The players that Arsenal NEED to sign NOW

Arsenal Must Mass Clear Average Players and Sign World Class Now! by Nikko

When Arsene Wenger arrived at Arsenal, good football arrived. It was not just positive football but also trophies and for the first time Arsenal become a regular competitor at the highest level in England and Europe.

His first few years in charge it took Wenger just a few years to put together a world class side that was fearful for any team across the world. What caught everyone napping was his eyes for talent. It was not just with young players but also players who had been seen as not doing very well. Wenger could take a player for what he had seen in that player that everyone had not seen and making them perform at the highest levels of their talent. Until Wenger happened, players like Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Kolo Toure, Sol Campbell, Lauren, Ashley Cole, Clichy etc were never going to amount to much.

The trick was that Wenger put together a scouting/spy department that was active in not just watching players play but studying them intensely. The scouting did lots of good work following the identified player’s strengths, those that they are playing with and the potentials that the players and their handlers may not have seen yet. The sheer number of players who would have played for Arsenal at some point in their careers makes this case. And if we start naming them the list will never end.

However, this super spy trick has been breached by clubs that have for a long time watched in the sidelines and studied the Arsenal model and started their own home grown models. Most of these have been due to lots of money that some clubs have been able to invest. It coincidentally happens that Arsenal took the decision to build from the scratch a new state of the art stadium and training facilities. The effect is that while Arsenal’s own model was being replicated across Europe, Arsenal themselves could not continue to benefit from their super spy set-up which meant that you identify the players, move with goodies the other side cannot refuse and sign them quickly.

Arsenal did not have the money to compete for signatures of players. The nett effect is that Arsenal ended up with lots of average players who we have tried to develop into world class but often, the process requires much more patience, lots of misses happen in there and very few end up in the top tier. Often, a good number of our players remain with one bad trait – inconsistency. A lot of times we declare players world class at a tender age and end up having to suffer the inconsistency mood swing and terrible injury risks. It simply is that we made a decision to shop at the second level and try to develop these into world class.

In Arsenal’s squad today we have lots of these type of players. Fortunately we can now shop at the best stores if we want. Unfortunately a saying that a chicken tied for a long time will not notice when it is eventually freed of the bondage and will take too long to realize the string is no longer there. Arsenal seems not to have realized that the string is no longer there. Here are my thoughts of players that must be cleared out and new world class signings brought in.

Defense: get rid of Mertesacker and Gibbs – Mertesacker has done his bit but now needs to move to mid table premiership side and Gibbs needs the same move to develop his talent off the top team pressure that causes him injuries every few games.

Midfield: get rid of Wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta, Flamini, and Diaby. I know in this list Ramsey is the most controversial but the Welshman has not managed to return to his best. Perhaps he needs a loan move. Wilshere on the other hand is just not getting where we hoped he would. Or perhaps like he said Wenger refuses to let him trade his potential at the place he feels is his best position – Defensive Midfield.

In attack get rid of: Giroud, Podolski and Welbeck. The sheer opportunities for goal compared to goal conversion we have been looking at since the arrival of Giroud and now Welbeck, betrays one reality, these pair will never be world class.

Who would I sign? The List is about world class buyable players out there.

Defence: For Left Back I would select from this list – Domenico Criscito, Leighton Baines, Filipe Luis, Mattia De Sciglio, David Alaba, Fabio Coentrao

For Centre Backs: Diego Godin, Curtis Davies, Sokratis, Mats Hummels, Mehdi Benatia, Giorgio Chiellini, Ezequiel Garay

For Midfield: Arturo Vidal, Lucas Silva, Clement Grenier, Ezequiel Cirigliano, Ilkay Gundogan, Younes Belhanda, Victor Wanyama, Kevin Strootman, Ganso, Josip Ilicic, Hernanes, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Paul Pogba, Luka Modric, Lars Bender, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Marco Reus

For Strikers: Edison Cavani, Jackson Martinez, Karim Benzema, Alfred Finnbogason, Mario Mandzukic, Paulo Dybala,

Finally, pick (from these and other of similar world class traits that may have been overlooked) and make a new World Class First 11 for Arsenal 2015

Debuchy, Godin, Koscielny, Coentrao,
Walcott ——-Ozil——-Sanchez

I would also sign Jackson Martinez and Paulo Dybala to help Cavani and together with Sanogo (I believe he will come good), Akpom and Afobe…The attackers are great. In my Bench Carzola, Ox, Jenkinson would be a must.

