Arsenal need to be careful about being OVER-confident!

The Gunners are preparing to face Aston Villa tomorrow in the knowledge that both Tottenham and Man United have already gained three points today, but on paper this seems an easy win for Arsenal, but Arsene Wenger has warned the players about being over-confident.

When asked on about whether the mood in the Arsenal dressing room is the best he has seen this season, Le Prof replied: “Maybe, but we have to be very cautious with the mood in our job because the swings are very quick so the best way you can deal with that is… it helps to get the next result.

“You need a good balance between an optimistic mood and urgency as well. we are in a job where of course you want the level of concentration very high and that is what we want to achieve now.

“We go into a period in the next four months that will decide our season. We have to be conscious that our commitment has to be 100 per cent.”

I must admit, that as a fan, I am EXTREMELY confident about tomorrows game, given our recent form and the woeful form of Aston Villa this year, but, as we have all seen in the past, Arsenal could beat Man City 3-0 one week and then get beaten by Crystal Palace the next, so we should NOT take anything for granted.

But I must be honest, I can’t help it right now!

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  1. Falcao and RVP have ended their goal drought.
    This is bad news for us if they continue scoring

    We should not be overconfident
    It leads to disaster

    1. f*ck them both.
      im not sweating them, there names are more powerful then there actual performances this year.
      now its time for us to handle our business .

      spurs next week is huge – enormous – humongous
      they are looking a team – as are we. we lose to them- will be a huge dent in confidence, we win we kick on!


  2. Fans should not be over confident either because, it’d not impossible for Villa to draw or even win. If that (disaster to NOT get a win at home to villa) happened then Fans will be obviously very upset. So better to be reasonably confident than over-confident

  3. For the first time in years looking at the table I can honestly say I’m kind of worried, we need to take every game from now on very seriously…

    1. really, even more that two seasons ago when we needed to win at st james and spurs loose to get into the top 4?

      1. Don’t forget we scraped 4th on the last day by a point.
        We were lucky to make it twice by a single point.
        I agree with Jamerican, this year will be close, teams above us are all playing well so we will need to play exceptionally well and win practically every game.

  4. Arsenal can win the league but the only possibility is that they that every game as a final, (not like last years fa cup final tho)

  5. This not being over confident is a given!

    Why would they are any arsenal fan be over confident? Villa and other similar level teams have beaten us before if I recall..

    Or has everything suddenly changed? We won a few games and have stopped playing like a Park team I guess.

    1. we conceded 2 versus brighton (altho w/o coq). our defence can easily undo what our attack provides. hope to see a big defensive game tomorrow: D is still our weakness. hope one of ozil or walcott scores again tomorrow.

  6. Come on Man Shitty. At least draw with Chelski if you can’t beat them. I’ve changed my mind. I want Shitty to win. Can’t stand Mourinho. He is the biggest arrrse in the PL.

    I just want to see Mourinho cancel another press conference LOL.

    And obviously us winning tomorrow.
    A loss or draw is completely unacceptable
    Arsenal 3-0 again prediction

  7. True! We cannot underestimate aston villa, they have very good players that can hurt you on the counter with one mistake! Thats why our back four has to be on full alert and remain focus, for this tricky fixture!

    1. I agree. Benteke and Abonlahor in particular are a threat.

      I feel good that we have Paulista in the squad if not starting. Hopefully, Mertsacker Koscielny will do the job, but we have Paulista if we need him.

      Only thing that worries me is Coquelin’s yellow cards. If we use him and he is banned for away game at Spuds, that will be a HUGE loss. If we rest him, I’m not very confident with Flamini. Not sure if we should risk Coquelin tomorrow

    1. “Proud” is wrong word to use for a team other than Arsenal (unless you support Citeh or Shitty)

      Hopefully, Arsenal will make me proud tomorrow

    1. Yes a quick equalizer 1-1

      It’s funny How you don’t see a goal for over 40 mins then all of a sudden 2 goals within mins.

  8. announcer sez Frankie Lampard, a whopping 211 goals as a mid fielder, of course! 57 were PKs! I think draw is best or City loss, reason is, the way City is playing, the may keep dropping points, not to mention, sagna left to win a trophy, last one he will ever lift should be the FA cup w Arsenal, he was my favorite player for years, so no animosity, just dont want him to win,

  9. A bit off topic. Pls can anyone see how ordinary chelsea looks without only 2 players (fabregas and Costa). My point is no team wldnt struggle with the kind of arsenal’s injury record in the past 5-7yrs.

    1. errrr no.
      chelsea played 120 mins of football on Wednesday with pretty much the same had a week to rest thats why chelsea looked poor,

      city are sh*t for not burying chelsea- they were there for the taking

      as sure as anything city wont be champions, they are not what they were.
      james milner tho-great performance

  10. I see chelsea dropping points arsenal can do it, i know u might say my im sick with wengeritis, but thats my believe thumb me down negative fellas, n i got thumbed down for saying i like the sturridge dance, even wilshere n szecncny (correct me pls) liked it, wilshere danced n Shezza was doing filming,

  11. We had that disaster last season where we lost 1-3 to Villa at home. Lets hope we remember this and make serious amends for that embarrassment, we certainly cannot afford to be overconfident like we were then.

    As for the Spuds – their best player is an Arsenal reject… says it all!

    Come on Arsenal!!!!!

  12. I am happy to be back on It has been quite a while. I completely agree with your observation. From now until the end of the season we need to take every game like a cup final. With our squad we are more than capable of winning 14 of the remaining 16 games and guess what this would mean? These would be 42 points. If you add the 39 we already have this would be 81 which would be grand considering the way we began the season. Let our players resolve to play every game the way we played against Man city and Stoke and no team would survive our onslaught! This is not task impossible. It can be done. All it takes is firm resolve and confidence in ourselves. To borrow the words of Winston Churchill whose 50th anniversary since his death was celebrated last week “Let us strive on we shall conquer.”

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