Arsenal need to be defensive against Man City – But positive!

There have been millions of media and print stories about Arsenal’s upcoming game against Man City, and most of them seem to be predicting yet another big win for City as they rush towards the League title, but as Admin explained earlier, Arsenal should have no fear about facing Pep Guardiola’s side.

Our excellent record against them means that we can go to the Etihad in a positive mood and Theo Walcott is also aware of what the Gunners need to do to take the points tomorrow. “We need to concentrate on our strengths because we are quietly going about our business in the Premier League at this time,” Walcott said. “It is going to be the biggest test we have faced this season so far.

“Everyone needs to be ready, it isn’t going to be easy but, without doubt, we have a chance. We have quality throughout this whole squad.

“It is very early days still but they seem to score more goals, but defensively I still feel like we can get at them, they will be worried about us.

“We need to concentrate on their main threats but you can’t go into a game being afraid of teams because that is a negative straight away. You need to be positive.”

There is no doubt that Wenger is a master at getting the Arsenal players motivated for a big game, although it doesn’t always work out! But he will make sure that we go into the game with a positive attitude, and with our recent excellent record against City it should be an even easier task than usual….

Sam P


  1. kev says:

    JUST IN:Man City have told Alexis Sanchez that they’re no longer interested in him and won’t be making any move for him.
    Jack Wilshere has told Arsenal to allow him to leave in January as he wants first team football to make England squad.
    As a reminder,Arsenal are trying hard to sign Jose Gimenez of Athletico Madrid to a pre-contract in January.

    I personally don’t see Arsenal beating City not because we can’t but because the central midfield area is not reliable.A player like Coquelin must start tomorrow in place of Xhaka who can’t defend.I would rather we changed our formation to 4-2-3-1.Some of our players are being under utiilised in our current formation especially Ozil.I want us to really go at them.If we’re too defensive tomorrow City will easily beat us and only luck can save us.We have to face them head to head.That’s not only a way but the only way to beat them.

    1. Eddy Hoyte says:


      oh Lord please not again…
      not the guy with the “Lemar Is a done deal” crap bringing transfer news already.

      1. GB says:

        Agree we don’t need this

  2. Durand says:

    It will be a good test.
    Can we play with big boys still?
    Do we have the right personnel?
    Are we in title race?
    Still a top 4 squad or have we fallen to 2nd tier of clubs?

    This game will show where Arsenal are as a “big” club. At seasons end be interesting to see how we performed against top 4 clubs, and what (if anything) club does about it.

    If Sanchez and Ozil bounce at seasons end, Arsenal have to come off much money to find SUITABLE replacements if they continue to bark about trophies.
    Walcott a bust, welbeck like car that always gets a flat tire, and no one capable of stepping up to fill that void.

    IMO tomorrows game more than just about 3 points

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    “There is no doubt that Wenger is a master at getting the Arsenal players motivated for a big game, although it doesn’t always work out!”. Did I just read that correctly? We perform terribly in big games, and don’t even bother playing until the second of half of most games, yet Wenger is a master of motivation?!!!!

    At least you brought some reality into that sentence by admitting it doesn’t always work out, but to say Wenger is master at motivation is incomprehensible! I really wish fans would watch Arsenal regularly before writing articles/commenting on them. If you don’t have time to watch them play, then at least do some research beforehand!

    1. jon fox says:

      I too read this fantasy paragraph with growing amazement at how anyone can be so massively wrong. Wenger and motivation of players just do NOT belong in the same article, let alone the same sentence. Sam P, you have made a prize fool of yourself with this arrant nonsense! Motivation is exactly what Wenger does NOT do and how you can think he does shows a complete inability to see what is in front of you. After this tosh, I think you should lie low for a while till people forget how hugely you have embarrassed yourself with this nonsense.

      1. Alexis the Great says:

        You two are embarrassing yourselves. How do you think Arsenal bounced back to beat Man City and Chelsea in the FA Cup last season? Did they motivate themselves. Some people shouldn’t really be called Arsenal fans….

        1. jon fox says:

          Alexis , If you seriously think that , apart from the occasional exception, Arsenal are either motivated by Wenger or self motivated, then you have been ignoring not only the legendary soft underbelly we have had for about the last decade, which is universal accepted as the awful truth throughout the Prem world, by our ex-players, other top ex player pundits and virtually all our own fans too. Whatever world you are you are living in, it cannot be the reality land that all other football people live in. If Wenger had EVER seen fit to bring in a top quality CDM, and I do NOT mean Xhaka , God how I don’t mean Xhaka, nor Coquelin and Elneney either, that would have been a start. No decent CDM since Gilberto left 9 years ago and only one proven CB of quality , in Kos, since Sol Campbell shows why we can’t reliably defend. We just don’t have the backbone in most games to bust a gut to keep goals out. Adams, Keown, Bould, Dixon etc would have let in goals only over their dead bodies. But does Xhaka? No he stands picking his nose and not chasing back. This is NOT motivation my self deluded friend. Perhaps you have only known Arsenal under Wenger this last decade and so have no comparison to how a team should be properly motivated. Finally , do you call Walcott, Xhaka and even Ozil, most of the time , motivated? Cos I don’t and I suggest many thousands of other Gooners agree too! But clearly not you. Well you can’t get everyone to admit the truth, even to themselves. If there is any one embarrassing themselves Alexis , it is you. Big time!

  4. Salmonella says:

    From the look of things, Kolasinac is out… Couldn’t spot him in any of the pics of our training session. So gutted?

  5. Break-on-through says:

    This is the team Id like to see.


    Id take Giroud off early if it looks to be not spot on, bring on Iwobi or Ozil and move Lacazette further afield. Id love if we had a full squad, because defence worries me right abooout …..Sunday! Welbeck Mustafi would or could have been useful for a tough away fixture, I know I know Welbeck etc etc, but it’s his home city v the enemy. Holding has disappointed me, really thought he was a special one, and boy could we use that right about now. Chambers I wouldn’t give up on, but he needs the game time, if he doesn’t get that with us we should throw him in the deep end with Everton. There are some guys there, even though in a crisis, I think they’d have knowledge and ideas he could benefit from. If you think not, well no biggy, a loan is a loan anywhere. Lastly, Coquelin, wtf happened man, where’s that steely focus, wheres the aggression, wtf happened to ya. Come on you Gunners, show them you know what the f**k is what, we know what, we just f**king strut.

  6. say-ma-name says:

    Well City are looking isn’t it? But guess what here comes their 1st defeat…
    City 0-3 Arsenal, Lacazette hatrick inside 1st 90 mins

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