What would be your world class first 11 Arsenal?


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  1. Yes, why not close the club and re-open it again. Fu ck, the amount of dumb people posting articles on this site reaches spectacular levels day by day.

    1. Agreed, stupid article.
      Plus he said “first time Arsenal become a regular competitor at the highest level in England”
      Sorry WHAT???
      So arsenal had never been a competitor at the highest level of English football?
      Even better he said “Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Kolo Toure, Sol Campbell, Lauren, Ashley Cole, Clichy etc were never going to amount to much.”
      That is possibly two of the stupidest things I have read on this site.
      OP you are an idiot!

      1. Come on guys not everything about this article is bad, I mean look its finally given us Arsenal fans something we ALL AGREE ON!!!

        Its an epic fail.

        1. It is indeed. At least we all can stand back in awe and watch the massive fu ck up in our team. But the biggest issue here is the fact that there’s not only one factor at play. People can direct their anger at Wenger and rightly so. But if we’d had a board with a bit of a clue, a board who can actually hold responsible the ones for the fu ckups maybe we wouldn’t be here in the first place. Everything is blow to pieces, from team to Wenger and the board. Not to mentions the disease is spreading across the fan base. And I am not talking about this site. We had a decent start to which we could have built something but we failed with a mediocre game since the opening day. Injuries were just the nail in the coffin.

      2. Let’s just get rid of the whole team, it will cost only $1 billion.
        On the other hand I will admit the team needs improvement.

        Defense : we need 2 ready made defenders. They do not have to be world class.In fact I will happy take sendoros back just to have a defender who can play with anybody unlike mertesacker, who cannot pair with anybody apart from kolcieny.

        Midfielder : VICTOR WANYAMA in, flamini out. We can keep arteta for situations.
        Either wilshere or Ramsey should be sold. There is no need keeping two absolutely inconsistent players. Both lack the ability to control games.

        Attack : Giroud out, Cavani in. I will keep welbeck for the sheer amount of hardwork he puts in. Also his adaptability of filling several roles.

        Youth system. : all youth players should be sent on loan before getting a place in the first team. If they do not cut it on loan, they should not be in an arsenal shirt.

        1. Wanyama will go for a big price tag. Same with Schneiderlin because they know how bad we miss a DM. For that price you can go and buy Sergio Busquets even if you pay more wage. However, don’t forget the DMs come out of nowhere (who heard about Wanyama or Kongdogbia before they moved in EPL respectively Ligue 1). There may be already a gem in the making somewhere not costing an arm and a leg. We just need to pay more salary so that we can lure the top players.
          And I totally disagree with Cavani in and Giroud out. Cavani is just a flop at PSG and for Uruguay since the day he left Napoli. Nothing will change if he will join Arsenal.
          Flamini will leave anyway (or take the bench) so there’s no issue. I also think Arteta can leave in the summer but it depends who is going to be in charge by then.

          1. yeah, we will have to pay top dollar for a dm and even a cb, but Wenger dug that hole. He can choose to climb out of it or just continue to see his way to the bottom of it. If we are looking for a gem(unproven player) in the making then we may already have one in Chambers at dm. I don’t know if i agree with it, but it’s a thought. We could sign an experienced dm, use chambers as a back up dm/cb until proven(that missed header 😐 ), jenkinson will be back, and if we are all lucky sign another cb. I don’t know what the club will do, but i doubt it will be two signings.

    2. i wish we could sell fans too so we can get rid of those ones like the writer of this article to MU, Chelsea. LOL, get rid Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs? Does he even know who are core players in our team and home grown? They may not be worldclass now but they will be the most loyal players and have great future ahead. You wish for Henry, Pires, Kolo Toure, Lauren, Ashley Cole, Clichy, who were they when they came in?
      You can make any wish list you want, believe me, you can’t even buy 50% of them in a Football manager game

  2. I like your list for players in and out except for Welback and Gibbs (I know that’s will never happen at least in Wenger era) …
    I think Welback is a good asset and adds more attacking options, he is tall and can disrupt the defense by his astonishing sprint, and also has fair dribbling skills …
    You must put Wenger in your out list in order to have it all done …

  3. Signings we need to make is One defender in Jan– Hummels.
    In summer-Jenkinson back
    DM- Song and Morgan Schliridine
    center forward- Gonzalo Huigine.
    Jack should go for loan. Ramsey is needed as back up player

    Players need to be sold.. Arteta, Polodski, Flammini.
    We can not go for a complete overhauls as players needs time to integrate

  4. I am no writer but what did I just read!!! haaha

    The writer is on point on letting go of some players but the person I would really like to see leave Arsenal 1st is Wenger, his responsible for assembling this team and the way there playing.

