Arsenal need to match Bayern Munich’s commitment – Be like PSG!

There is a very old saying that ‘success breeds success’ and in Arsenal’s case it is looking like the opposite is true. Wenger’s side seem to have an inferiority complex when it comes to facing the really big clubs, whether it is in the Champions League or the Premier League, and that is reflected in the bookies prices ahead of the tie. You can check out any tipping sites like and you will see that nobody expects Arsenal to win in the Allianz Arena tonight.

But the Gunners midfielder Aaron Ramsey believes that our two previous victories against Bayern Munich in the Champions League show that we can match them when we play to our best, but the fact is that those two victories came when the Germans were already confident of going through to the next round. There is no big advantage to winning one battle if you lose the war anyway, which has happened in our last four meetings with Bayern.

So we need our players to show the same steel and confidence that Munich seem to have in abundance, and Ramsey feels that is the only way we can come away with a result in Germany. Our Welsh midfielder said on “Bayern are a fantastic team with very gifted individuals and they all understand their role in the side,”

“It’s going to be important for us to match their commitment and get stuck into them to try to stop them and playing. We need to go out there and enjoy ourselves by playing the football that we know we’re capable of playing.

“We’re a very technically gifted team and on our day we can play some fantastic football. It’s going to be important for us to move the ball quickly and hopefully play around them, in between the lines to create opportunities.

“We’ve had a few good results against them like that 2-0 win at home, and we beat them 2-0 away as well, so we can beat them on our day. It’s just going to be important for us to stay in the game, get something, get a good result in the first leg and then come back to the Emirates so that we can hopefully have enough to go through.”

The one thing that I can see that could give us an advantage is the fact that we are definite underdogs, which normally means that you can play without fear as there is less pressure on us, while Bayern will be desperate to get a big lead in the first leg. Wenger has already stated that he will be happy to keep Bayern at bay in Germany, but maybe we will surprise them and come out with all guns blazing, just like PSG did to Barcelona last night. That would be nice!

Onwards and Upwards!


Updated: February 15, 2017 — 7:19 am


  1. There ya go Wenger in his press conference Ozil is highly focused for the game and I am pleased with his performances. Can you believe this guy if every body and I mean every body saying how poor Ozil is, Ozil must think if I play as I have been the boss is pleased with me so I got no worries on getting picked. Let the others run there socks off I if I lose the ball I can shrug it off and wait for somebody to pass the ball to me. Got to rush now as I need to take a corner.
    Fans who pay good money to see a half player you must be mad. CB

  2. I think it’s doubtful we can press like that. We usually defend behind the half way line worrying about the players on ends of moves. Stop the source, Barcas stems from keeper defenders to midfielders. Dominate physically, run more than they do, challenge strong even when unneeded, don’t let them turn never mind pick a pass. We don’t have than in a 90 minute game. Some of our personnel just don’t have this in their locker. You need everyone pulling the same direction.

    1. @B-o-T
      In a nutshell…

  3. Wenger will fail with the team selection once again! He should Drop Ozil, because he was poor. Give people who’ve put in decent performances a chance. I don’t want somebody who will kick the grass when the ball is lost. We need fighters and Ozil is not one of them.

  4. PSG totally effed Barca………. I LOVE IT
    But the truth is….. It spells future trouble

    1. @SA
      I hear ya. Wouldn’t want to come up against that”juggernaut” anytime soon…

  5. we blame Wenger so much about is decision. making on we the fans still think Sanchez should play as center forward the goals Sanchez score this season is a result from just being on the field not from him playing center forward he doesn’t make runs are trying to get onto crosses inside the box he should play on the winger wellbeck on giroud is our best center forward wellbeck should start center forward today Sanchez on the winger

  6. Wenger has never done anything different from what he has always done……..
    Why does everyone expect the sky to crack open & a miracle to happen?
    Things only change when people change………

  7. Be like PSG. .thats alright but remember PSG played at home.

    However, I will say adopt the energy level PSG players exhibited. Don’t switch off and give your 100%.

    If we expose the midfield like Barca did, then he will be hammered.

  8. Bayern is a big club and so is Barcelona but psj and Arsenal are not small clubs
    PSJ did it last night and did it well and showed barca they are as big as a club as they
    Can Arsenal put a stance and tell Bayern we are as big and bigger by winning it ??? How big of players are the Arsenal can they show up ??? That will remain to be seen

  9. 1. Use 3 or 4 CMs
    2. don’t start Giroud or Ozil
    3. start Welbeck
    4. don’t start Monreal

  10. I don’t doubt all Arsenal players’ commitments for tonight’s game. I am sure they are all pumped up with battle spirit. But when they are against big opponents, usually they will make errors, that Wenger and his staffs should address many years ago. Wenger and his staffs should instill confidence, bravery and positivity into their players, otherwise they will have the same mentality, like when they faced Watford, Hull, City and Chelsea. They played very cautiously and there is no confidence when passing the ball or creating chances.

    I prefer to see Arsenal losing with style rather than winning with controversies or by luck. I want to see a confident and creative Arsenal tonight, no mather what the result will be.

  11. Arsenal want to match draxler and his team mates commitments?
    A player we would have signed before he went to PSG?
    He would have offered something different like commitment and footballing brains to the team but due to so!e unknown reasons ,we did not sign him.
    Now we are left with Theo,Ox,Iwobi……….
    No winning and footballing brains

  12. Arsenal want to match draxler and his team mates commitments?
    A player we would have signed before he went to PSG?
    He would have offered something different like commitment and footballing brains to the team but due to some unknown reasons ,we did not sign him.
    Now we are stuck with Theo,Ox,Iwobi……….
    No winning and footballing brains

  13. Draxler though a good player is not world best player yet. And wont even rated as world class player at the moment. See we cannot sign every available player. Simply put, I don’t think we needed him during the winter transfer. Yeah let’s praise PSG for performing wonderfully against Barcelona. That does not mean that it is all about Draxler. I can count 2 clubs who signed the so called world class players in the EPL yet they are currently behind us in the league. Let’s limit our negativity. Bayern is afraid to face us tonight.

  14. Thomas Muller has scored 1 league goal from 16 league appearances. None of the players playing in our current front 4 is as bad as that. Yet our fans will continue to down-play our players. No matter how tough it seems let the optimism start from us fans.

    1. OPTIMISM you say?
      FANS’ OPTIMISM you say?
      OPTIMISM is when a fan pays one of the highest ticket prices and follow the team round the country…regardless of how they play (for years and years).
      I actually feel like if all the players show half the OPTIMISM and desire of the fans, we’ll be winning trophies on a regular basis.

  15. Be like PSG?

    If Arsenal could only trot out players better than

    Di Maria
    L Mora(sub…lol)
    Silva (didn’t play)

    Sanchez would be the only player in form right now that would possibly start for the French champions.
    To argue otherwise is simply red and white folly

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