Arsenal need to attack Leicester from the start and get a good early lead

There is no doubt that the Arsenal fans are very optimistic this season, after our excellent transfer window, and are more excited than at any other time in the last ten years. But the proof is in the pudding, and the excitement grew when we carried our preseason wins over Chelsea (4-0) and Sevilla (6-0) into the new season, and won away at Crystal Palace.

In all three of those games, Arsenal went straight into third gear and attacked like banshees in the first half hour to batter our opponents into submission, and I am expecting the same thing to happen today.

We now have a very solid back line so our forwards don’t need to worry so much about defending and our speedy youngsters like Saka, Martinelli, Odegaard and Jesus can bedazzle the Leicester defence and get a couple of early goals to stop the fans getting nervous, like we did a little bit last week when it stayed at 1-0 for much too long for our liking…

Now that we are back at the Emirates with our extremely vocal home fans, and playing a Leicester City side that could be lacking in confidence after an ammazingly bad transfer window as they are the only EPL side not to have bought any first team players to improve the side.

They would have seen Arsenal in flow ahead of the game, and the players, just like the manager Brendan Rodgers, will be very worried before they even get on the pitch.

And so they should be!

Sam P

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  1. Leicester is one of the team that doesn’t shy away from playing. It’s a game of elites. It’s going to be close because the quality in both sides are top notch and in term of players qualify 1v1, arsenal edge it with fine margin so a tight game should be expected, with rumours around Leicester camp unsettling their players, arsenal should have another advantage. It’s gonna be a win, a draw will be calamitous. Am expecting at least 16 points from our first 6games, if we are serious about top 4, that should be the aim

  2. No need to be complacent. The players should do the basics and all would go our way. Attack when necessary, defend both on and off the ball. Our quality should prevail but if we get complacent and think it is an already 3 points in the bag, we will get a shocker. Come on gunners

  3. Totally agree attack/aggressive from the start and get the crowd roaring. A win is the min, 2-3-0 is the par and 4-0 should be the aim and the statement result for ourselves and the rest of the league.

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