Arsenal need to LOSE some players in January – Not buy more

I don’t care what anyone says, Arsenal had an excellent summer transfer window with the arrivals of Granit Xhaka, Rob Holding, Shohkran Mustafi and Lucas Perez and we now have a very deep, skilled and talented squad. But there are still many Arsenal rumours doing the rounds.

Looking at our current JustArsenal poll, most fans that voted overwhelmingly think we need a right back or a left back, probably due to Hector Bellerin’s injury, and Monreal’s aging status, with only Gibbs and Jenkinson available as backups. Jenks is lacking in confidence and Gibbs is always linked with a summer move away. But to be honest I don’t think we really need to buy any replacements in January, the summer will be soon enough.

One person who agrees with me is the ex-Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson, who believes that the Gunners have more than enough good players in the squad, but it is up to Arsene Wenger to make the best use of them. When asked about who Arsenal should buy in the transfer window , he simply replied: “Nobody. They don’t need to buy any players. They have a big enough squad and good enough squad to win the Premier League.

“But they need the manager to get the best out of the players, and they need to defend crosses better when they come into the box.

“I don’t think they need any players. No, they don’t need [a striker] – they’ve got [Alexis] Sanchez who’s playing really well, [Olivier] Giroud can come on and score goals, [Danny] Welbeck at some point will be fit again, [Theo] Walcott can play through the middle.

“They just need to get the best out of the squad they’ve got. Arsene Wenger needs to do his job very well.”

But conversely, Wenger does need to get rid of a few players in January, whether on loan or given away for free I am not bothered. One is of course Debuchy, who managed a whole 14 minutes in a whole year before going off injured again. I don’t think he is going to play for us again but I also don’t think anyone will take him off us.

Secondly the other obvious candidate is Yaya Sanogo. He is another one that I think has kicked his last ball for us. Maybe send him off on loan to a lower League side and see if he can score goals in League One or somewhere because he’ll never play for us again. Thirdly Chuba Akpom must go out on loan. He is wasted here at the moment, but maybe he could score in the Championship? Now we have Sanchez, Giroud and Lucas in the striker role, he’s another one that is not gong to play at the moment.

Lastly I would suggest sending Jenkinson out on loan again now he has recovered from his injury. Now we know Gabriel can cover for Bellerin I think Jenks is currently surplus to requirements.

What do you think?



  1. Olivier's toe says:

    Is Sanogo still here? I haven’t seen or heard about him all season!
    I think Akpom is injured?

  2. Break-on-through says:

    No doubt a wob or two might take this opportunity to rip the Arsenal team to shreds. Don’t bother, you’ll only make what you say now compared to a few weeks back look a little all over the place.

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    I think the squad is in pretty good shape, but I think a signing or two would give us a huge boost. It’s very tough to get quality in January, but if someone like Draxler is available (which he might be), then we should move him. Arsenal have really struggled in the final third at times, which we saw again against Everton. Another quality attacker would be good, and maybe a creative central midfielder? Santi may not play much this season, and Ramsey, and Elneny are not good enough.

    1. Liang says:

      Ramsey is good enough.. but the frustrating things is how to get the best out of him.

      1. bran99 says:

        he’s average, he had only one good season

  4. citrenoogeht says:

    What about Per Mertesacker? Why not cash him in whilst we still can? He’s 32 and the prospects are that his ability will only depreciate.

  5. Ugabooga says:

    Admin has given wenger plenty of credit and rubs it in our face when Arsenal do well, well we lost to a Everton side in a slump, so I think Wenger needs credit for this.

    People going on about City being in slump, missing players etc. But when did that help us?

    Pool no we lost
    Spurs no
    United no
    Everton no

    So going on these results you expect a draw or loss, but a win never.

    1. Ugabooga says:

      OT: can’t wait for a new manager and then we actually win something, that will be the proof.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Rubs it in your face when we win (play well), what!!!, are you not happy when we win???.

  6. Ugabooga says:

    I like our squad, but I just think our lw and rw are lacking.

    Iwobi has done well for a 19 yr old, but we need something more, he is decent back up and will no doubt become something very special.

    Ox we should loan or sell, nothing special from him in ages.

    Their is a decent back up, but not worth his pay, definitely improved this season, but we need better.

    Only those 2 position and I think we can challenge, I’m soley thinking of 1ST 11 here.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    Arsenal fans worry me sometimes, not just the atmosphere but our fans logic worries me also. Chelsea are reminding me of that run Leic had which catapulted them into pole position ..and then some.

    All these one nil wins, heck, sure it reminds me of Big Tone and the Ian Wrighty Wrighty Wrighty time too. Earlier in the season, Arsenal, this Arsenal team began to scrape by with some good results, and what did we hear from Arsenal fans, and allot more than a small minority. They began saying we are not scoring enough, they said we are not at our fluid best. Then saying we need to see this Arsenal team putting teams to the sword. 1 – 0 or 0 – 1 in your favor is the perfect result if you can manage it, first off the points are what count, secondly it tells the players that they are defensively sound and in control of outcomes.

    It doesn’t stop there, because when Xhaka was trying to get a feel of things still, he scored two outrageous long range efforts. From then on whenever he was thirty forty even further yards out you would hear shooooot, some in jest but worryingly the other half expecting it no matter how awkward it looked. I really do worry with our fan base, I think we have allot of fans who are under the average intelligence of football. When you add in everything else that is said about our fan base, it doesn’t make for good reading.

    1. Franko says:

      Its been 12 years now, it wasn’t like this in the beginning so don’t blame the fans blame the management of the club. Their priority was to balance the books and not to be the numero uno…..i.e winning titles..

  8. Midkemma says:

    If we sign more players without selling then they will require a wage.

    Depending on the source but Arsenal are well over the 67mil bracket and will need to look at either removing players from the total wage bill to allow for big new contracts OR have a difficult time.

    We can not really take the 2012/13 as a base year to work from as our wages have increased a fair bit since financial restrictions have lessened, that ruling would allow for a £19mil increase how-ever we have already gone past that!

    If we how-ever use the prior year part of the ruling then we can sneak in as that allows a £7mil growth in wages and we grew buy £8.5mil a year (about), this is covered by the clubs income from matchday etc… Called Own Revenue

    Own Revenue includes player sales…

    Do we want to give Alexis and Ozil the contract they deserve? It isn’t as simple as throwing money at the players, Arsenal FC will have rules to follow and a few good sales in Jan can allow for the wage growth in the team and as such allow Alexis and Ozil to have a higher wage without Arsenal FC being punished.

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