Arsenal need to pay Alexis 200k! And let’s set some REAL targets

What’s the goal at Arsenal? Alexis gone wild again.‏ by KM

Good day everybody! Those damn internationals are over and players will be heading back to the lands of their football clubs with one major issue – getting their focus back on club football. But the break has been good to the Arsenal family.

A lot of our players scored goals. Theo did, Giroud did and he really needed some, The Ox managed a goal and of course our best player, shining like a huge diamond on a wedding ring – Alexis – has banged 3 goals and an assist again. I mean the guy is just breathing football and rumors are we’ll give him a mega deal to keep him for as long as possible.

Why not? Arsenal harvests the fans like farmers harvest their lands. With a huge machine that reaps the rewards, the difference being that the fans don’t get what they should, for what they pay. But Alexis really is a one off. When you play for Barcelona, you’re always in Messi’s shadow. At Arsenal there was a chance for him to be the star man and he has flourished.

Talent like that is so rare these days. Give him 200k week, because if we don’t others will and modern football works on the back of ridiculous money. Besides, we were a charity to players like Diaby, Denilson, Park J.Y., Nick B, Chamakh and others who lived a fascinating lifestyle off of our club, without even featuring in a whole season of games.

Sometimes I really fail to get the idea at the club. We supported a lot of players, hoping for them to turn up like Fabregas and when we had to keep them we decided the money was not worth it? What’s the goal? It’s not the league title or the Champions League otherwise why would we leave our squad short of the two players we need to compete?

Goals and targets get the best out of you; make you look at something that can be achieved, and give motivation. Truth is, lack of ambition is what made Van Persie and Nasri among others leave us. Sure it’s great at Arsenal – the stadium is really nice, we are always friendly, there’s never any lack of spirit and so on, but after a few years, in a career which rarely spans to more than 15 years, you ask yourself, what do I achieve here?

I want to quit my job for the same reasons and many people who I have spoken to did the same thing. This and the past 2 – 3 years are the best chance to win the title in this chaos at all top clubs. City, Chelsea and United will try to buy their way back to success and Liverpool appointed what could be the best manager in England right now.

Anyway, we are coming back in high spirits from our last game and some good performances in the Euro qualifiers. Watford will be a tricky game, cause the newcomers always want to prove themselves against the big guns but look, City have Aguero, Silva, Kolarov and Kompany injured. It’s a great chance to catch them if they make a mistake.

Then it’s Bayern where we go all or nothing, but even if we win this one (which is an incredible ask on it’s own, looking how Bayern destroy teams for fun), there’s still a lot to do. Regardless, interesting times lie ahead and I can’t wait!

Have a nice week.


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  1. I have no objection but Maybe he will be happy with less. £70,000 increase seems a lot. Also Ozil will probably demand more

    Interestingly, Lewandowski only makes £160,000. Wish we could offer him £200,000 per week

  2. then chelsea will offer 250 and manure will then offer 300
    we cannot compete if it comes down to money

    im happy for them to set a buy out clause in sanchezs new contract…
    say 110 millions pounds…sounds fair?
    but then again knowing our club we wont reinvest it-at all.
    will take the ten to buy mbungo columbo from fc dumbo
    an rest will gather cobwebs

    guys no more rvp gags, hes obviously on a decline…so lets aim towards holland with the arsenal cannon shall we:

    Oh dear Dutch..What a Krul fate..Van Persie must be Blind to put the ball in his own net,they’ve shown no Klass and they got Depay the Price

    1. We don’t need to pay him that amount of money. He already makes enough.
      If he wants more, then we’ll show him the door!

      #PayLessSaveMore #WarChest #IvanKnowsBest

  3. i’d say Pay Alexis 200k……….. Whoever (on the team) wants to earn that much would have to work just as hard !

  4. We need to keep Alexis happy and at the club for the long term. Pay him whatever it takes. Same with Ozil. I’m still struggling to understand why Wenger didn’t buy another DM in the summer, it’s like he wants to make his job harder…. We have the money to spend so use it and improve the team. Wenger is simply lining his own pocket year on year earning a % of the money/profit generated at the club… In my opinion he has lost sight of the trophies and is happy to keep things ticking over earning a nice bonus each year. Love Arsenal!!! COYG

  5. maybe 160.

    Lets not go over board as this may unsettle other players who are equally doing a good job (kos, Coq, Theo, Ozil, Bellarine, Monereal, and the likes). His our main super star no doubt but the gap in salaries between 1, 2, 3 and the rest should not be very big.

    With rumors of Madrid sniffing around, they are other means apart from money that can ensure we keep our star player (building a better team around him, making him feel appreciated, keep winning and fighting as his used too, make his family feel part of our club, etc). We can actually learn a thing or two on how Bayern, Dortmund, Juvetus who manager to keep there players rooted minus the ridiculous wages.

