Arsenal need to conclude their transfer business before the start of Euro 2020

It will be a huge benefit for Arsenal if they complete their transfer business early.

This summer will be one of the shortest in terms of being able to do sensible transfer business because of the 2020 European Championship taking place.

The Euros kick off on the 12th June and the transfer window opens up two days earlier, though nothing becomes official until July 1st. But it does mean that transfers can be agreed and signed before Euro 2020 kicks off.

Most teams wait for the European champions to be over before making their moves for players, however, others have been scouting for their players for a long time and will complete their signings before the competition kicks off.

As an example, Liverpool signed Fabinho in the summer of 2018 about 48 hours after they lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

Mikel Arteta hasn’t discussed the players he will be signing when the next transfer window opens but I hope he plans to finish his business before Euro 2020 and here is why I think so.

Firstly, I believe that allowing your transfer plans to wait until after the Euros could alter your plans as new players may emerge from the competition.

I also think that players’ prices would skyrocket when the competition ends and that could see the Gunners get priced out of a move for their targets.

I also think that signing players early in the summer would help the new players settle before the season begins and aid their acclimatization process.

If Arsenal’s transfer business is done early next summer, it would be beneficial to both the Gunners and their new players.

Of course, some players may want to wait until after the tournament, that is why it is imperative that discussions begin much earlier so that will not happen. Better to know a player’s intentions sooner rather than later.

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  1. “Mikel Arteta hasn’t discussed the players he intends signing when the transfer window opens……”. Do you really think he’s that much of a fool that he would go around bleating about who he is going after? PLEASE! Who does that? Klopp? Guardiola? Mourinho? Sensible comment always appreciated but not this.

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