Arsenal need to kick on after this confidence booster

The latest big six win will surely give our club a well-deserved boost! (opinion)

There will be many pundits, fans and just general idiots who will look at our win at Old Trafford and say “well really it was against a Manchester United team that has been rather inconsistent this season and have failed to win at home so far so it is not surprising.”

But the one thing they will fail to do is give Arsenal credit where it is due! But now the question being asked by lots of Arsenal fans I am sure, is where will this win take us and will it propel us into a run that will lead us back nearer to the top of the table where we belong, or is it just another paper over the cracks?

Well there can be a number of responses to this question, in some ways, yes, it probably will just paper over the cracks, and how we respond in our next few fixtures will determine just how much of a paper over it really is, but then again it can be a booster in propelling us back to the top of the table or near abouts where we deserve to be.

Of course any win gives a team confidence, but to win at an away ground, that is somewhere we have failed to win for the last 14 years surely is a big statement and I believe that this big statement will only help in getting us on our way to a number of consecutive and consistent winning performances.

Now let’s not run before we can walk of course.

We know we still have the small issue of creativity and lack of scoring goals, but one of our key players managed to score for the first time in six league games, so as well as being a big confidence booster for our captain, surely the defensive ability we now have and the knowledge that our key players can step up and perform in big games will lead us to believe in our team’s ability and get us the wins we know we have in us.

We have the defensive stability, if we sort out the goalscoring then I believe that we can go on to bigger and better things and I hope the players believe it too. Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. I think Villa’s game is gonna be tricky. Even if they lost form in the last two games, let’s not forget they put 7 past Liverpool.
    I hope we’ll manage to get the goals and the points

  2. Of course consistency is key.only if Arteta will stop tinkering and play the same team or a particular core in many weeks if necessary to ensure fluidity.

  3. I do not see any concrete reason for Arteta not to play the same players that played against Man.U. Only injuries should cause a change to that selection.

    Let’s see a repeat or even better display against Aston Villa with goals then we know that we have found our first 11.

  4. Unlike previous managers, i don’t see this win as ‘papering over the cracks’ at all. Firstly, our away performances this season against Liverpool and City were decent scraps. Yes, we didn’t quite get it right but in both games we were in with a shout right up to the 90th minute. We finally got the performance right against utd and got the result we deserved – finally. So no, I see progress rather than fake horizons.

    Other managers didn’t understand how to get results against big teams away from home. Wenger and Emery often tried to outplay the likes of liverpool and city on their home ground and we would be 2-3 goals down by the hour mark and out of the game.

    Any fan with a half decent understanding of the game knows that this one result doesn’t all of a sudden make us world beaters. We know that getting it right consistently will take time and perhaps a couple more transfer windows. At the same time, a poor result against Villa doesnt highlight cracks that have been ‘papered over’ as the circumstances are completely different. We have to learn to be consistent against teams who will deploy a low block and look to counter (e.g – Leicester) just the same way we have to learn how to churn out results away against the big 6 teams on a consistent basis.

    The key value to have here is patience. We will have our good days and we will have set backs, the same as any other team. Most of us can see the progress being made under arteta, we as fans just need to learn to manage our expectations a bit better. Let us for once take this result with a pinch of salt and trust the process one step at a time instead of slagging the players off when they inevitably dont get it 100% right.

  5. One salient point that I have seen no one mention, possibly because it seems to pour cold water on our fine victory, is that away games with empty stadiums are now far more neutral venues, in reality.

    I was thrilled at how we played but to put it in proper context, which to me is truth and therefore important to recognise, this victory was not the same as winning at Old Trafford with 75000 fans present. THAT is the full context, surely? This works for all teams, both home and away, needless to add.

    When making comparisons , unless you are willing to compare like with like, then you are choosing a half truth above a full truth.
    That now being said, I do believe we are making noticeable progress and see steady, not exactly LEAPS ahead, but REAL progress.

    1. I agree Jon, it isn’t the same and yes, having 75 000 fans there would make it harder for sure.

      That being said, there havent been fans in stadiums for months now. So in the same way players get used to playing in front of fans, they should surely be used to playing in empty stadiums by now? All in all, a result is a result regardless of the peripheral factors. History will show Man Utd 0 – 1 Arsenal. Progress is progress

      1. Suddenly Arsenal are title contenders.
        Please. I will hold judgement until
        10/15 games have been played.
        Beating M U is very satisfying especially after they had smashed
        Av will be anxious to get back to winning ways. I expect the gunners to score more goals to start a winning run. Be warned there are no easy games in the epl

  6. We have to be consistent now that we have beaten Utd. away. The next 3 games are against Villa(H), Leeds(A) and Wolves (H), we should win all three games and get 9 points. Arteta has surely instilled a sense of confidence and belief in the team which is unmistakable. Keep it up Gunners!

  7. I think this result was just a matter of time time considering the strength we showed in city and Liverpool games

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