  5. According to this writer, we may as well go for Messi, Ronaldo and Robben at this rate. Delete this article, pure embarrassment by just posting this.

  6. This article is just plain stupid. Once I got to the bit about selling half the midfield, I stopped reading. WTF is this?

  7. oh my,is the author being sacastic with his in and out or is he serious ???? rofl@budd,damn true.welbeck,wilshere,ramsey and the likes are genuinely talented players and will be a mistake on wenger’s part to sell them.only problem is some of em are too injury prone to make a career out of football…

  8. Wow, why not change the team name too while we are at it?

    One of the most ridiculous articles I’ve read this year… I have a feeling Hafiz wrote this article!
    Sign Cavanni, Dybala and Martinez… That’s over 100 million just on strikers…
    Can we please have some more realistic articles please…

    1. Change the colour.
      Too many clubs play in red or blue.
      Make the away strip our home colour
      and our home colour our alternate strip.

  9. Maybe we can exploit a glitch from EA’s lazy programing and buff our players up to “Has potential to be special”. If we buy and sell enough we will definitely have Messie by 2017. Unfortunately Ronaldo won’t be worth buy because he is over thirty and he will drop into the low 80s. Such is life.

  10. Look guys the author’s got a point. Too many of our players are average and we should try to clear them out, realistically within a few windows. Players like mertesacker, ramsey, arteta, welbeck, giroud are average at best and we know it.

    As for signing world class players, theres no reason why we cant sign 2 or 3 of them in 1 window. If we really want to win the ucl or epl (like wenger claims), we need to act like a big club and get real proven quality. The fact that ppl here are sneering at the list just goes to show how much our expectations and mentality have dropped after years of mediocrity

    1. totally agree…

      Utd won many title with many world class players in their team…

      Nani, Valencia, Rafeal, Carrick, Fletcher, Young, Evans, Bebe, Rooney, Welbeck, Evra….etc….

      Everyone is world classs in their team….

      1. right….nani, young, fletcher, evans, bebe and welbeck werent starters in their title winning squads. Carrick was actually quite impressive in their last title win. Rooney, was, and arguably still is, a world class player, at least in my books. U also forgot to mention that they had world class players like rvp, vidic, ferdinand, van der sar in their title winning squad. And oh, they had ferguson, while we had wenger. Thats a hell of a difference.

  11. Sell.
    Podolski 10 mill
    Mertz 10 mill
    Wilshere 20 mill
    Walcott 20 mill
    Giroud 15 mill
    Cazorla 9 mill
    Campbell 7 mill
    91 mill total.
    release Sanogo Ryo Diaby Rosicky Arteta Flamini

    Szcz Forster 5m Macey
    Debuchy Jenkinson Bellerin
    Gibbs Monreal Coquelin
    Kos Schar 10 m Hayden Reid 10 m
    Wanyama 12 mill Chambers Schneiderlin 15 m
    Ramsey Zelalem Barclay 25 m Ozil Gnabry Draxler 23 mill
    Chamberlain. Sanchez. Maitland-Niles
    Akpom Afobe Wellbeck.
    100 mill. – 91 mill (sales) = 9 mill net
    25 man squad.
    13 British
    12 Overseas.
    Manager Michael Laudrup.

    1. That is actually quite a balanced squad, would keep Walcott to see if his fitness held out, see how Campbell went with some game time or a loan and get shot of Monreal.
      Interesting fact on Laudrup; when he managed Swansea some of players said when he too to the training pitch he was the best player there, just didn’t have the wind any more, class is permanent…

  12. Why can’t we buy a strong DM and play two CAMs?…against lesser sides..this will improve us going forward..playing Alexis alongside ozil as the two CAMs.
    Debuchy Chambers Kosc Gibbs
    Walcott The ox
    Ozil Alexis
    This would be very effective against less physical sides and we can add wilshere or Ramsey alongside wanyama for physical sides….what do you think?..

