Arsenal need to forget Spurs and focus on themselves this weekend

Arsenal need to grab on to fourth and NOT let go!

Will this weekend be the one that we finally take hold of that top four spot? Well only time will tell.

But in recent times, Arsenal haven’t been the best at taking advantage of a result that has gone for them.

Yet maybe, just maybe, as we are coming to the end of the season, now will be the time that Arsenal will step things up and take advantage.

Of course, no one game is the same. We have seen that in most of our games recently. Despite the wins, we have had to work harder than ever to ensure we walked away with all three points, but that we did, and against some top sides as well.

And so, it seems as though the three losses we suffered in a row are somewhat of a distant memory, or will be if we finish fourth, or even third!

Although I feel that now is the time that we really need to step things up and focus on just ourselves – where we get the wins we need to get that all important European spot.

There is no doubt all eyes and ears will be on the Spurs v Liverpool game on Saturday night but regardless of the result Arsenal need to take advantage of whatever does or doesn’t happen and get the all-important wins in their remaining games.

Let’s be honest the best result for us this weekend would be that Spurs lose and Arsenal win, but then again on the day anything is possible and knowing our luck, Spurs will beat Liverpool who could be all played out after their comeback win against Villareal on Tuesday!

However, we have to have hope that both results go our way, and then that will set us up for a perfect North London derby next week.

Heres hoping hey Gooners!

Shenel Osman


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  1. Agreed, we’ve got to fully focus on Leeds

    They will try hard to move away from the relegation zone, so I expect them to put ten men in the back and wait for counter-attack. That kind of scheme would make their defense very hard to break and we don’t have a towering target man to save our arse in the second half

    Liverpool won’t miss the chance to seize the quadruple. But Spuds could surprise them, since Kane would likely want to give his fans a sweet farewell

    1. Gai, Liverpool are aware Man.City are likely going to be down in momentum due to their lose to R. Madrid and could pick a draw in their next game. I think Liverpool will be too much for spuds and will win in Anfield.
      Arsenal should indeed focus and figure out how to beat Leeds. We rarely do well against teams with low blocks and 5 man defence which I guess Leeds we deploy. Anyways let’s hope Holding or Gabriel would help us win aerially again😁

      1. I think Man City are more motivated to win EPL now, since it’s the only trophy they could win this season. They will also play at home against a team that don’t have anything to play for, so I expect a win for Man City

        I agree about Magalhaes. He’s quite productive as a CB

  2. Although the everyone thinks Liverpool will give spurs a good spanking. I do believe that yesterday’s Man City result is just the beginning of madness. I fully expect many upsets and controversies in the next week or so.

    Either of these scenarios I strongly believe will occur:

    1) Liverpool somehow drop points v spurs..this gives spurs the edge and confidence to eventually finish top 4. Man City win the league.

    2) Man City drop points v Newcastle after being unable to recover from last night. Liverpool then win the league.

    3) spurs lose v Liverpool and Arsenal draw v Leeds. Arsenal are then 3 points ahead of spurs but lose the NLD. Spurs finish top four.

  3. There should be no error either on the part of Mike Arteta’s starting Line up or the defence playing the ball forward and backward at their own end of the field. Not even making errors on back passes like Tavares KEEPS REPEATING. Xhaxa should avoid being in the box or around it with hard tackles to cause either dangerous free kicks or worse, Penalties. No giving of balls away to either Leeds midfielders or their attackers. Coach Arteta should caution all his players against giving balls away to opponents for counter attacks. If we keep our half of the field a “no go” zone, then we shall back home three points
    Early goals will give us a
    Psychological advantage over the opponents.
    Our attackers and midfielders should remain Calm, Focused and Quick in decision making. #”One touch, One Pass or One kick.#

    1. Done deal. None of that will happen. We will spank leeds like never before. Top 4 is the ultimate target. No retreat, no surrender. Come on gunners! Let’s do this.

  4. If, as expected, spuds lose to liverpool, and we beat leeds (will be v tough tho), we’ll be going into the NLD 5 pts ahead, meaning a win vs the spuds next thursday will guarantee us CL football with only 2 games left.

    We cannot count on getting results away at newcastle or home to everton on the last day – esp if they are fighting for survival.

  5. Yeah… focus like hell on the next match!!!
    I am confident we’ll pick 6 points from the next two games… GIVING THE SPUDS A HIDING IN THEIR LAIR will be the perfect icing on the cake of our qualification for next season’s CL, and setting the stage nicely for 2022 Saint Totteringham’s Day! Lol…

  6. Yes. I totally agree, this if Spurs lose we will have certain points is totally pointless. Llest focus on our games and will all 4. Then we will be in the CL.

  7. This game is a fat banana skin, I said before it will be trickier than West Ham.

    Am going to say this game will value five points when the dust settles.
    Don’t know why I get the feeling its going to be a very open game.

    Tavares could really do with some well deserved rest from this game, but remember am not the gaffer.

  8. Playing teams in the fight at the top or bottom is not what you want at this stage of the season. It’s more about desire than form or skill levels.

    Those teams who played Newcastle twice early on had an advantage.

    Getting Leeds and Everton along with Newcastle and Spurs as the last 4 games is a very tough run-in. Let’s hope the desire is right up there!

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