Arsenal need to move fast to beat Tottenham and land top French midfielder

The young Monaco star Thomas Lemar has had a meteoric rise to fame recently. After helping Monaco win the Ligue 1 title, the player has been making waves with the French national team and it now seems as though he is ready to take the next big step in his career, with Arsenal said to be keen on bringing him to the Emirates.

If reports from the Metro are to be believed, the Frenchman is holding up contract talks at the Stade Louis II in order to make himself open to a move to Arsenal. It is understood that the Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has expressed interest in the player but is yet to make a formal approach considering that Monaco are holding out for a fee of £26 million.

Lemar, who contributed 9 goals and ten assists towards Monaco’s triumph in Ligue 1, is one of Europe’s most sought-after players and it is safe to say that Arsenal are not the only team interested. Spurs are also said to be in for the player, with captain Hugo Lloris subtely suggesting recently that he spoken to his French comrade about a move to White Hart Lane.

Well, it does sound a lot like Wenger to express his interest in a player and not make a formal approach. When you look at the list of world-class players who Arsenal could not bring in because of Wenger’s hesitation, you would realise that the Gunners missed out on some gems. In fact, Le Prof could have signed Mbappe last season for a little less than a million pounds but failed to follow up his interest.

Anyway, one can only hope that Wenger can act quickly this time and snap up Lemar. Having made promises to the board to finish his transfer business early, you would expect him to get a move on by now. With respect to Lemar, the player has no shortage of suitors and if the Arsenal boss waits a little too long, there is every possibility we will miss out on him as well.


  1. who’s the bigger club now? Arsenal or tottenham? wake up son the spurs will beat Us to any transfer.

    1. Wanna get off here

      This site is for Arsenal supporters, you know the club that has been on the league 11 times more than spurs and has won the fa cup more times than anyone. Spurs a bigger club hqhahahahahahahhahHhahHHAHAhhHhqhahhahahahahahhahah

      1. which is a bigger country? one that is controlled by a dictator or one that is democratically ruled where everyone has a say.

        Am a gunner all through but I don’t express blind love and bask on pass achievement.

        Spurs are currently more stable to achieve more in the nearest future than my dear Arsenal.

        I am not a mediocre, I don’t place great premium on fa cup.
        whatever happens to lifting the premier league, champions league?

        can’t We have a player that is a strong contender of the ballon de or?
        To me the future is the most important.
        Champions don’t bask on past achievements.

        1. Past achievement? Can you tell us who won the FA cup and which club went home empty handed? Which club was eliminated in the UCL group stage and which club topped their group? Since spurs last won anything (league cup in 2008) Arsenal has won 3 FA cups and 2 community shields and yet not satisfied. Spurs would have a trophy parade every weekend should they achieve that.

      2. Surely ? Guneal stating the ?”US” part in his comment, was a clue to him being a Gooner? ??

  2. Does he possess all tempo dictator’s required skills, such as ball control, passing and vision like what Jean Seri and Cazorla have? If yes, then Arsenal should get him as soon as possible, in case we don’t get Jean Seri.

    Otherwise, I am sure there are players like him in Spain and Brazil. Arsenal’s staffs have to work harder and faster to get undiscovered gems, like what Leicester City did with Kante, Mahrez and Vardy.

  3. Barcelona is meeting Veratti asking price of $132m

    Real Madrid is paying 150m for Mbappe

    and we are penny pinching over 26m for Lemar???

    1. Says who? ?? I see that you have started to make up your own rumours ??

  4. I won’t be surprise if spurs get him..after all we are not serious..I have never seen a club so lazy in the transfer is it hard to pay 35 million for seri?? but it is easy for man utd to meet morata asking price..same old arsenal

  5. I have no idea why any Monaco player would want to join Arsenal?

    Kolansic early on to calm the fans down, then I’m sure we’ll be waiting until the last few days of the transfer window to sign anyone else. I am positive we’ll start yet another season massively under prepared.

  6. I would say we need a “carzola” type player..a play maker from deep. Kovacic and James at Madrid fit the bill. This are top talents looking for a place to play regularly.

  7. why dont we just buy kovacic to replace caz, same build, technique. caz has more skill kovacic is faster. there are a lot of good talents that was wasted in their team and waiting for someone to play them. but some stupid fans will call them rejects.

    lol if we manage to get a chelsea “reject” like de bruyne, wonder what this fan will call him. funny bayern is looking to buy a barca reject like sanchez. look at juve they take players that suit the play not going for fancy big name and having to tinker with the system.
    i would love a james to replace ozil. he could set the premier league on fire. an isco to replace ramsey. nothing better than taking a team “reject” and having him destroy them in a match to warm the heart.

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