Arsenal need to move fast to sign this coveted young midfielder

Reports suggest Arsenal see Rennes’ Camavinga as ‘priority signing’


In an astonishing revelation, French news outlet Le10Sport claimed that Arsenal see Stade Rennes’ prodigal midfielder Eduardo Camavinga as a priority signing.

The 18-year-old is one of the brightest young talent in the world right now, with European heavyweights such as Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich and Manchester United have all been heavily linked with the player.

Rennes find themselves in a precarious situation as the midfielder, who has three appearances for the French national team, only has a year left on his current deal at the Roazhon Park.

The report further suggests that the Gunners are “doing everything” behind the scenes to land him at the Emirates Stadium this summer.

PSG and Arsenal are currently believed to be the front-runners in the race to sign Camavinga. However, his suitors are expected to increase as the summer drags on. Thus, signing the player as early as possible, might be the cleverest decision before bigger guns enter the running.

Mikel Arteta has already said that the North London club will have to be “ruthless” in the upcoming transfer window.

The Spaniard also claimed that he will be “completely backed” by the owners of the club, who have come under huge scrutiny from the fans due to their limited investment in the team and their plans to enter a breakaway European Super League.

It is still unclear how much the Gunners will be willing to spend on Camavinga. The London side have clearly many positions which they need strengthening at.

Therefore, Arsenal would hope that there is no bidding war for their priority transfer target.

Signing Camavinga would be extremely difficult, especially when Arsenal are on the verge of no European football next season.

But if they do somehow end up landing him ahead of other big names in Europe, it will be hailed as a coup and will only strengthen the bond between the owners and the Arsenal faithful.

Go get him quick, Mikel!

Yash Bisht

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  1. Don’t spend any more than 7mill on any player. It’s not worth it.
    Pepe 72mill Auba 60m Laca 55 mill Partey 43 mill Xhaka 30 mill Gabriel 25 mill Torreira 27 mill Saliba 27 mill.
    None of these players are worth half we paid for them.
    Stop trying to buy success.
    We are hopeless at buying talent.
    Stop buying “freebies” like Willian Cedric and Kolasinac who actually cost mega millions in salaries.
    Just get a decent coach.
    The best players we have were either cheap or free.
    7mill for Martinelli 7mill for Guendouzi 7mill for Mari 8 mill for Luiz 3 mill for Mavropanos.
    Bellerin free Saka free ESR free Balogun free.
    We also have home grown quota players Holding 3mill Nelson free Niles free Willock free Nketiah free.
    Offer Rennnes 3mill for Campavania with another 4 mill if he succeeds at the club and offer the lad 10k p/w for the first 12 months to be assessed on a performance basis.
    Just stop trying to buy success.
    Has not worked these past ten years.
    Something about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
    .We don’t need a manager.
    We don’t need expensive signings
    All we need is a decent coach.

  2. Offer Rennnes 3mill for Campavania with another 4 mill if he succeeds at the club and offer the lad 10k p/w for the first 12 months to be assessed on a performance basis.

    You do know that pretty much every top team have been looking at this kid for a few years ,also taken into account his contract is up at the end of next season but Rennes still want 40-50 million for him now just goes to show how much this kid is rated .

    1. Offer 3M followed by another 4M….😂the thing is Wyoming has already stated that he thinks that he is just another over-hyped teenager!

    2. @Dan Kitt. “Just goes to show how much this kid is ‘over’ rated”
      Would you say any of the following players are worth their fee and salary.
      72mill 100k p/w Pepe
      60 mill /350k p/w Auba
      50 mill/180k p/w Lacazette
      27mill 75k p/w Torreira?
      42 mill 260k p/w Partey 4 times his
      salary at Athletico.
      Willian 200k p/w
      Cedric 75k p/w.
      27 mill Saliba?
      Odegaard 85k p/w double his RM salary
      Kolasinac 120k p/w
      Martinelli 80k p/w

  3. The current squad need massive investment.

    And before the bleating starts – It’s not how MUCH you spend, but HOW you spend it.

    The fees paid do not necessarily have to be over bloated and exorbitant in ALL cases.

    Act accordingly in the market to gradually fit the requisite parts of the jigsaw together .

    Throughout our gradual slide to mediocrity, I have long held the theory that we should look to build a side geared to domestic success and the rigours of the premiership which in turn will let a European position take care of itself.

    However, the FACT remains the current squad needs a complete overhaul ….. AND THAT DOESN’T COME CHEAP particularly from rock bottom !

    If the above approach is so wrong, how come the complete waste of space we are lumbered with as an “owner” is currently making noises about HAVING TO provide SUFFICIENT funds this summer ?

    And before the haggard Pepe & Partey argument is floated – there is a huge difference between sanctioning the spending of the clubs limited funds rather than ones own – and at last MR Kroenke, much to his trepidation, may now realise that.

    We are either a “serious” player or not – we stand at the crossroads.

    1. Sensible comments as usual AJ. Unfortunately Wyoming thinks the very top clubs can be run on a shoestring. Whilst I agree we have gone way OTT on our current squad (all funded without complaint by the alleged “skinflint” that is Stan Kroenke) we have to invest more than Wyoming is proposing unless he envisages us becoming the new Burnley.
      If we proceed at Wy’s level we will be linked with players on this site, but we will get NONE of them. It’s a players market now, like it or not. The overwhelming amount of all football income goes on player and agent transfer commissions and salaries. You pay peanuts these days you cant even afford the monkey.
      So Wy if you want this club to slide away into oblivion, increase your projected fees for at least the highest rated and sought after young players (which Martinelli and Guendouzi were certainly not when we bought them)

  4. Auba,laca,berellin,holding, cannot be mediocre players…they helped the club play in Europe for all the years they played…Arteta came and sold Martinez,dismantled the midfield…ozil,toreira, guendozi…the side and back pass coach is a super hero…how do you win games with such mediocre tactics… arsenal is a huge painful story…now ceballos and Willian are what we have… A sideways..back pass team…it’s David Luiz the defender who breaks defences with forward passes…we deserve something better than Arteta

  5. Lol Thabani – are you saying that torreira and guendouzi are offensive minded players? Or that Guendouzi was good for team morale? Or that Torreira didn’t want to leave almost from the day he arrived? Or that Ozil (when he didn’t have his fortnightly mystery injuries) actually contributed? I get your point but you chose some bad examples my friend!

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