Arsenal need to be realistic if we really want Celtic’s Tierney

So it looks like this Arsenal rumour is going to run and run, and although it has been admitted by the Celtic boss Neil Lennon that Arsenal’s bid for the left-back has unsettled the player, he has also made it very clear that the Hoops will not be held to ransom by the Gunners and will not accept anything less than their valuation of the 22 year-old.

Lennon told the BBC: “I have taken no notice of the headlines. I am well aware of where we are in terms of the situation.

“I spoke to Kieran in Austria and, to be honest, I haven’t really seen much of him because he came back early for rehab, so has not been on the training ground as yet.

“It can be an unsettling period for any player and that is understandable, but until a club comes up with any sort of realistic valuation of the player, we don’t have to do anything and we won’t.

“Kieran is getting on with his rehabilitation and we are getting on with what we have to do here.”

So they are obviously making it clear that Arsenal need to up their bid to have any chance of getting him. And to be honest, it can’t have helped that the Gunners seem to be close to a 25million deal for a promising but unproven 19 year-old from the French League with only half a season under his belt, and then are going to loan him back!

Maybe Lennon has got a point?



  1. If Arsenal get all their transfer targets and play with 4-1-2-1-2 next season:

    Bellerin . Upamecano . Sokratis . Tierney
    ……..Torreira ……….Guendouzi
    …..Malcom …………………Zaha

    The latest rumor claims Everton are set to offer 35 M for Malcom and Arsenal are ready to overtake them. Arsenal stole Lucas Perez from Everton and they seem to want to do it again

    1. You just made up that Malcolm is an arsenal target and put him
      In your team ??‍♂️

    2. We are not getting zaha or Malcolm and upmaecono either. May be Tierney if we hurry up.

      1. Out (total 30 M or 95 M if we are willing to sell Aubameyang):
        Jenkinson – As a part of a deal
        Ozil – Free
        Mustafi – 20 M
        Elneny – 10 M

        In (total 110 M):
        Upamecano – 30 M
        Tierney – 25 M
        Malcom – Loan
        Zaha – 55 M

  2. Leno
    Bellerin Upamencano Sokratis Tierney
    Torreira Partey
    Malcolm Fekir Aubrameyand

  3. it’s as simple as paying the asking fee. Always has been. I can’t believe people were trying to come up with silly reasons as to why Arsenal bid just 15 mill. It was laughed off the table. Tierney has a several years left on his contract and Celtic hold all the cards until somebody pays.

    1. As RSH mentiones AFC is incapable
      of meeting Celtics or for that
      matter any teams evaluation of there
      prized assests. Is Kierney worth
      £25M, considering his age and
      relative futbol experience?

      With that in mind why is AFC the
      only club in the NOW top ten of EPL
      futbol unable to competitively
      spend to upgrade there squad? Why
      isnt the following possible?

      J Tah—£40£M
      Saliba—£5M (£20M+ next summer)
      Malcom–£5M loan( option to buy)

      £110M spent on 5 QUALITY players that
      would be starters from day 1 and
      immediately improve the collective
      talent of the squad.

      To make these aquisitions financially
      feasible AFC could…

      Ospina to Napoli–£4M

      Sell El Neny for £7M

      Sell Mustafi for £20-25M ( AV
      just spent £26M on injury prone
      Tyrone Mings)

      Move BOSS on to Ligue 1 for £5M

      Bennacer sell on % from his move
      to Napoli

      Sell Miki in for £10M and agree to
      supplenent some of his wages.

      Loan Ozil to Fenerbache and help the
      Turkish club with wages.

      AFC could fundraise around £50M from
      these transactions and basically cut
      the financial investment I outlined
      above in half.

      Just over $60M spent this summer to
      have this starting 11 come Aug.


      Whatcha think ol Gunners?

      1. You’d think Arsenal would have a similar plan going into the summer. But they appear to have none. Ridiculous bids on players and childish strategies in thinking a bid from us will make the players try to push for a move. That would work probably 6-8 years ago when it was all about player power, but clubs have mostly stamped that out and only the primadonnas like Neymar are capable of pulling it off. Update your transfer strategy Arsenal. it’s embarrassing. And pay the 25mill we all know you can afford and is perfectly reasonable.

      2. I agree with your concept, but i think your plan will have our bench pretty weak in terms of creative options (only Iwobi from the current team + youngsters). I agree with all the sale/loan away options you listed and i would also add Chambers 15-20Mil to your list, as i believe he is not of the quality we should aim for.

