Arsenal need to be ruthless in the market if we are to recover from this pit


Clearly, Arsenal are in trouble, and it is not just the defense, but in every department! Liverpool are a Champions League side and at the point of bestness which shows the kind of level that Arsenal have sunk into lately. We need a recovery from the pit in the next few days before the window closes. Can we ruthlessly get into the market?

Players like Monreal, Mertesacker and Koscielny are now aging and one cannot guarantee that they would last a season. The matter is worsened with the fact that Gabriel and Gibbs have gone already and Mustafi is making his way out of the team. It means Wenger must look to get quality cover in the closing stages of the window. Xhaka is doing very well with assists! He has three already but all of them have ended up into the Arsenal net. It is time for punishment. Surely, at this level you do not make three such mistakes and hope to play in the next game unless you are playing for school team!

My personal team under the current squad circumstances with new signings would be a 3.4.3 system as below:

—Kolasinac – Van Dijk – Koscielny

You would agree the setup is more compact allowing very little entry spaces between the players for the opposition side to explore. Of course there will be lots of ground around this compact set up that the opposite sides will find room to run through and cause problems. That is where individual attributes come into mind. Players like Mahrez and Lemar will push the opposition hard. Someone like Bellerin will deploy his speed to great effect and Lacazette will keep the ball close enough. All this means is Arsenal have it in their lockers to keep up with whatever will be thrown to them.

No Ozil, No Alexis No Xhaka No Ramsey? Yes, we need to try a different thing and at the new Arsenal you will have to prove your worth to get into the team sheet.

If we can’t defend well, then we should be able to score more than our opponents. You sense that at Stoke Arsenal were unable to do any of the two duties rather well. At Liverpool, Arsenal could not do all the three duties that a functional football team does well. This is Defence, Midfield and Attack. We are regressing.

Can Arsene Wenger sign 5 players in the next three days. It would be ruthless! But that’s what Conte could do. Otherwise if he can’t do it let’s all begin to count how long it takes for 2 years of his own contract to end, then we will all come back to support Arsenal.


Updated: August 28, 2017 — 9:56 am


  1. Feels like 1st June

    1. Sorry July, no sorry August.. aah too late

  2. For once, I’m very relaxed about the remainder of the transfer market, because I know we will not improve whoever we sign, as long as Wenger’s in charge. We’ve already lost two games from three, and that’s after signing a prolific goalscorer, and the best LB in the Bundesliga last season. I am also very calm about outgoings, because what player currently at Arsenal seriously wants to play for Wenger anymore?

    My only hope is that Wenger never spends another penny on a player, until he hopefully leaves in 2019. Yes I realise that sounds crazy, but any new signing will only regress under Wenger, and I’d prefer to keep the money for the next manager. Wenger is only wasting money! £70 million on Xhaka, and Mustafi! One is on the verge of already leaving after only one season, and the other is looking like a £5 million signing!

    Wenger is an absolute shambles in the transfer market, along with the rest of our negotiators, and he has even admitted he’d like to see an end of transfers full stop! What hope is there when you have a manager with an attitude like that towards transfers?

    1. ———-lacazette

      Oh look everyone player is in there preferred position! Ur 343 is twisted Wenger version of my team!

  3. Everyone is asking for certain players which I understand but Carvalho is very one paced the same as Xhaka
    We need a mobile CM
    Lemar won’t be coming but his stats are better than Mane’s so we should have paid what ever they wanted
    We need two CMs as in my opinion Xhaka isn’t good enough
    Seri could be one as long as the other is a mobile destroyer
    But let’s face it at the moment we are in a real bad state
    Wenger has lost the plot
    Players want to leave and I don’t blame them, so it’s either sell now or lose them for free
    Ozil can go for me. He’s a luxury player that needs 7/8 WC players around him to cover his flaws

    Sell all the want outs but players with work ethic and who want to win
    No more technical Neymar wanna bs
    But no matter what Wenger has to go

    1. ozil can go and play who? Iwobi, Walcot? Dude shut up. Our loss had nothing to do with ozil

      1. I’d rather we recoup some money by selling Ozil than losing him for nothing since we aren’t gonna win the title. We also in the foreseeable future aren’t gonna surround top quality players playing alongside Ozil so it is really a waste to keep him. Personally I wouldn’t mind giving Iwobi time in his place because he is homegrown and it would be an opportunity to allow him to develop further. In fact give all our deserving youngsters such as Reiss Nelson while sell or bench the ones that is not part of our rebuilding plan. But no progress will come if Wenger is still at the helm in our football.

