can demonstrate that they are not being reckless and that they are not just โ€˜gambling on successโ€™, and how do you prove (or disprove) terms like that?

The easing of these rules might not have a major effect on the Gunners and our chances of winning the Premier League title this time, although it could make life harder for the boss in his transfer dealings, but in the long term it is likely to mean that Arsenal are once again unable to compete with the real big hitters.

So that makes this next campaign even more important for Arsenal fans and I fear that if we fail again, it could be a long wait as long as the club is run by the spendthrift Stan Kroenke. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. My worst fears have come true FFP rules up in smoke City will win everything in two to three years time, I blame Platini his jelous of the EPL specialy our TV incom, now is time for a new managment we have two molti Bilioneres waiting to take over the club and ready to spend, but no one has the same money as the Etihad’s no one

    1. To molti billionaires
      is not enuf. No no and no.
      We must get The Howz
      of Rahman on bored.
      Then we will be EPL+ ECL
      champs for decaids ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Theyll regret it if Che Manu and city begin to dominate the CL because their resources are that of Madrids. Id regret that too because it would likely mean league domination also.

          I liked hearing how Gazidas spoke of the changes. He seemed to believe their was no major change and that competition between lower prem teams and the top teams would get more tougher as these changes are to help lowly teams out. They are the ones to benefit as they can have large spends over a three year period. He seemed to think it was a good idea and the rules will still go some way to promoting self efficiency/sustainability.

  2. We have 5 world class players

    We cant really expect 2 world class player for one position. So i dont think vidal deal is gonna happen, we already have coz in that position, for me coz is definitely world class, and ramsey will become world class in season or two

    we should buy players in others positions(dm and st).

    Wenger already declared he will only buy if there is world class quality available.

    I Would be very happy even if we only sign one more player like lewandowski for 50-60m

    1. I completely agree with u Lewandowski is top quality just behind Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez and Aguero. We need to show some ambition and offer 50-60 m which will make us strong and our rivals scared. We need atleast one more high profile signing and maybe another 25 m CDM.
      The last two seasons we made a big mistake by making just one marque signing. We squad is quite good this season just need to add more quality.

  3. Seems like everything we planned for will be in vain if we cant win major silverware (pl, cl) soon. We’re going to have to follow manchester united’s lead and bring in revenue from marketing and fans worldwide by winning trophies otherwise the toy play things (chelsea, city) will continually be able to offer better wages and transfer fees.

    I don’t want us to turn into a club that has players on stupid wages but unless we can attract players by showing them ambition through trophies, the modern footballer will more often than not follow the money. We have a style of play that’s admirable, good club ethics and the best location in Britain we need to start making these things count sooner rather than later. COYG

  4. Personally, I want to see AW build his way, spending our own money, not needing some billionaire to sink stupid amounts of money into the club.

    The fact we are up there with city and chelsea is quite an achievement, sure its not the invincible days again, but having gone through 10 years of hardship we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

    3 summers where arsene has been able to pick his targets have brought us Ozil, Sanchez and Cech.
    3 world class players and this summer aint over yet.

    Whilst I know som fans want us to spend 70 mil on pogba, 80 on bale, 60 on neur, and whoever else frankly it wont happen its not the arsene way
    Its not the arsenal way

    And when we do win the league it will be a far more impressive feat than when city or chelsea have won it.

    Because we will do it for ourselves!


  5. Our players are
    all on crazy wages.
    Its jut that other clubs
    can pay more.
    Its a case of
    stupid and stupider.
    The manager’s on an
    obscene 8 mill a year and says
    ” I am a socialist”. WTF####
    Fans are on Minimum wage 260 quid a week.
    Players on 100,000 quid a week ..and complaining.
    Millions of fans in Africa or Asia on 10 quid a week or less.
    Poor old Diaby + Podolski … my f#cken arse.
    FFP tough on Arsenal pfft…
    Try living on a rubbish tip in Soweto.

    1. Wow… I think it’s just commercialism in general you’ve got beef with.
      How about sell your laptop or computer and use the proceeds to help towards financial equality elsewhere??
      I’d miss you though….

  6. Why have UEFA felt it is necessary to do this? What is their rationale? If FIFA can be corrupted, so can UEFA. I wonder if owners of big clubs have gotten to UEFA officials. FFP rules wasn’t perfect but it helped and to get rid of punishment for overspending as long as the club’s aren’t “reckless” is the same as allowing overspending. How do you define “reckless”?

    We need to find more young talented players for our future if that’s the case. Keep our academy full with talent.