        From your acquisitions list above, i would change the following:
        Ziyech—£35M – agree due to the very good price, however, if Arsenal would want to go the extra mile i would explore the options of the costlier Maddison or Kai Havertz (who in my opinion will be world class) – that is ofcourse wishful thinking but you never know.
        Tierney—£25M – agree
        J Tah—£40£M – would go for Upamecano as i think he has more potential, would maybe even cost less.
        Saliba—£5M (£20M+ next summer) -agree
        Malcom–£5M loan( option to buy) -agree or could consider that guy Ewerton or Everton from Brazil national team (he seemed exciting) as i don’t think that he would be that costly.

        In my understanding though, Arsenal will indeed make 5 transfers in this window, including that of Martinelli. So what i do expect that we will go for is Tierny, Saliba for next year, a midfielder as Ramsey’s replacement and 1 winger.

        I would not mind seeing one of either Bielik or Chambers covering for this year as 4th-5th option and 4th-5th winger covered by Nelson/Rowe (considering that the 1st and 2nd will be Auba and new signing).

        Sorry for the lengthy post.

        1. In response to Ace, apparently the deal for Saliba involves a £5 million transfer fee up front and rather than your quoted £20 million, £5 million per season to make up £25 million over 5 years, with no add ons. This appears a good deal for the future.
          As far as a CB for this coming season I would like to see a bid for Lewis Dunn from Brighton &, Hove Albion. He is 193cm tall, an England international and proven in the EPL.

  4. Where did Lennon admit that Arsenals bid has unsettled Tierney?
    What Lennon said was “it can be an unsettling period for any player” and “Kieran is getting on with his rehabilitation and we are getting on with what we have to do here.”
    Tierney ia a massive Celtic man and as his agent said at the weekend “he absolutely loves Celtic” “any move will be down to Arsenal meeting Celtic’s asking price”
    Tierney will want to be at Celtic if they are to make history by winning 10 in a row,and it will be Celtic who push any move through,IF? Arsenal stump up the asking price

  5. The conduct of the Gunners is appalling and disgraceful.

    Kieren will go if he wants however try doubling the original offer and give us something to think about.

  6. If we could sell or trade Ozil, Mustafi, Jenkinson, Eleny, Xhaka, a £45 million budget wouldn’t be so bad.

    But unfortunately they have high wages, average quality or both that makes them difficult to sell.

    And they won’t want to leave Arsenal

  7. Hi Lads, I’m a Celtic supporter and I can assure you all that no one has actually asked Kieran Tierney if he wants to leave Celtic.
    He’s been at Celtic since he was 8 and when he’s not playing he puts on a Celtic top and he goes in beside the ordinary supporters.
    He’s so grounded that he’s not interested in nightclubs or the high life just going out with his family and friends.
    His family and his friends are fanatical Celtic supporters and their whole world revolves around our club. Kieran even wears his Celtic Tops when he goes on holiday.
    This lad is so down to earth that he doesn’t even wear a watch and until recently he still stayed with his mum and dad until he bought them a house and he bought the house next door for himself.
    He has just signed a new 6 year contract at Celtic for £25K a week. I know that’s not a lot of money compared to what he would earn at Arsenal, but trust me he is only interested in playing football, so don’t be surprised if he himself rules out the move.
    Good Luck in the new season, hail, hail.

    1. Hi and thanks for the info, really nice to hear from other supporter. Sounds like a young lad with right attitude, I wish him the best and Celtic to have a great season.

      1. If Arsenal offer Celtic their asking price he will be gone; that’s just the way it works.

  8. 25 mill. seems to be to expensive as no one is bidding for him (possibly due to recent injury record). Tottenham and City among others are both right now in the market for a new left back and they haven’t put any bids on Tierney. There was talk of Napoli,but clearly they also don’t want to pay 25 mill. pounds for a fullback with only the shitty Scottash league experience.

    This is from a month and a half ago:

    ‘Celtic left-back Kieran Tierney admits he’s in “pain all the time” as he waits for surgery on a hip problem.
    The Scotland international will have surgery after Saturday’s Scottish Cup final against Hearts to try and finally resolve the double hernia problem which has been plaguing him, and he admits he’s been in agony throughout the season.

    “There’s pretty much pain all the time,” Tierney said.

    “It’s sore when I wake up, sore moving about.

