Arsenal need to move on as Aouar decides to stay at Lyon

This has been one of those marathon transfer sagas as Arsenal have tried to prise Aouar from Lyon for the last two months, but now it has been revealed that the Frenchman has decided to stay at Lyon for at least one more season.

The Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas had already announced last Monday that if a deakl wan’t completed by Friday then the window was closed for them. And now it appears that has come to pass….

Apparently it was RMC Sport who broke the news in this tweet last night….

And then GetFrenchFootballNews confirmed it themselves…

Nobody knows if Arsenal have any sort of backup plan in place, but with just 36 hours to go is it even possible for Arteta and Edu to find another midfielder of that quality to come to the Emirates at such short notice.

Does anyone think that we can find an equal replacement? And don’t mention yet another Chelsea reject


  1. I sincerely hope our useless scouting team has had other options for DM/CM than those 2.

    And why would Chelsea loan Jorginho to us? He’s started all their games this and last season.

    1. What scouting team, they got rid of them. It seems it all done by stats, video’s and the little black book system.

  2. Typical Arsenal take their sweet time to make a deal for the players chasing since the start of the transfer window and we have a stingy owner who can’t be bothered about the club. I backed Arteta for the work he has put in but not the greedy owner.seems we are getting no one we send Torreria out yet we get no one in. From a good start of the window getting Gabriel and William to a potential bad end of the window and we have yet to get rid of the players who are not in the manager plan

    1. Why did Vinai and Edu publicly state that Arsenal did not have to sell players to buy, inferring funds were available?
      Arsenal missed out on Aouar for the simple reason they did not meet Lyon’s minimum valuation. Too smart by half!

  3. Once again, I’m sorry i jumped the gun with the Aouar deal.
    I got too excited with this one, it’s not what I usually do. So I own up to it this time.

    1. Don’t beat yourself up about it and ignore the I told you so brigade.

      Let’s hope that something worthwhile happens before Monday night. If not, then we can all have a bl**dy good moan and share the cost of a Get Kroenke out banner to fly over the Emirates as you suggested.

    2. I think you might take a credibility hit here, Eddie!. Lots of us believed in your hype but I guess us Gooners are used to lel downs by now! Chin up all, we still have Chelsea to turn to!

      1. Thanks man.. The credibility can go eff itself.
        I’ll stick to contributing to articles and discussions instead…
        I’m out the transfer biz bruv😂😂

        1. Aww Eddie… this ain’t down to you! What about all the ITKs!! No wonder we were all excited… but this is Arsenal we’re talking about, it’s never straightforward!

          1. Yep… I noticed Goonertalk said it’s about offering more money, but I ain’t it anymore Sue.
            Though I do believe we’ll get someone but I just don’t want Jorginho

    3. Eddie, I agee with Declan and thank you for the apology. All of us can only act on the information available and there was plenty out there.
      We should all have 0paid more attention to the serial incompetence of Arsenal regarding player transfers.

        1. EDDIE OUT! 😂
          Only joking mate. Always enjoy your contributions.
          The roller coaster ride of being an Arsenal fan🤦‍♂️

    4. dont apologize , i saw through it
      anyone can read a paper or listen to a journalist and claim they have been told
      dont like what people like you do as it gets fans hopes ups and distracts from focusing on the problems with Koronke
      You can’t have it both ways mate
      you can’t say look at me when its just made up stuff that any Arsenal fan could have done
      watch …..
      I have sources in Germany who say Kolasniac might leave tomorrow but wages could be an issue

  4. Arsenal at it again, I always knew Wenger wasn’t the problem.. We have some pretty messed up executives.. No creativity no steel, no Style.. A yes man as a manager…. I wish them the best this season COYG

  5. Eddie its a good job you av to pay me €100 lol anyway Chelsea might come to our rescue once again lol I rather not sign nobody they the 2nd rate Brazilian we going to end up with

  6. This is a shambolic transfer window the blame for this disaster should be rightly placed on the shoulders of the director of football Edu. He is determined to have the club turned into old brazil. I suspect is that he gets a cut from signing his own countrymen. All Arsenal fans and management have known for years now that the priority of the club is to acquire a defensive midfielder.
    What the fuck are we doing wasting time and limited resources signing another seen better days Brazilian on a huge wage package in a position where we do not lack quality or depth???

    And here we go again leaving the way clear for chelsea to sign the player we need while we take another one of their Brazilian has beens off their hands making Chelsea happy

    Arsenal football club are being managed by a bunch of losers and wasters.

  7. Arsenal FC board are not interested in the footballing aspect of this club.

    They don’t have regard for the fans either!

    What a club!!

  8. I have still not given up hope of Aoure, though it looks unlikely now.

    After todays midfield performance, which was a barren desert, unless we bring in at least ONE creative central midfielder we are not going to improve on last seasons position. A team that plays Elneny, by choice, is in dire straits in midfield.
    Poor day all round, apart from the important end result. The team looked jaded, surprisingly. Saka, Gabriel and Leno apart, the rest of all the starting eleven were all poor through to awful, I thought.

    No passion, no passing pace nor accuracy, no REAL effort, no belief. UNTIL we went ahead. Then we played well for perhaps ten minutes while belief flooded back but we even let that impetus fade and were hanging on at the end. Our worst Prem display under MA for me!

    Saka was MotM by a mile with honourable mentions for Gabrial and for Leno who had little to do but did nothing wrong.

    As for Elneny, if he ever does a forward pass, I WILL FAINT WITH SHOCK! He should be nowhere near our club!

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