Arsenal need to be careful not to burn out Saka

Will Bukayo Saka suffer from burnout?


Are we as fans putting too much pressure on yet another youngsters’ shoulders? Possibly…


At the age of just 19 Bukayo Saka is quickly becoming a household name amongst Arsenal fans and I hope he remains as level-headed and down to earth as what he is.


Since his debut back in 2018 he has appeared 49 times in all competitions, bagging five goals and 12 assists so far, with 11 of those coming in the 2019/2020 season, where he really began to establish himself.


Although I have been critical of him in the past, it is only because he is so young, and we don’t want him to burn out, as that is what happened to Theo Walcott, too much pressure from such a young age and he never really fulfilled his full potential at the club. But with Saka I hope it is different, I hope he manages to establish himself, stay grounded but achieve the best he can because if he keeps going at this level the only way really is up.


Saka for me was one of the standout players on the weekend. He controlled the ball, held it up well and tried to set up chances. The only the only thing he didn’t manage to do was score a goal against City, but he can’t do it all himself and he deserved to be on the winning side after such a performance. Under the current management of Arteta I have high hopes for Saka, and I believe he will guide him down the right path too.


Given that he has quickly been recognised by the England national team as well, I do hope he does not suffer from burnout or too much pressure, because Arsenal need him more than England do, and I would hate for such a talent to be wasted or even damaged.



Shenel Osman

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  1. Always behind news mesut Ozil left out of arsenal 25 man squad and may have played his last game for arsenal.Clssless arsenal we have many problems but Ozil is not one of them giving chances to average players and reducing Ozil to a football fool.Totally against his off the field antics but I stand for natural justice

      1. Good news! He’s been axed from the Premier League squad. Hopefully NEVER see him in an Arsenal shirt again…jogging around!

  2. 5 games in and we are talking about a possible Burn out of Saka !! Come off it !! He hasnt even played all 5 games !! and he will be rested a few more times during the season as well !! please get over this rubbish !!

  3. Saka has to play currently, it is quite apparent that others are lacking the creativity to create chances for themselves and others. I had hoped Pepe would do more in terms of creativity, not sure what is lacking from him as I don’t hear Arteta’s instructions or see him in training.
    Hopefully Partey will be allowed a bit of freedom to get forward and create, as opposed to being anchored in the back and micromanaging his efforts.
    Arteta has improved the squad massively on the defensive side, but needs to ease up a bit on the micromanaging so the players can have a bit of freedom to express their skills in the attack.

  4. I don’t like seeing this he is too young thing. Arnold, Mbappe, Sancho, Haaland, Joao Felix, Havertz, Fati, Greenwood, Odoi, these players play more matches than Saka. Have they burn out? And they have been consistent. We should stop making excuses for these Arsenal players.

    1. Emmaobi.

      Agree with you on this. I also think back to players like messi and ronaldo back in the day who played every game from a young age.

      I actually think we at arsenal miss out alot on our young players potential as we don’t trust them. I mean look at reiss nelson. As far as I’m concerned he has the potential to become WC like his buddy sancho. Sancho went from city youth squad to starting for dortmund and is now one of the most brightest sparks in the football world.

      Nelson got loaned and gets the scraps of games and is now 3rd choice after we welcomes willian. Most likley nelson won’t amount to much and we will say another one not for filled potential when actually its the club and managers fault for wrapping him in cotton wool and messing up his progress instead of developing him and tutoring

      1. Thank you for making a very good observation.

        I didn’t know that level- headed, logically thinking chaps still exist on this platform.

        Nelson to me is better than Sancho. And most certainly if given more opportunities, he’ll outperform Saka.

        As a major improvement point, Arsenal needs to offer more first team chances to it’s players with the Arsenal DNA.
        Nelson can easily outperform Pepe who is just lazy. Then Willock is more technical and suited to the quick passing game than the ponderous Xhaka.

        Cedric… Luiz… Gabriel… Tierney
        Willock…. Partey…. Ceballos
        Willian… Aubameyang…. Nelson

  5. Burn out at this stage of the season for an exciting young player who is not even a regular first team pick, is not an issue.

  6. Burnout? Yes it can be a danger, esp for young players. But MA is not playing him all thetime. He often starts on the bench, even though he is one of our first names on the teamsheet, quality wise. MA, being a professional, knows very well about the dangers of burnout and is handling it so very skilfully by NOT overplaying him! Pehaps you have not noticed this !

  7. I say play him and let him grow. Messi, Ronaldo, nyemar and mbappe they always have been regular at club and country level from young age. They dont burn out. Saka is already an intelligent kid the way he avoids and rids the challenges unlike Wilsher who never learnt the art. If Saka is enjoying his football and wants to be in the field let him play.

  8. Ozil’s exclusion by Arsenal from their 25 for the PLthis season serves him very right. For, he has called for it as the handwriting that will see that happen has been on the wall.

    Or didn’t he has called for it to happen by his gross disobedience action against the club’s demands asking players and staff at the club to temporarily give up a certain percentage in their salary payments to Arsenal FC who Ozil falsely claimed he loves?

    I am very glad that Arsenal have taught him a hard lesson he’ll never forget in his life. And his 2 accomplices who along with him in their solidarity support to him that also refused the pay cut who probably could be Sokratis and Guendouzi have all also been taught a hard lesson in their lifes by Arsenal for their intrusiveness to the club.

    Which I believe will serve as deterrent to other players at the club who might want to do an Ozil’s disobedience gang up act against the club.

    As for Reiss Nelson, I don’t think the Gooners should now turnaround to start accusing Mikel Arteta for his not playing him in recent Arsenal games in the PL this season. For, aren’t the same Gooners who came down heavily on Arteta criticising him for playing him, now are criticising Arteta saying he should give him chance in the team to play for Arsenal?

  9. Saka will not be burnt out, because MA will handle him with care. He may not play him in the initial Cup games and EUL games so that he gets a well deserved rest. @Herbz, sorry mate, but your line up does not include Saka so I would put Saka in place of Willian and bellarin in place of Cedric. Up the Gunners, Europe next!

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