Arsenal need to be ruthless from the start against Man United….

Arsenal need to take their chances if they want to overcome Man Utd

Mikel Arteta’s side travel to Old Trafford, hoping to claim a win that will put them four points clear at the top after six league games.

It would certainly have been an unthinkable thought at the start of the campaign. But to do that, they will have to overcome Erik Ten Hag’s Man Utd.

After a poor start to the season, the Red Devils have somewhat found their feet, as the team has won three games on the bounce, with victory at home against Liverpool the most impressive of all.

The performance against Jurgen Klopp’s side was a testament that current form goes out of the window at the time of heavyweight clashes.

Arsenal have been exceptional this season. But they must be wary of one thing more than the others: killing the opposition when you have the chance.

The Gunners have dominated almost every Premier League game until now. But sometimes, they have shot themselves in the foot to some degree.

In the games against Fulham and Aston Villa, the North London side were on top for the majority of the game. However, they were not able to score the all-important second and third goals to put themselves out of sight.

As a result, both the oppositions troubled Arsenal in the second half. Had they been a wee bit lucky, Fulham and Villa could have gone home with all three points.

Dutch legend Johan Cruyff famously said, “Quality without results is pointless.” This is a message every player at Arsenal should be well aware of before they grace the pitch at Manchester.

Until now, Arteta’s side have scored 13 Premier League goals. Which is a very good number. However, they have scored 13 goals when they should have scored more than 17-18. Such has been their dominance this season.

If the players don’t convert their dominance into solid goal numbers, we might struggle to claim only our third win at Old Trafford in the past 15 years.

Arsenal have been ruthless in the transfer market in the last few years. Now they must be ruthless in front of the goal too.

Yash Bisht

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  1. All arsenal have to do today is, to create more chances and take the chances created to out score United.

    Gabriel Jesus Man of the match
    Xhaka boom
    Matineli the killer

    Man U 1:2 Arsenal. Arsenal to score first by Jesus’ Man u to equalize, arsenal to score immediately by Matineli
    Assits by Lonkonga and xhaka.

  2. Yeah I solemnly agree with you. Utilizing our chances would be a good factor to consider once we’re able to create..
    Am so confident!

  3. Not sure what you meant about Arsenal being “ruthless” in the transfer market Yash, perhaps you could explain?

    I believe urs manure who should be worrying about us, rather than the other way round.

    If we start the way we have done in our previous five games, the goals will come.

    Expecting a win by three goals to one and the referee to have a nightmare, seeing us end up with multiple bookings and a red card.

  4. Totally agree with the general gist of the article, we need to be ruthless against United. Our expected goals per game though has been 2.09 so far which is the 3rd best in the league. It would suggest we should have scored 10, we have scored 13. So not too concerned with our finishing. You could argue we maybe should of created more clear chances with our dominance.

    There is a tendency to expect 3, 4 or even 5 goals when dominating but it rarely works out that way in reality. Liverpool in their 9-0 over Bournemouth registered an xG of 4.86 suggesting 5 to 4 nil would be the normal score line there and that was near total domination. That is why such results are so rare everything has to click for you to hit that level.

    Last year we underperformed our xG to such an extent we were the 15th worst for xG differential and as a result we should of scored the 4th most in the league but ended up with the 6th most goals. So the early reversal of that trend is highly promising.

  5. No shaking, 3 points already in the bag. The players with the mental block against the devils in the past have all but gone from the club.

    These new fresh-faced Gooners squad are not burdened under such yoke. They just want to go out and smash anyone in their path, red, blue or green, dont matter. They didnt overcome any mental blocks…they dont even have it to begin with lol
    3points, 4 clear…

    1. Indeed. Think our record is 1 win at Old Trafford in the last 16 years and that was in Arteta’s worst season in charge.

      Could make a big statement today.

      1. I am pumped about pegging the devils back, putting some distance between us and their noisy neighbors, and giving the spuds some headaches about facing us down the line and riding this PL Title underdog wave as much as possible…you know what they say, aim for the moon, land among the starts (top 3).

        I for one will start Eddie today, I dont know who need to make way. Maybe Saka. He needs a reset. That boy Eddie looks to be boiling under the surface of late. We could channel his anger to to good use in a big match like this which he would see as an opportunity to remind everyone of who he is.

        No worries for Xhaka seeing red too, he plays too far up the field now to stick out legs against an attacking opponent and earn a straight red (Refs somehow seems to think thats all Xhaka deserves because his name is so menacing hehe). Kudos to MA though for killing 2 birds with one stone: moving Xhaka up the field, leading to a marked improvement and eliminating the conditions that place him as a red-card magnet when he plays close to the goalkeeper. That’s genius.

        1. Excited for Eddie as well just not sure Saka deserves dropping. The Saka issue is a little overblown. His general play has been good and he has 2 assists to his name (2nd most for us.) The fact others are shining a little brighter right now doesn’t mean he’s dropped off a cliff. The concern over the amount of games he’s played makes total sense but he hasn’t been picking up injuries and surely our medical/fitness staff are monitoring his physical levels/numbers during games constantly.

          Agree on Xhaka he looks a different player pushed further forward suspect Arteta regrets not making that move earlier (was towards the end of last year.) He made it clear he always wanted a 4-3-3 over a 4-2-3-1 in the 1st place and was perhaps a little too cautious early on.

    Well, who would ever believe THAT!
    Not an article that says anYthing much, aoart from a state the bl….ng obvious summing up of our season so far.

    Sorry if I perhaps I expect too much from JA articles. But surely it is not beyond the wit of anyone who presumes to write, to give us at least something ORIGINAL of their own and not just state the obvious!

  7. You are right about Saka. It always amaze me how often he still manage to beat his man despite it looking like everyone has finally figured him out towards the tail end of last season.

    I just wish that if he isnt scoring from his shots, that his shots atleast packs a very decent punch that can sting the hands of opponents goalkeepers resulting in the loose balls getting mopped up by the very mobile Jesus and Martinelli…even Xhaka.

    I love the bloke really but I would lock Saka in a room and make him watch clips of Messi and Thierry Henry on how to bend balls towards the far corner. He is always getting in to such positions, but it is usually straight at the goalkeeper or looking for one last killer pass. Henry, even further away from goalkeepers, put such chances away 8 out of 10times.

    All said, the future is bright for this squad! 90minutes to kick off!

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