  13. I don’t want Song. We can get a lot better. In hindsight he would’ve been a good asset (I believe he’s on loan!) but that train already passed. That Krychowiak lad looks like the real deal. But doesn’t look like Sevilla would sell, they are fighting for the CL spot.

    I don’t think any BVB player is available in January.. Hummels at least not, he was just made the captain – no way he leave the sinking ship in January. However Schär will probably move, he’s a free agent in the summer.

    We should definitely get a promising striker.. Giroud or Welbeck, they are both 2nd choice quality and not good enough to be our starters. Lacazette who I vouched for last year is killing it in Ligue 1. 13 goals in 17 league games, also 5 assists. Extremely promising, second profilic season ongoing with him. Paco Alcacer is someone very interesting as well.

  14. Anyone know who this utter twat Nikko is writing quite the most rediculous article I have ever read? Surely someone must be moderating these articles before they are published? Apart from his quite idiotic suggestions regarding selling and buying (8 year old in a sweet shop comes to mind) he needs to get his facts straight as well. Many more of these stupid articles and this site will add to making Arsenal a laughing stock. Mind you the disgusting antics of so called Fans at the station after the Stoke game has certainly done that.!!

  15. If your writing doesn’t make enough people mad and other excited you should never have written. It becomes ridiculous if it does not agree with you view??? Write yours to counter this.

    Ok – Clearly no one disputes the line up up above would be world class…A lot of us do not realize that we have 2 windows in 2015…So this line up can be achievable in the summer after some work in the winter transfer. The other thing is that it must not be just these players i have chosen…equally good players can be found around the planet. As it stands 6 Players out of 11 are already in place. 3 Can be secured in January – Cavani, Someone in Central Midfield (Now that Wilshere is injured) and a central defender…That leaves two for Summer!!!! this is closer than some of you actually think…in football you sell as you buy and therefore you could easily just spend 100 million because in your kitty you brought in another 100M from sales…

  16. Pretty ridiculous post.

    Firstly, how does Cazorla stay in and Ramsey doesn’t? Cazorla has been so bad for about a year.

    Secondly, Wenger is the one that needs to go.

    Yes admittedly we do need a clear out but what world are you living in? Get rid of the entire squad and buy every world class player? That’s not how football works.

    We need and have needed for seasons now a defensive midfielder (like song)
    A strong defender
    And a decent goalkeeper.
    In an ideal world we would get a new forward too but this isn’t an ideal world.

    My out the door list would be

    And of course Wenger who has caused all of this. The man is accountable to no one.

    Our team needs some real spine, a strong central defender, coupled with a real midfield enforcer.

  17. For starters I wouldn’t sell Arteta. I will buy a strong combative DM then move Arteta up field to number 8 (for just a season). l tell ya hat mid will be shut and locked for real.

  18. the author just paused fifa15 or pes and wrote an article 🙂 he is right about bellanda , he is great in pes :PP

  19. This srticle is total and utter lunacy, fifa player alert! The hilarious thing is you’ve left schez in the side who for me would be one of the first postions I’d try and shore up. Are you Daniel levy?

  20. Ridiculous list of players we can “sign”. Get us a new CB or two, one powerful DM, maybe a top class ST. And get rid of deadwood, Flamini, arteta, and potentialy Podolski & cazorla who are probably going to leave this summer. Let’s get in behind the team, Sczesny, Debuchy, Bossielny, Walcott all coming back in the squad in the coming days/weeks, we’ll look much stronger with them on our side.
    A team made of :
    Debu – Mert – Boss – Gibbs
    Walcott – Giroud – Sanchez

    Is very much deadly, not even talking about our subs, when our team finaly starts playing theres no way back 🙂

  21. When I first started watching The Gunners (Moses played for Chelsea, I think) all the players were from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Not that I`m opposed to importing players, providing they come from South America. lol For the uninitiated the Moses I refer to is biblical.

  22. SCZESNY-
    jenkinson -mert – Gibbs

    jack- rambo
    Think my sleeping pill kicked in earlyYyYzZzZzZzZzz

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