Arsenal need to be calm even though it’s an emotional game against Tottenham

"Arsène Wenger"This weekend’s game against Tottenham is always the biggest fixture for Arsenal fans to look out for when the season starts, and this year the significance is even higher due to our respective League positions right now.

Arsene Wenger has been in charge for more North London derbies than anyone else, and this is his take on it. “The memory is always the huge passion before the game and the emotional state.” the Boss said. “That becomes a bit more agitated. I worked with Pat Rice when I arrived for many years, so he got me very quickly on that territory! It’s always a game that is a bit more emotionally charged because of the importance it has for us, the fans and everyone around the club. This season, if you look at the table, for us it’s a very important game.

“The players know because we’ve had many players who have been here for years. The good thing in sport is that you have to find a good balance between being rational and and emotional. As much as you have to certainly be emotionally-charged because of the importance of the game and needing to get the high energy level, once you’re on the pitch you have to be calm, focused and make good decisions. That’s why you can’t let the emotions take over. At the end of the day, it’s down to making good decisions on the football pitch.

And does Wenger agree that this is the biggest fixture of Arsenal’s season? “It’s the next one, so the next one is the biggest. It is a big game because we are behind in the table and we have to catch up. I must say that personally, it’s more important mathematically for us to come back as quickly as possible, rather than it being emotionally-charged. I’ve known the importance of this game for more than 20 years but for us, it’s an opportunity to come back in the table and get closer to the Champions League spots. That is the priority.”

It is the absolute priority. A defeat tomorrow will cast serious doubt on whether our new arrivals can repair our devastating away form, and they cannot afford to take time setlling in, we just need to go for Spurs throat right from kickoff and make sure of the points.



  1. Kola says:

    absolutely correct, a balance between being rational and emotional is all were it lies.

  2. tas says:

    i think there is more stress on Spuds then Arsenal this meting because

    1/ last time we played them we did make them look average and we won
    2/ they have a huge game away to Juventus on Tusdey it will play on their mind not to get injured
    3/ we have exiting new addition in Arsenal with Mikhi and Laca top players
    4/ it must play on both teams mind that Wembley is home to both teams
    5/ we are the underdogs going in to this game
    6/ we usually have many injuries but not this time, unless something happens in training ( hope not )
    7/ Spuds are under a microscope for diving which they always manage to fool ref’s

    1. tas says:

      *new additions= Mikhi and Aubameyang*

    2. gotanidea says:

      Very good examinations and I agree with @Kola, Arsenal need to calm down and keep their composure when possessing the ball or inside the penalty box. A win means the top four race is still on, because Chelsea are having internal problems.

      Apart from those factors you mentioned, Arsenal could win if Aubameyang-Mkhitaryan connection can steal the first goal and if Arsenal defenders can be more composed when facing Tottenham’s divers.

      1. Skills1000 says:

        The Key towards beating Spurs is to score an early goal. Maintaining shape and focus.

        433 Formation. midfield 3 of Elneny Xhaka and Ramsey. Front 3 of Ozil Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang.

        Choosing between Wilshere and Ramsey is a tough one.
        Wilshere makes quick transition between defense and attack very well and is always comfortable with the ball. Ramsey looses the ball more often but offers us a goal threat. Very good offensively. The key in this encounter is the midfield battle. Dembele, Wanyama and Dier. We need to have the stamina and pace in midfield.
        It is a must win match if we are to have a chance of making top four.

        1. Phil says:

          Their midfield is not mobile and with the pace and guile we have with our creative players we can move them all over the pitch.Jack in for Elneny for me but need to be disciplined in midfield with someone sitting.
          I would go worth AMN over the out of sorts Zhaka but we all know Wenger will never not play him and Ramsey.He needs a smack round the head as he goes out to remind him of what his role in the side is.Whoever is sitting there needs concentration and commitment for the full game.

  3. l says:

    Ramsey’s 3 goals in the last game has earned him a place ahead of Wilshere. Though I love Wilshere’s style of playing which is more attractive, I think Ramsey has a far better end product than Wilshere in terms of goal contribution and pitch coverage. Ramsey seem to be getting more matured in handling his positional weaknesses. Some fans still rate him with his perfomers in previous seasons. Hardly has he made mistakes that result to conceding goals yet we blame him for the entire team’s failure. Having both of them available is good for the team. They can as well play together.

  4. georgie b says:

    FFS, why is Lacazzete a forgotten man? This game cries out for 4-4-2 Auba and Laca up top.

  5. AJ GUN says:

    time for lacca to chin up….force his way all the way innn

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