  6. 200K is far to much for any player sorry but it’s football not life. I love our team and love that we are in the black always. Yes we need some players but whoever put this post up is stupid

  7. perhaps i’m being exaggerative saying “pay alexis 200k” …….. I really mean… Pay Alexis something appreciative…..something he really deserves for all his effort and commitment

  8. Do u think alexis left barca to join arsenal for the money or lack of silverware at barca? I certainly don’t,

    You ask the players who joined arsenal why they joined arsenal And my guess is 90% would say arsene wenger.

    The other 10% will probably say regular football.

    As for the targets, well it’s obvious what the targets are at arsenal. It’s to make sure we are a self financing sustainable business. In order to do that we need to qualify for the champions league. That used to be possible in only 5 ways. Finishing in the top 3 or finishing 4th and winning the qualifier and winning the champions league. There is also now a 6th route and that’s winning the Europa league.

    Wenger has achieved his target in each of his 19 seasons and along the way managed to pick up the fa cup 6 times.

    So winning the league or champions league is quite obviously your first two targets but if you don’t meet those targets your next best two targets is to finish runners up or 3rd in the league then your 5th target is finishing 4th. Your 6th target is now to win the Europa league all though some might say that is better than finishing 2nd, 3rd or 4th, actually win a trophy for it. Your bonus targets are the 2 domestic cups, the community shield and any personal awards.

  9. I really hate when Arsenal fans join our rivals to take shots at the fact that we sold our best players in d past, dont you get it, we had to do so, so as to be at the very comfortable position we are now, looking back wenger did a remarkable job by keeping the team in the champions league while building a stadium, just ask spurds n chelsea y they so desperately want to upgrade their stadium now.
    people might say, y gather the money if u dont spend, but I say money is not a direct representation of d ability of d player. Coq n Bellerin has shown we can rely on youth , kolscielny n Gabriel show we can unearth gems, cazorla, ozil, sanchez, cech show that u hv to b ready when a unique opportunity presents itself to buy quality but wisely. Let us put faith in our manager cos most of the pressure is concorted by our rivals to destabilize our team. This week we dont hv depth, next week we have selection headache? this week Ospina is wack, next week he is courted by top European sides? Few weeks ago Alexis cant score? Now Real Madrid wants to sign him? I can go on n on. lets stick to our manager , suppport our team through thick n thin. And sooner rather than later we will make history. COYG

    1. i would be absolutely loath to losing alexis to real but if push comes to shove then 37 odd million (that’s supposedly the figure doing rounds) plus isco (and not cheryshev) should be our demand

  10. 200k? Agreed!!! 300k??? Agreed. FFS, he deserves any amount. If he must be sold, it should be nothing less than a million British hard pounds for pounds. F off, Rafa!!!

  11. Money is a driving factor for most modern day players and who can blame them? They have a shelf life of 8/10 years at the very top if they are lucky so who can begrudge them the opportunity to make hay whilst the sun is shining…am not saying Sanchez is not money driven but the way the guy plays i can mortgage my life he actually enjoys the game, enjoys wining first and foremost then money comes 2nd…like the author of the article rightly pointed out, he was in Messi’s shadow at Barca and could not express himself fully, now he is at a club where he is the main man and given a free role and license to express himself and i very much doubt if he will want to go to a club like Madrid(as been rumoured in the dailies today) to relieve the bad experience he suffered at Barca because let us face facts, he is never going to displace CR7 as the main man, so even if Madrid sells Benzema or Bale to make room for him he will be back to the same position he was at Barca, this time he will be playing 2nd fiddle to CR7 so my guess is all the Madrid talks is been fed the press by his agents to drive a hard bargain when contract extension talks resumes…..having said all that, we can offer him a million pound per week if we like, if we don’t start wining trophies, and i mean real important trophies( no disrespect to the F.A cup) he will up ad leave because like i said earlier he is a WINNER…none of these ”project”, ”loyalty”, ”building” talks we are so fond of at Arsenal, Wenger and the board has to fork out for world class players to compliment his efforts and help us win trophies otherwise he will leave to win stuffs elsewhere and i will not be one to blame him….he is not homegrown,like say Wilshere, we did not give him his chance to play on the biggest stage like say in effect he owes us NOTHING…we either do the right thing and buy quality players to help us become contenders and winners or he is off….no perennial 4th place and the odd F.A for such talent!!!!…sorry if i sound brutal!!!

  12. Its not about the money but rather the trophys. Players like Giroud will be happy playing for Arsenal as long as you pay him well. Players like Sanches are all about Glory. And no. Fa cup in his books is not good enough.

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