Arsenal need to ensure that Martinelli stays grounded and be ambitious

Gabriel Martinelli should be humble while enjoying all the accolades.

Ten men Arsenal playing against a complete Chelsea team, just less than some minutes to the end of the first half, was not the ideal position every Arsenal fan hoped for. Before the game commenced, there was some positivity in the minds of Arsenal fans who felt Arsenal could get a result against the blues. However, after Arsenal was reduced to ten men, a lot of us felt this was going to amount to a whitewash from Chelsea; however, the Arsenal players on the pitch had different ideas.

In all honesty, Chelsea never made their one man advantage count, as we were not really under serious pressure of conceding a goal from them. Apart from the few times Abraham (that guy again!) and Hudson – Odoi attempted our goal posts, we were never in danger of conceding goals. Bernd Leno was also on fire; his several saves, was all that was needed to still give us a fighting chance.

But just as the game was starting to look like it was going to end with a one goal loss to Chelsea, Martinelli, our Brazillian wonder kid, stepped up his game. Arsenal won the ball back after a Chelsea corner, Martinelli was given the ball, he ran the full length of the pitch, and before anybody knew what was happening, Chelsea had conceded an equalizer and the game had just become interesting.

The game, as we all know, ended 2-2. The team did well enough not to lose to Chelsea; however, one player who has been enjoying all the accolades since is Gabriel Martinelli.

According to the Daily Mail, Gabriel’s performance against Chelsea impressed three former footballers, who believe Martinelli has all it takes to make an impact in this Arsenal team. The three ex footballers, Martin Keown, Joe Cole and Rio Ferdinand, are sport pundits, and their views about Martinelli were aired while they were analyzing the Chelsea versus Arsenal game, for BT sports.

This is what the Daily Mail reported Keown as saying: “That young man, he has the club in the palm of his hands. He can take it wherever he wants. He was the youngest player on the pitch out there for Arsenal and he showed the experienced players how it was done.

“I was here in ’99 when Kanu scored three goals and that looked dead and buried tonight when they were 1-0 down. He really is absolutely outstanding. He was certain he was going to put it away (his goal). His instinct for goal, his movement off the ball, show me another 18-year-old in Europe doing this? Manchester United had him on trial and didn’t take him… that raises questions.”

For Joe Cole, this is what he said “you feel like this could galvanize the whole club, the spirit was unbelievable,’ he added.”Massive, massive player for Arsenal and I have seen him twice now, great player.

‘I think Arteta has something in his team. I think he gets them back in, shows them Martinelli’s movement, and say this is the standard for Arsenal Football Club.

‘I still don’t think they are capable of getting in the Champions League, that’s gone, but they need to build for the future. The new Arsenal.”

Rio Ferdinand said this: “Brings kids down here and get them to watch someone like him,’

‘He is showing that desire that other young kids, you need to see that. You play where you can get in the team then you show your quality. It is refreshing.”

It is actually a good thing that we have Martinelli at Arsenal for now, but while he is busy dishing out world class performances, he needs to keep his feet on the ground and not let the accolades go to his head. I would advise the Brazilian to keep his head down, be humble and dedicated to making a name for himself in football. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Sue says:

    He had trials with Barca and the Mancs!! Now he’s linked with Liverpool – well they can sod right off! (Come on Wolves 🙏)

    1. Shakir says:

      Tonight they are going down.
      Cmon WOLVES👊

  2. stevo says:

    Unless he is Ronaldo or Messi football will ground him.
    Teams will double/triple team him. They will tackle him hard. He will get injured.
    He will be rushed into the International set up.The expectations will be enormous.
    Travel travel and more travel. He will be over played.
    He will receive a lot of money He will be surrounded by hangers on.
    He may yet be a one season wonder or win the ballon d’or 5 times…
    Nothing any one can do about it.

    1. Nifty says:

      What’s your point?

    2. Bora Milutinovic says:

      Why can’t all these you mentioned stop Mbappe performance?
      Martinelli is marked for greatness!

  3. Shakir says:

    As much as MA has improved arsenal defensively and mentally,he should start now to concentrate more on the offensive side of the game.

    (Via sofascore) pepe lost possession 21 times and all his attempted 7 crosses failed in the chelsea game.It also shows the fact that MA focused the attack on the left lank.But i would like him to be neutral,rather than having pepe dictate play on right flank i would like bellerin to overlap,it also gives the chance for ozil to remain in his 10 position than drifting wide or dropping deep to help pepe.A bit like man city.Now as he has bellerin,a natural full back i hope he does it.

    1. Ayo says:

      I also think ozil always, maybe outinstinct or habit, drift to the right instead of trying to dictate play and all over the pitch.

  4. Shinodakc says:

    I love that kid. He’s everything you want in a footballer. I hope MA handles him well & I hope he can look up to CR7 & Messi & not Neymar. He’s got all it takes to be a football superstar. I’ve seen many like him who lost focus when the money, fame & big clubs came knocking.

    Dear Martinelli, if you can read this, I’m your biggest fan & I only wish that you can stay humble, focussed & work hard. Don’t be distracted when the likes of Barca & Madrid come knocking. Be the best you can at Arsenal & give everything you can when you’re here & the fans will love you even when you decide to leave.
    From your biggest fan Shinoda.

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