    2. Yes Carvalho is not and should not be the player we need, like you said he is very one pace like Xhaka. In fact we have too many players already like this for example Ramsey. Speaking of which I think we either play Xhaka or play Ramsey as playing both of them at the same time will leave us very exposed in the middle. Hence we need to look at a proper mobile DM as well as a balanced CM that can both defend and attack.

        Carvalho has long strides so it looks slower but I agree he is still a bit slow but hey there’s no one else available coz bakayoko is gone and to think wenger wanted forsberg instead of naby kieta lol he has to go!

    3. The best game Arsenal played last season was the 5-0 win over Southampton in an FA cup tie. I think it was also the last time Arsenal scored 5 goals in a domestic game. That victory was built upon the platform of a dominant midfield display by two young academy players in Jeff Raine Adelaide and Maitland Niles. They were both mobile quick passers and could tackle and presented a goal threat whenever the opportunity arose. They locked down the midfield that day in a way I had not seen Arsenal play for years so good were they that it allowed the forwards to run riot on the Southampton defence. They have never had a chance to play in the first team in a cup or league game since that day. In 2015/2016 round about November I think Sanchez suffered an injury and Wenger turned to Joel Campbell who had been in and out the team in a variety of positions after a number of very impressive display at the previous years world cup. After a couple of shaky games he produced performances of quality game after game running the wings scoring and assisting which won a number of man of the match awards which took Arsenal to the top of the table by late December into January. When Sanchez did come back he was dropped was sent out on loan (again) last season and has not started a game for Arsenal since. you could ask that boy to play anywhere on the pitch he would never complain ans would always give you a top top performance. When he was dropped from the team Arsenal went back to fourth where we finished. The point here is that no matter how good a player is or how well he plays for the team if Wenger don’t like you you’re gone (Podolski, Perez) on the other hand if you find favour with le boss he will find an excuse to keep you in the team, no matter how poor the play, just ask Theo Walcott (over ten yrs) Mertersacker Ramsey Artetta Giroud xhaxa Bentdner etc etc. We have quality players at the cub now who can perform if given the chance but they may not be one of the managers favourites. having seen the path of so many promising young players blocked and their hopes dashed, I fear for the careers of Adelaide, Maitland Niles Reiss Nelson and others. At this moment in time all three are better than Xhaxa or Ramsey and should be given at least the chance to prove it.

  4. We need players that will improve us, the problem is that am not sure we can be improved upon while Wenger is still the manager. Our players are not totally bad, it is just that Arsene has run out of ideas on how to use them correctly not to talk of improving them.