    We must also use this opportunity to get young experienced players like Lacazette and older experienced players like Vidal for the next few seasons so that we can try to win as many trophies as we can.

    2005-2012 were some dark years for us. I don’t want us to return to that

  7. Hopelessly off topic and unashamedly selective stats but which striker from this list of esteemed world class strikers (excepting our 2 of course) should we buy from this ranking table based on league goals scored from open play in the last 2 seasons:

    1. Costa: 41
    2. Martinez: 39
    3. Aguero: 38
    4. Tevez: 36
    5. Alexis: 35 ๐Ÿ™‚
    =6. Lewandoski: 32
    Benzema: 32
    Ibrahimovic: 32
    9. Giroud: 30 ๐Ÿ™‚
    10. Cavani: 29
    11. Higuain: 27
    12. Rooney: 25
    13. Bony: 23
    =14 Benteke: 20
    Dzeko: 20
    16. van Persie: 19

    Ooooops……….we already have two of the top ten, fancy that eh?

    1. Wowzers in my trousers. We’re adding a certain Theo Walcott back to that party!?
      In fairness Aguero, Rooney and Costa’s numbers may drop by one or two now they’re going to have to Cech themselves twice a season ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Yes the club has
      enough goal scorers.
      Remember Chelsea
      only scored 2 more goals than Arsenal last term.
      Walcott Chamberlain Giroud were out injured
      Ramsey + Wellbeck can score more.
      Sanogo Podolski Campbell were either
      under used or badly used.
      At the other end of the park
      the defense was poor early but luckily
      Coquelin and Bellerin came good Mertz and Kos
      recoverd from injury +Gabe and Chambers give cover.
      Now Cech has been bought the team is stronger all
      over compared to August last year.
      The team has enough quality and quantity.
      It will now come down to the coaching and managing.
      Are Wenger and his staff up to it?

    3. Them selective stats can do wonders…

      Let’s see a goals/assists in all comps list? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Yeah, I’m sure if Giroud or Theo tore up the Europa league or Carling Cup this campaign but struggled in the league you wouldn’t have held it against them Charlie. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. Strange comment seeing as struggling in any manner to score is justifiable means to criticise a supposed top level attacker…. Or are we giving out gold stars for effort these days at Arsenal?

          I merely ask for goals and assists in allcomps to be produced as it would show what many believe of Giroud/Theo…..that there’s many betterST options.

          1. I think you’ve misinterpreted my point.
            It was not that Theo or Giroud should be defended for any weak campaign, more that if they had had a hypothetically strong campaign in a competition a lot of fans deem second tier, (Carling Cup, Europa League, even F.A. Cup to some fans, I’m guessing including yourself as you seem happy to disregard the opening goal of the FINAL for some strange reason…….) a more heavy focus would be set on their CL and League scoring.
            So including stats from all competitions may favour a certain player you strongly advocate and may not have been so willingly pointed out if it was the other way around..

            1. Hard to grasp what you say a lot of the time seeing as you think Giroud and Theo are world class. Set up for failure in terms of a debate when you think along those lines

              1. Never once have I used the term World-Class to describe Theo or Giroud. I’ve pointed out areas where I think their production is ‘elite’ but never used the term ‘world-class.’
                Not really… If you scroll up you’ll see a greater scoring record in a stronger league in favour of Giroud over Higuain over the course of the previous two seasons while spending a significant portion on the sidelines.
                To my original point… We can throw in Higuain’s strong Europa campaign if you’d like?… And his penalties…
                (Higuain went 3 from 7 from the spot in the league on a side note!!! If Giroud had missed 4 flippin penalties he would have been absolutely crucified!!)

  8. I know alot of fans want us to get the ideal striker RIGHT now but im sure some of you know that its a waiting game and pieces have to move around the board then Arsenal can strike. If Aguero leaves somehow to Madrid then Arsenal can go in for Benzema or if PSG get a new striker e.g. Lacazette then the same with Cavani. Im no expert on transfers but i presume that its not easy plus from Arsenal’s point, they have to fend off Man United an other competition.
    Its easy to go and get a striker for huge sums but Arsenal probably shouldn’t go to Benzema waving ยฃ60million around or maybe they should, i prefer him as a #1 target but its not easy to get him, everyone wants him incl. Madrid even as backup.

  9. As long as we win this year and why not hhe ucl as well….rules wont affect.
    And thegames are won on the pitch. Aside from some playerrs that are truly above the rest, we have a very very good squad that can compete.
    Up to the gunners and wenger to do so…
    make us proud

  10. Cech Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Monreal Krychowiak Ramsey Ozil Sanchez Walcott

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