    “People say it gets a bit better once you’ve warmed up but I’ve yet to feel that way. It’s been absolute agony.”‘

    I sure hope his recovery has been perfect, otherwise we’ll have a whole army of constantly injured fullbacks.

  9. Spurs just bought a player for £63,000,000 who may or may not adapt to the EPL. We are arguing over a pretty good left back, who is young, for £25,000,000. Something is desperately big time wrong at Arsenal. The management are deluded. For some years we have chosen, freebies, cheapies, and players like Mustafi over quality, and then the hierarchy don’t seem to understand when we become a second tier team. It’s bloody obvious.

    1. Exactly right, Sean. There is value in the market and Arsenal management sits on its hands.
      Hopefully Edu will make a difference; however it is beyond understanding that when Marc Overmaars knocked back Arsenal’s approach, Arsenal did not then grab Dennis Bergkamp, who was available. Not only is Dennis a Dutch international and Arsenal legend, but he is a product of and worked with Marc at the Ajax Academy.

  10. Let him stay at Celtic then as Rodriguez from Milan is a cheaper option for £14m, has loads of Exp and is 26years old, coming Into his prime. Let Monreal go to Spain for whatever along with Koss to France would cover Ricardos wages twice over and more than half his fee.

    Use the other £10m we didnt spend on Teirney (even though I would like him at Arsenal, if we cant afford then we cant afford it) and use that along with selling Mustafi to gt a CB as Saliba isn’t here until next season.

    Again I’d love Zaha, offer them Chambers & Jenko plus that £40m we did offer already and see where it goes. If not, go for Fraser or Malcom for cheaper option and sell the 2 above mentioned, add Elneny sale in there for good measure and will even the funds out.

  11. As far as I know none of us know exactly what is going on concerning arsenal transfer. Some of us are busy lambasting the club complaining about conduct regarding bidding for players and so on. We don’t even exactly how much is being committed to players recruitment. I think we take it easy knowing the kind of owner we have. The less said about the better.

    1. So take it easy because the hierarchy is a mess? That’s exactly why they deserve to be ridiculed!

  12. I have always considered myself to be a realist but sadly our negotiators at Arsenal seem to consider £25m for a young top quality left back with all the attributes you could wish in a footballer on and off the pitch too much even in today’s inflated transfer market.When I compare the £35m spent on the likes of Mustafi and Xhaka and the £20m released for the aging and bang average Sokratis,I can understand our people are anxious not to make another bad buy.In the case of Tierney however,there is little risk of yet another failure.This boy can play and would not be out of place in any top six team in the Premier League.Arsenal have a wonderful opportunity to secure not only a fine player but a fine young man who would be an excellent captain.

    1. Excellent post Grandad, and perfect comment from RSH also.

      Tierney is quality, run circles around any of our FB, and better defender than any of them.

      Imagine if Bellerin could defend worth a damn, and had more strength.
      That’s Tierney, minus the fashion hulah.

      Shocking club hasn’t wrapped this up yet. Amateur hour at Arsenal, haggling over couple million for a player who could settle that position for 8 years.

      No thanks to Rodriguez as LB; we passed on him couple years ago, and hasn’t shown anything to change any minds.

      Wonder if club ever haggled on Gazidis salary or bonuses. Fail to see how Raul or new management any different.

      Kallstrom played more than Suarez! Wasted millions on that flop, take a bench player from Barca and pay him to sit on our bench, helping Barca save wages.

      Genius move, that one. I know he got injured, but he didn’t do much at Barca before injury, and was player Raul and Emery knew.

      Too late to beg Sven to come back? We got players quick with Sven, now back to same shit. Raul and co. have a lot to prove.

      Not just players performances being questioned, Raul and Emery are fair game too. Emery for failing to get 6 points in last 5 matches, and Raul’s contact book, about as useful as a fart in the wind so far.

      9th richest club, and bipolar shopping this window. Cue the “could’ve had this guy,” “tried for that guy” bull$hit. Signed a £6 million rube from Brazil IN A MONTHS TIME, excuse me if I don’t celebrate.

  13. If it was up to me I’d get these 7 players:

    (Half are PL players to adapt better)
    1. Right Wing: Zaha
    2. Left Wing: Fraser
    3. CB: Keane
    4. CB: Saliba
    5. Left Back: Tierney or Rodriguez
    6. Right Back: Clyne
    7. Central midfielder: Fekir

    Sell these 6 players :

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