    1. Imagine what Kloop has turned Sadio Mane into, from his days at Southampton to his present at Liverpool!

      1. There was a time I would have taken Mane and sell Walcott until I saw he went to Liverpool.

  5. When watching the “game” yesterday I found it quite remarkable when the commentator suggested that the only plausible explanation for the starting lineup and tactics employed by Wenger was that since Klopp’s Liverpool had fared much better against top 6 than bottom 6 opponents he had decided to act as if we were the latter rather than the former…of course I simply assumed he was being a little cheeky, especially on the heels of another embarrassing loss, but upon further reflection he might have been dead serious…let’s face it, the Grinch who stole soccer has done so many asinine things in the past several years that anything is possible…just think for a minute about all the things this smug and arrogant man has done in recent years that fly in the face of common sense, whether it’s his constant playing of players out of position, his seemingly inexplicable tactics against top teams, his constant remarks about who he could’ve signed for next to nothing but didn’t and they all came good with other clubs, his total misreading of the transfer market time and time again, his late window panic buys, his total disdain for the fans of this club, his ridiculous mishandling of player contracts, the selfish manner in which he handled his own contract situation last season, his inability to incorporate former stars into the fold, his total disrespect for officials thereby insuring future issues on the field of play and, last but not least, his inability to work a goddamn zipper…how is it possible that this man is still in charge of OUR club…the only possible explanation is that this team stopped being a soccer club when they moved from the Highbury and it was at this point Wenger made a deal with the mustachioed Devil making him the chief moneymaking officer of our once proud club so long as he never asked Silent Sam to spend his own money

  6. I would go with the team suggested in the article for now. It might not be the best Arsenal team ever, but I think it would be a good team for the next Arsenal manager to work with, hopefully next summer at the latest.

    That many signings are unlikely though… if Im honest Ill be surprised if Wenger manages more than one before the window closes.

    Yes Wenger is a bigger problem, yes Kroenke and the rest of the management team are the root source of the problems, but neither of them is likely to be changed quickly, whereas something can be done about the players at the moment.

  7. That your line up gonna get whopped silly. Lemar at Lwb…..u still not learnt?
    I’m actually beginning to hate the 3-4-3 formation as it doesn’t suit our players. Bellerin is useless in it, ozil too. Walcott, although useless in some opinion, hit 19 goals last season and is useless in it also, Sanchez also not thriving in it. It only helped two players ox (who’s leaving) and Xhaka who is churning assists.
    we better revert to our 4-3-2-1

    1. Problem is we were even worse with the 4-2-3-1 formation. Just some of the defeats with that formation: 5-1 x5, 6-0, 8-2, 6-3, and many more. It’s the tactics, and mentality, more than anything that need changing.

  8. With Bellerin now the only out and out RB/RWB (not counting Debuchy), its high time to snatch Aurier (an Arsenal fan) up before he ends up somewhere else and becomes 1 one the leagues best RB’s…

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      Word is Aurier is being signed by Spurs.

  9. That has to be the worst starting 11 i have ever seen. Carvalho is slower than xhaka. Lemar a lwb wow. Lacazette on the wing.Are you wenger in disguise?

    1. Actually, Lacazette can play on the wing. He was a winger when he first went to Lyon. Then he later switched to striker. Just like Henry.

      But I would play Lacazette as lone striker and keep Giroud on bench as SuperSub

      Lemar’s best position is LW but he can also play right wing and CAM.

  10. no player bigger than the club, well, any player with ambition to WIN obviously not included.

    Time to jump ship is on.
    bye Sanchez
    bye ozil
    bye ox

    hello mid table.

    my only worry is if wenger panic buys and we end up with some more dross.

    Anyone that even thought for a second we were going to challenge clearly hasn’t learnt anything from the last decade.

    Stagnant from top to bottom. Arsenal’s “style” appears to be no defence all attack but without anyone able to score.

    Liverpool hammered us at our own game.

    Mediocre and becoming a boring never ending joke.


    Arsenal to sign the 5 new top quality players you’ve listed before the window closes on Thursday this week? Sorry, no chance. That’s won’t happen and you know that too. My hopes are if Arsenal sell Mustafi or loan him out, they will sign Virgil van Dijk to replace him. And my other hope to see Arsenal sign Lemar despite Le Prof saying any deal by Arsenal to sign him this summer is dead, well, it looks to be truly dead now with even the reported latest Liverpool bid of £64.4m to sign him has been rejected. And we all know Arsenal will never submit such amount of huge money as bidding to sign Lemar. So, the deal to sign Lemar by Arsenal is dead this summer. Mahrez? NO! For me, he’s not a top scorer of many goals just just a few like Welbeck.

