Arsenal need to go on a Bender says German star

I don’t think anyone would blame the Arsenal players and Arsene Wenger for having gone out on the lash last night, when they got back to London in a great mood after claiming all three points with a terrific battling performance against Man City. But that is not the sort of Bender I mean.

The German international midfielder Lars Bender used to be the subject of lots of Arsenal transfer rumours and his twin brother Sven, who plays for Borussia Dortmund, has also been linked with us, although to a lesser extent. They both play in the same position, defensive midfield, and that is certainly a position that Arsenal have needed to strengthen, so I wonder why the rumours have largely disappeared.

According to the former Germany international Dietmar Hamann, who used to play that position himself, the transfer talk about Arsenal and one of the Bender twins should not just be a media rumour, it should be the bit of business that Arsene Wenger makes sure of in this January transfer window, according to a Metro report.

Hamaan also reckons that the Borussia Dortmund star Ilkay Gundogan, who we have been heavily linked with in recent Arsenal transfer rumours, is not the right player to fix the Gunners in midfield. He is too much like what we have already and is too keen to get forward, unlike the Bender twins, especially Lars who plays for Bayer Leverkusen.

Hamaan said, “There are players out there, who would instantly make Arsenal a better team.

“They are supposed to be looking at Ilkay Gundogan at Borussia Dortmund. He’s a very good footballer – but he is a typical Arsenal player.

“He won’t want to do the dirty work. His instinct is to join in further up the pitch, get a few forward passes going and try to weigh in with a few goals.

“For me, Arsenal would be much better served going for one of the Bender brothers, especially Lars.”

I agree, even though our own Francis Coquelin is setting down his own marker. And there is a big bonus with Lars, because he has only recently returned from an injury that kept him from featuring in the Champions League for Leverkusen this season, so he would not be cup-tied. Over to you Arsene…

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  1. Maybe in the summer, I think Coquelin clearly deserves to start after his recent performances. Man what a stunning surprise he has become.

    We for sure need a CB more than anything just to provide cover, although as I’ve said before I think it would make sense if we bought 1 player who could do both play as a CB DM and even RB aka Kondogbia.

    1. You spoke sence, thw writer only wants to get hits so obviously they’ll enjoy a contraversal subject and mindless people will disagree with what true fans can see as clear as day.

      For the holding mid role we have Arteta, Flamini and Le Coq, thats 3 players till the end of the season for a single role.

      We have Per, Kos and Chambers for CB, 3 people to cover 2 positions, that just isn’t enough cover for a supposingly TOP team, we need (in my opinion) at least 4 CB we can trust to play that role, Wenger has said he would like 2 players for a role as well…

      When you look at what Wenger has said and use your head then the answer is what you said shah ^.^

    2. Wish every fan on this could discuss something sensible other than getting exited over stupid rumors, this site could really be interesting. There are very few people on here who really try to discuss some football, the worst thing is that they dont even try to discuss how their rumored players would fit, just excitement.

  2. Lars Bender would be pretty perfect and he wouldn’t cost an insane amount. Terrific talent.

    But he has played champions league group games against Monaco and Zenit. Would that mean he couldn’t play for Arsenal in the knockout stages?

    1. dont bring my mom into this convo she knows nothing bout soccer mate ure out of topix oh oh 🙁 🙁 🙁

  3. Naill quinn made a statement saying that arsenal has no warriors and no leaders! Well! What better way to respond to his comments, by “the gunners” humiliating man city at the etihad, doing our talking on pitch and leaving with 3 priceless points! Coyg!

  4. Last time I seen a player so happy to sit back and do his def work was Gilberto Silva, that guy was a legend and he was the unsung hero of our invincibles, he allowed Vieira to bomb forward on attacks… Just like Le Coq allowed Ramsey time to get forward.

    Defencive work isn’t just from a holding CM though and anyone who knows real football and not just football manager will know, it is the CM partnership which allows it to happen and our B2B CM have been not defending as much as they should have been.

    Last year Ramsey was just amazing till he got injured and no-one was saying we despeatly needed a holding CM when compared to pace upfront.

    Ramsey gets injured and when comes back he has been too attack minded and his performances havn’t been as good… and then look at the complaints at holding CM.

    Cazorla was helping in getting back and Ramsey was pulling his weight defencivly and look how we controlled the CM against a team who outdone us in possession.

    The point I am making is that Le Coq can do the job perfectly fine as long as his CM partner doesn’t leave him exposed too often, Vieira never left Gilberto alone to do ALL the def work did he? We defend as a TEAM and getting Bender will not magically make Wilshere and Ramsey grow up, that will come from player development.

  5. im rewatching the game vs city again on arsenal com cuz i dont know when this miraculous victory will happen again 🙁 🙁 🙁

  6. and i really think that those who called giroud was a flop last season should send a personal letter to giroud to apologize we started winning since girouds return this season 🙁 🙁 🙁

  7. You are right, CB is our priority, but adding both DM and CB will be great. Just look at how much of an impact our very own le coq made. #COYG still in the land of yesterday’s win.

  8. Can someone explain why Dortmund have been poor this season ? Gundogan and Bender can’t even keep their team in the top half of the table so we shouldn’t go for them.

    1. The keeper has been terrible and the strikers haven’t adapted well.based on performances they should be 13 but they keep loosing tight games

  9. Priority right now is not a DM, we desperately need a CB to avoid a catastrophe. We have all summer long to replace rosicky/diaby/flamini

  10. After the win at City, Arsenal does
    not need another DM. Coq is doing
    fine + Flamini Chambers Bielik can
    play DM with Arteta back next term.
    Arsenal needs CB cover till the summer.
    At least one CB but 2 is better because Kos
    has a potentially season ending Archilles
    Me thinks wenger will get one CB ( buy or loan) and hope
    Chambers Monreal Hayden+ Bielik can cover.
    With Bellerin Chambers and Debuchi able to play RB
    he may also be thinking of bringing Jenkinson
    back as a CB next term.
    So one CB amd everything will be alright
    even the bank balance.

  11. What Coquelin did yesterday is just what I want from a defensive midfielder. Is Bender better? I’ll still like to see more of Coquelin though especially against Chelsea and Southampton… These two teams have beast midfielders….

    1. Coquelin’s immediate opponent yesterday was David Silva – it wasn’t a face off between him and Fernando or Fernandinho. Similarly, Matic or Wanyama or Schniederlin would not be his concern if we played CFC or Soton – it would be Fabregas, Oscar and Tadic etc. Due to the areas of the pitch these players occupy I doubt whether Matic and FC would have a single contested duel for the entire match?

      1. Chances are coqulan would run past him Matic is the 2nd highest stats for players who get beat in one on ones. He is overrated due to having the desired dm stature

    1. Ah Hafiz, please! You have been killing me the last few days… PLEASE, talk realistically when you use this forum… PLEASE I BEG OF YOU!!!

  12. At the moment Coquelin is better than Wanyama,Schnederlin,Kondogbia and the Bender brothers if you don’t believe me put them up against Mancity’s Fernando,Fernandinho and Silva and see what happens.

  13. We don’t need Bender we have Coquelin unless we want him to replace Arteta/Flamini then he will be deputy to Le Coq.

  14. Coqulan performances means wenger can wait till the summer to get a quality dm now for the cb we need

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