Arsenal need to focus on bouncing back – again!

This has been a whirlwind season so far, not just for Arsenal but for all the so-called top clubs. But obviously we are only worried about our own club. We have our usual massive injury list but we should still have won yesterday’s game against West Brom. Although Theo Walcott has only scored twice this season, we seem to forget where the opponents goal is when he’s not playing and EVERYONE misses sitters.

But surely that must swing back in our favour again soon, as we seem to be lurching from the sublime to the ridiculous, week by week. Matthieu Flamini came on as third choice DM in the match, or our only DM now in fact, and he thinks it was just one of those days and we need to forget it as soon as possible.

“The penalty, it can happen and Santi falling… there is nothing you can do,” Flamini said on the official Arsenal website. “We tried and tried and tried until the last minute but we can’t give any excuses – today we lost the three points.

“It’s a shame because we started the game well, we went 1-0 up and then after they scored [twice] before half time it became more difficult for us.

“We tried to push on in the second half, we had some opportunities but of course it is disappointing because we didn’t get any points.

“Sometimes it happens and now it is important to recover and focus on the next game.”

Yes we can only wallow in our misery for another few days as we need to prepare quickly for our vital Champions League night on Tuesday. Flamini will be an important part of that game I think…..

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  1. Hardluck guys we surely can bounce back anf flamini will do the job
    Heard som rumors about ibra wanting to join us next summer what do you think about it?!

    1. His 34 and will be clubless in the summer!
      Which means he will be available for FREE! (Wenger smiles)
      No doubt he will be demand high wages!

  2. Just when I was enjoying the break from the frequent chants of ” We can bounce back” rally cry’s! ?

  3. We can bounce back against norwich which look a definite 3points, but what i have learnt in the premeireship dont take any team for push overs because on their day they can hurt you! So we must dig deep and not be complacent!

  4. Arsene Wenger confirmed that Coquelin has a serious problem, and rumours are getting louder that the midfielder will be out for three months.

    Wenger is set to address the situation in public on MOnday at his press conference before this weeke’s Champions League tie with Zagreb at the Emirates.


    1. Thank you Mr Wenger for not getting us a central defensive midfielder, who we have been looking for since Song departed (and he wasn’t actually even playing like CDM).

      Thank you Mr Wenger for keeping old pensioners like Arteta as our cover, who single-handedly are able to lose 3 points for us.

      I am quite certain you alone in the whole wide world were the only one who could believe Coquelin could play +50 games this season. Again, thank you.

  5. I’m an arsenal fan and I’ve been following this site for a while now… Pls this is my opinion about what I think arsenal need to do…. We have the form and players but we lack squad depth and we need to offload some players e.g. Per mertersacker, arterta, rosisky, and flamini and the west brom match has proven that coquelin is no machine he’s human so he needs a good support, one who can represent him in the midfield plus we also need a winger and another proven striker to also support giroud too. If wenger can do all this then we would definitely win the epl title .. Cos as it stands right now.. We can only lose this tltle cos of injuries and fatigued players plus there is no competition except things get critical which is very bad but no matter how bad we will always be gunners for life. Tnx

  6. We’re doomed captain, we’re doomed (in a Scottish accent of course)

    If anyone does’nt get it I will explain later. . . . .

  7. In my view, and I voiced it several times on this website, during and after the transfer window, backup for Coquelin was the major weak point, and the position that needed to be filled ahead of strikers etc. I know the majority of fans thought this, and given that most of us don’t earn 1% of what Mr Wenger does, I think we are entitled to an explanation of why he couldn’t see something that everyone else in the world could.

    I’ve noticed that he has improved his management of games from the touchline this season, but it is just not acceptable that we don’t have backup for such a vital position if we are looking to challenge for major titles.

    It has been known for some time, that Arteta can’t do this job on his own – it’s not his fault, age catches up with us all, and he has served Arsenal well in the past, but if AW cannot see, how the loss of Coquelin and the introduction of Arteta totally turned the game around in their favour, then I suggest he really shouldn’t have the job. Yes SC19 should’ve made a better job of the penalty, and we should’ve had at least a draw, but, and I hate too say this, maybe the loss will hammer it home to Wenger how short sighted and arrogant he has been, if indeed the lack of transfers was his fault, and his hand wasn’t forced by Kroenke.

  8. I cannot believe my eyes. A third of the season gone and Leicester City are top of the premier league. What a league this EPL!
    Next week is a litmus test for Leicester City against Man United. In fact the next 6 games will tell us if Leicester City are genuine underdogs for the title. If by game 19 they are still in the top 4 and within points of the top team, then you can only applaud them.

    As for us, yesterday is just an indication that we are not winning the EPL. Maybe 2nd place because for 2 weeks running now, we have failed to capitalize when we could top the table. This is not a very good sign.

  9. Why are people surprised that once again injuries are hitting us hard and we don’t have any decent back ups in the squad?? Are we not the team with the most injuries and injury prone players in the entire world??

    Considering our previous experiences with injuries, how do you explain not signing a single outfield player?? £200m in the bank, what’s it for??

    1. Collateral for Kroenke’s clubs in America….. (System seemed to put my comment in the next comment, which slightly destroyed the impact)

  10. 6 first team players out? lol only @ arsenal. I hear fans saying do not panic, really?!! This man had all summer to buy 2 OR 3 back up players and offload rosicky, flamini, arteta. Instead he renewed their contract for another year and decorated the bench with a bunch of youngins that couldn’t even play against Sheffield.

  11. Why arent we surprised with the current injurie problems? Same story, same old arsenal. Same old Arsene.

    ”I treat the cub as if it was mine”. Just p***s off or start to spend some f. money.

  12. Dear Mr Grinch of Arsenal Football Club

    Christmas is upon us,
    So you would need to have a list,
    A list of World Class players,
    Ready to cover all this dark mist.
    We need some reinforcements,
    and thats all on you,
    so give us a Happy New Year,
    with a Special Player or two.
    We dont want no excuses,
    Nor any lies,
    Just The Arsenal back,
    Challenging for the Prize.
    Now dont be so miserable,
    And spend whats it ours.
    Thats this money n the bank,
    that will take us back to being the stars!

    Was pretty bored!! ? but We need players badly.

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