Arsenal need to open coffers to land want-away strike target

Gonzalo Higuain is refusing to sign a new contract with Napoli as he looks to force a move away from his club, while Arsenal continue to try and land a new striker.

The Gunners have so far failed with bids to sign Jamie Vardy and Alvaro Morata, and are believed to be actively seeking a striker to bolster their options ahead of the coming campaign.

Higuain has been amongst the names most wanted at the Emirates Stadium, but Napoli are known to be stubborn in negotiation, and unlikely to budge on their asking price.

The club are not believed to be willing to sell for anything under his minimum fee release clause, which was previously revealed as €100 Million.

The Napoli president previously said: “I’d say that Higuain is not to be taken. He’s ours and we keep him. Also because in his contract there is a release clause of €100m.”

The player’s agent, and brother, has since stated that Gonzalo will not be willing to sign a new deal with his current club Napoli, and even talks of the possibility of leaving for free in two years time.

“Gonzalo [Higuain] won’t renew his contract with Napoli,’ Nicolas Higuain told Radio Continental.

“Napoli are currently asking for the payment of his release clause as a condition for his departure, but Gonzalo and I decided not to extend the deal.

“We’ll see what happens next year, we could even wait until the contract’s expiry date.”

Arsenal have always attempted to be shrewd in the transfer market, but should they fail to bring in a challenger for Olivier Giroud, they could well struggle to keep tabs on their rivals this season, especially with the arrivals of top managers Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte.

Should Arsenal just stump up the funds needed to land Higuain this summer? Do you believe Napoli could be convinced to sell for a more reasonable fee?

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  1. Giroud Sanchez Wellbeck
    Walcott Campbell Iwobi
    Chamberlain Ramsey Cazorla
    Ozil Xhaka Elneny Wilshere.
    13 attacking players. Surely that’s enough?
    Ranieri had less than half that talent
    and won the league easily.
    I thought Arsenal don’t buy stars we make them?
    Or is that or bull?

      1. Exactly, and what’s the point in asking a question he already knows the answer to. We need to recruit, it’s as simple as that. If we could go the entire season without any injuries, as lei had done, well then we probably would have enough. But I wouldn’t gamble on Giroud being the main man again, he doesn’t spread his goals out well enough. And I certainly wouldn’t gamble on us being one of the lucky teams with injuries, it’ll be the opposite again more likely.

  2. It was surprised me. Higuain felt he had enough with Napoli precisely in his best year, having broken the all time Serie A top scored record.
    But we’ve to admit that Napoli knew how to be “Italian Mob”. 100M Euros (that’s about 80M Pounds?) release clause was ridiculous to trigger, except you are PSG, Barca, ManShit, ManUre, Anzi, or some Chinese freaking clubs. Madrid “the dumpster” off course not include. Plus two years time remain, Higuain can still be persuade.
    My opinion, Higuain is the class we need to up grade Giroud. We all knew, AW must dig deep this summer. But for this one, he should use the ex Dover strait drillers. LOL!
    Can you renegotiate a signed release clause? You tell me author!

  3. Don’t want Higuain, even though he’s an improvement on Giroud he’s not worth that much.

    Don’t want Morata because he’s a not the type of finisher we need. He’s a good poacher but what we need is a striker that likes to take on defenders and humiliate them.

    I think Draxler is the best option because he has the mentality our forwards lack and he’s got the skill to play on the wings and is young enough to be moulded into a top CF. When I watch him play he really does remind me of RVP.

    1. Even for his country and all of his club, Draxler is play as winger or CAM. Don’t you think he’ll need time (could be long) to adjust to play as target man?
      Few years ago, AW might thought the same as you’re now, when he invited the teenage Julian to London Colney. Not sure if AW still has that in his mind now.
      My opinion, we need a nonsense world class finisher not a back bully. Our awful conversion rate spoken it last year.

      1. Wenger came out and said he intends on keeping Giroud as the starter which means we can forget going for an established CF. And Draxler wouldn’t need as much time cause he’s played more as a forward than a midfielder for a few years now. He already has the skill and mentality to play at the top level and at this point all that’s needed is for his style to mature which Wenger would know how to do. He can also be used as a back up for Sanchez and start over Theo.

  4. Higuain is a big NO,he’s a bottler of note on the biggest stages,there’s a reason Real Madrid got rid of him and he only wound up at Napoli instead of other big champions league clubs,he doesn’t have the winning mentality needed to take us forward he missed the best chance in the world cup final then does the same in the copa america final

    1. That’s a ridiculous thing to suggest about a player coming off the back of a season that he just had. That copa game had many talents, none of them stood up except maybe the defenders. The truth is, if Argentina had went on to claim that cup, Higuain would likely have gotten player of the tournament. Messi never done it on International stage, Holland similar, term bottler is thrown around too much by small and petty people. There is only one or two more players we could possibly sign who are at the level of Higuain. Lewendowski is one, oh yeah, he must be a bottler too for not doing it yet in open play for his country. The other is Aubameyang, I say possibly sign?. This just goes to show you how many players this Higuain bottler is rated above.

      And if your thinking but he missed a great chance. Whats worse, to score goals galore for club and country, leading all the way up to the final and then try but miss your chance in final. Or to be a bit like Walcott, go completely missing, no real effort, no bloody chances taken.

      1. Excellent reply Trevor.

        Higuain has proven over the course of more than 3 seasons across 2 different leagues that he is a natural goal machine -exactly what we so desperately need.

        Lewandowski is my dream-striker. Higuain comes as a close second to Lewa.
        If there is even a slight chance we can get him, I suggest that we must launch a serious bid.

      2. higuain player of the tournament? messi should have won the golden ball even if he lost la copa america

  5. All this Crap in the press about Higuin or whoever is exactly that CRAP!!!!
    Wenger has already stated that he is looking for Giroud to be the main CF next season and with that in mind you all have to realise that this means NO new CF is comming in, would Higuian want to play second fiddle to OG ?? I dount that very much. Unfortunatly I feel that the Vardy thing was smoke and mirrors as well,
    Wenger wont even start looking around until after the euro’s have well and truly finished and he wont look too hard or too far we’ve been through all this rubbish season after season and we still never learn.
    I read the other day in the star (of all places) that we are supposed to be spending big on bringing in the likes of Reuss and PEA (cant be arsed to spell his name) but we ALL know this is rubbish, Wenger WILL NEVER change his tact and we are stuck with the lampost in the CF position for yet another season, even his countrymen loath him as he really isnt the man for the job but has been foisted into the french national side as Benzema has been a naughty boy and its clear that noone in thier right mind believes that Giroud is up to scratch in the CF position.
    Buuut we are stuck with him and thats it
    NO Higuian
    No Vardy
    No pierre emmerich aubameyang
    no knives
    no sharp sticks
    no ice cream
    No rubbers
    no trophies !!!!!
    Sorry chaps Im tainted with the whole thing and this is really how I see it.

  6. Unfortunately Lewa situation is more difficult than the want away Higuain. For the Argentinian, just trigger that 100M Euros than we are in the bidding zone. As for Lewa, he still has contract until June 2019, no new contract offer has been reported yet, but Muenchen already declare that they won’t sell him at any price. Apart from Muenchen’s bold gesture, it was Lewa himself stated that as TH14 fan he would like to play for EPL sides. It means, we have to wait at less 1 year from now to see whether he’s serious or not with this statement. That’s the problem, we need a world class striker right now!

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