  12. a football team is first and foremost a team and at the moment arsenal are not playing as a team. No realistic signings are going to make any difference. This season is a case of damage limitation. Best to sell the players whose contracts expire this year. Sell the peripheral players. Promote those youngsters who are ready for the first team. Bank the money and make it available to the new manager, hopefully at the end of this season.

    We can then hope that Kroenke sells up to someone who cares about the club, not asset strippers or glory hunters buying the club with borrowed money using the club as security against the loan. I suppose dangote would fit the bill but he is too busy building an oil refinery.

  13. To add insult to injury, Wenger’s now come out and said he almost signed MBappe last year, but didn’t, because he was unproven. Since precisely WHEN, has that stopped him in the past? Has it passed me by that Sanogo was a guaranteed 35 goals a year man? If only this waste of oxygen, Kroenke, would go, the whole WEnger situation would be sorted out by somebody who actually cares about the club. Now we seem dangerously close to the edge, and the only option seems to be to invest, maybe he will sell? I’d like him committed, just not to our club.

  14. Ospina
    Bellerin Koscielny vDijk Kolasinac
    Wilshere Krychowiak/Coquelin
    Iwobi/Welbeck Ozil Draxler

    ? Chambers Holding/Mertesacker Monreal
    Ransey Xhaka/El Neny
    Walcott/Cambell Iwobi Nelson

    Realistic option without sensing to kuch money doe players who are available (maybe also aurier as rb)

  15. nothing wenger does from now till Thursday would make any difference, sure he might pull an ozil and sign an unwanted player from a big team just to calm the tension, but that will be papering the cracks cus our problem goes deeper than draxler or seri can fix even wenger does not the depth of our problem. and given that his last few transfers hasn’t been convincing why bother. I rather we just start from scratch by selling over one that ones to go and playing with the ones left am sure they can’t do worse than this….Menh we really need to come up with a plan to oust this deluded, sad, pathetic man with nothing to live for, other than the joy of constantly reminding us how pride and lust for power can drive someone crazy.

  16. This is already a lost year, and if Wenger stays next year as well. But since he doesnt believe that he will try to keep Sanchez and maybe do a panic buy.

    The board should fire him immediately, sell Ozil and Sanchez and who ever else has a decent offer right away. Promote as many of the youth players as possible and start a rebuild.

    We can not compete until Stan sells and someone who is willing to spend money buys the club, until them I would rather have a young and hungry squad like Spurs then have mediocre players who dont want to be here.

  17. I haven’t read everyone’s comments on here but a few feel the same as I do. A couple of signings are not going change us as a team. The change needed is board level and arsene has to leave.
    I never thought I’d hear known, Henry and Ian Wright speak with such scathing words towards Wenger.
    His decisions for sqaud selection against pool just suggest he’s lost the plot!
    Alex gone to Chelsea he needed to go but watch him tear it up and come alive at another club,(providing he gets regular game time).
    Going to be weird seeing him in a blue Chelsea shirt!
    Sanchez laughing on the bench again, ozil rumours to bvb, mustafi going?
    We are doomed how he he’ll do we get out of this?
    Cech apparently ripped the players apart after the game but why did Wenger not do this?

    One thing I can’t get over is why bellerin was played on the left again with kolasinac on the bench and why we chose to leave bellerin as the only defender back again from the corner, delay vu groundhog day!
    Lastly did you see the clip of Ramsey and ox wandering around talking to the bench whilst the game was underway! Wtf I couldn’t believe it.
    The 2 players I felt for that day cech and poor Rob Holding.

    What a bloody mess. I say Wenger steps down and we give per mert the managers job whilst we urgently seeking another full time manager.
    Anyone who knows football could do a better job than AW as the players don’t want to play for him anymore.

  18. Be ruthless in the market?
    Gary neville said I’d sell them all!
    I agree almost but whilst wengers in charge and he remains with his ‘more than 2 signings effects our team balance’ then no chance.
    For goodness sake we can’t even give away a previous French international in debuchy to Brighton. I thought wenget went to business school!

