Arsenal need to find their team spirit to start winning again

There is no I in team!


This season has been the worst by far for Arsenal in my lifetime and anyone who is anyone can see that, players, fans of the club and just general football fans.


The pandemic has played a part of course there is no doubt about that, and each team has been struggling this season, yet most of them have managed to get the wins they need by working as a team.


And at times this season it has been clear to see that when Arsenal step out on to the pitch there haven’t been any clear tactics or knowledge on what to do, and they have relied on single players in the team at times to get them over the line.


Like relying on Aubameyang for goals when others were struggling, or relying on the likes of the youngsters, Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith-Rowe to help create something and get the goals and wins that we need.


We have never been a one-man team, and we don’t need to be a one-man team. We have enough talent, team spirit and enough togetherness, to be able to work as a team and show the performances we know we are capable of to get the wins week in week out.


If the boys and Arteta can use the tactics and performances from the game against Sheffield United on the weekend and all of the other wins in the season, put them together and use it in all games going forward, then it would be in my eyes the perfect platform moving forward to get us to the top.


If all of those wins have something in common it is the fact that the team actually worked as a team, showed strength, character and passion to get those wins.


Ultimately Arsenal HAVE to show that they are a TEAM!


Every time they step on to the pitch they need to work as a team and not just use their assigned roles, but they all need to defend, create and attack as if their lives depended on it, and then and maybe then they will get back up to where they belong! Heres hoping hey Gooners?


Shenel Osman


  1. Top 4.
    City Man U Chelsea Liverpool
    Arsenal Spurs Leicester
    Everton Westham.
    Wolves Leeds Palace Villa.
    So right now Arsenal is 4/5 places below our squad ranking.
    Two seasons in a row.
    But we have a soft run of games to finish off the PL season and could reach 61 points and 7th place.
    Still below expectations though.
    Enough to sack Arteta?
    No not a chance.
    EL remains the real game changer.

  2. We have never been a one-man team Big statement Big lie

    Aubameyang last 2 seasons
    Sanchez before that
    Van persie his last season

    1. You old rocker Sue! Must confess to being partial myself to that song and “Come As You Are” though…

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