  19. For all arsenal fans who have never visited this site, arsenal untold, pls u need to check it out ASAP u will see all the guys who are holding this club back, there are actually arsenal fans there who think Wenger isn’t to blame for our failures but it’s a conspiracy of the media and referees to bring arsenal down lmao my God.
    A fan there said we shouldn’t​ criticize Wenger for picking that line up as none of us have coached a team b4, he knows what’s best for the team, and the players didn’t perform cos they might have had some personal issues at home b4 the match a person with a brain is saying all this,
    Thier greatest line is to label all fans who question Wenger as “plastic or fake fans” so we all should just follow blindly and judge him by may, 13 different May’s have passed and this old goat hasn’t changed .

    1. Wenger despises the supporters and has said so himself. How can Arsenal have a manager who hates the supporters. It doesn’t make sense. He can’t be manager or he will sabotage the club.

  20. the way we are playing what makes ppl think draxler would be interested, anyone? hope im wrong but in order to attract quality you must show quality and by that i mean you need to perform better than your rivals do in your domestic league. i can’t see where we still have that kind of appeal. at least not yet but id like to see this situation change.

  21. @anko
    Did you not see mane score a hatrick for Southampton in about 2 minutes total?
    Klopp didn’t make him what he is he’s always had the skills pace etc and now he has better players around him to make him look better still.
    What klopp has done is encourage and motivate through his own enthusiasm. That must be infectious passion throughout the club and fans.
    In contrast I remeber Wenger rubbing sanchezs hair like you would a little boy after we won the fa cup, big cringe moment 🙁

  22. Liverpool will probably bid on Lemar and Van Dijk. Think they will make £60 million bid on Lemar.
    Liverpool are also interested in Draxler
    Chelsea may get Mahrez
    West Ham are interested in Carvalho

    It would be embarrassing and shameful if Liverpool get Lemar after Wenger tried all summer to get him (Lemar even agreed terms with us and we still couldn’t get him)

    Seri would come to us from Nice but Wenger probably prefers Brozovic or happy with what we got. Even if Wenger tried to get Seri Wenger would screw it up.

    Mahrez, Lemar and Seri have all said that they would come here. What did Wenger say last year… If a player knocks on my door, I will open it… Or something like that. Wenger is full of it.

    Chelsea, Liverpool, even West Ham have more ambition than Wenger/Kroenke. Wenger has made us a laughing stock

  23. If Wenger gets your first choice players it would be great. Trouble is according to an Arsenal employee there is not a wide enough legal group who can seal signing many players in a short time. United, City and Chelsea have large scale legal resources. We cannot do it. Arsenal are archaic. The most important player we could get is William Carvalho. The only chance we have of organising the defence. Mahrez I’m praying for along with Jean Seri.With these three players, Chamberlain, Mustafi can go. Even Alexis. Why would he stay as Wenger is a maniac. Keep Chambers. He can play well in the center and right back. We all know Wenger will out in a few weeks. May you do well in your new job.

  24. I think Arsene thought by buying Lacazette & Kolasinac it would get all the ‘Wenger out’ fans off his back! I can’t see them buying anyone else before the window shuts. He thinks the squad we have is able to compete with the big boys! So we’re in for yet another season of disappointment & thrashing ☹

  25. I just feel Arsene Wenger is still trying so hard to convince the footballing world that money is destroying the beautiful game. And he might be right, but in this race, while we’re just servicing our engines regularly, adding an air intake or maybe purchasing a small turbo charger – other teams are buying Bugatti Chirons, and Pagani Zondas. Yes it seem unfair but the world is moving forward and things are changing. You have to change with it – even if it means spending 150mil on a one player.

  26. I doubt you could get that many players on fifa lol but being realistic, I’d say from your choices, that if we could get 1. Of Mahrez or Lemar, 1 of Seri or. Carvalho, and then, VVD that would be a very successful transfer window but it will not be happening with Wenger and /or the current board in charge.
    (Key pad is messed up sorry lol)

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