Arsenal need to prove a point against Chelsea

Has there ever been a better time for Arsene Wenger to get his first ever win over Jose Mourinho? Chelsea must be nailed on to win this years Premier League trophy, but if Arsenal want to seriously believe that they can win it next season, then they simply have to prove they can beat the best teams.

Arsenal are in their very best form, with nine wins in a row, and having beaten Manchester City, United and Liverpool since the turn of the year they have every right to believe that Chelsea will be there latest scalp at the Emirates on Sunday.

Jose’s side have not been playing well lately, although scraping wins anyway, so on form Arsenal would be hot favourites if not for the “hoodoo” that Mourinho holds over Wenger. The Gunners legend Charlie Nicholas is adamant that it is time for Arsenal to break that run. “It’s high time that Wenger and Arsenal proved a point against Chelsea – I just think it’s Arsene Wenger’s time to say ‘we are getting closer’,” Nicholas said on SkySports.

“Chelsea are going to be champions, even if Arsenal win this, but this is the first time in a long time I’ve gone into a Chelsea match thinking Arsenal will adapt to whatever happens.

“They need to win the game to make it interesting, but at the same time they don’t want to get caught out in the first half-hour of the match, because when Chelsea go in front, they don’t lose.”

“That’s just a fabric of Jose Mourinho – he’s absolutely the best at managing a lead to get the result he requires, like he did against Manchester United.”

Mourinho’s biggest problem right now is how to score without a striker! All three of Costa, Remy and Drogba are doubtful for the game, so it will be even harder for Chelsea to get past David Ospina. Mourinho would probably be happy with a draw and will park the bus, but we must find a way through and increase the pressure on Mourinho. Let’s make it TEN wins in a row!

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. I am very confident we will beat them, i have only one regret, chelski injuries, i wanted them to be full, so when we smash them they wont have excuses, some of you guys suggesting that mourinho will park bus, and probably he will, so that means we will destroy them, Monaco had the strongest defence in europe and we managed to score 2 goals away, so imagine what we will do to them, all pundits praise mourinho but they will be wrong on sunday!!! 4-1 for Arsenal

  2. Owen Again!!!
    ‘That goal will go down as an assist, but it was all to do with Sanchez and obviously the mistake…’
    Seriously what is he on!? That pass was inch perfect!! Couldn’t have been more an assist unless Ozil had’ve ran down there after the pass and helped sanchez leg in shooting it!!

    Grrrr smug, smug, smug tosser!!

    1. Owen is perfect example of an pundit, talks much but all nonsense, as i recall he said Arsenal wont finnish in top 4, while liverpool would, so far great prediction, the guy is a legend LOL

      1. Id like to know what other pundits thinking is, if he wasnt an English player i think the notion would have been laughed out the door. A twenty year old kid who has done nothing more than beat some opponents one on one and score a less than large number of goals versus a German world cup winner who sees passes very few players can see. Only in England.

  3. I don’t see us winning the game. At best, 1-1, with Sanchez with a consolation goal for Arsenal.

    1. I must agree with you, Twig! I know our team performances have improved, particularly defensively, and the chemistry is there, and yes, we’ve won 8 in a row… but I don’t know if we have reached the level where we have an adequate mix of physicality & clinical finesse in games where chances are few. Southampton & Chelsea have been the stingiest defensively, and we have struggled a bit against them. Besides these two teams, we have yet to play & triumph in enough games that sternly test our ability to break defensively setup teams down.

  4. I watched the Chelsea vs Man Utd game yesterday and was actually quite surprised to see how dull Moureens team looked. It was well expected that they would sit deep and rely on counter attacks. They are usually very efficient in converting these chances from counter attack but on that day they were lacking a striker with pace (costa and remy both out) and the only player that posed constant threat to manures inexperienced back 4 was Hazard. If we look back on the game at the bridge, we looked pretty comfortable not playing high line of defence until Hazard produced an individual moment of magic to shift the balance in their favour. We were never going to recover from that point on. If we can somehow tie him down this weekend I think we will have a real good chance.

    1. I think utd lost because they had no real pace up front. When Shaw got forward he looked to unnerve them but che being che knew how and when to fowl. They sucked the life out of the game with Drogba being one of the worst, one minute hes going toe to toe like a pitbull then soon as he receives similar contact than that dished.. he goes down like sack of spuds.

      I think it would be a great idea to highlight to the media che dirty little off the ball shenanigans and taking turns in breaking up the opponents play unfairly. It is because of those little tricks mentioned along with there negative but fair approach which makes this che team so hard to beat and refs just never seem to go hard on them for it… its cheating, however if they where getting duly punished for it well then i wouldnt have a problem. The linesmen need to be tougher whenever che play, but how often do we see these men contradicting the ref… hardly ever.

      I do want to see a great attacking display from Arsenal but still fear us falling into that same boring old trap of che taking a lead from counter attack then sit way back entire game except for two or three players having the odd counter to relieve some pressure. I think coq will have to do similar job on fab than done silva, hazzard i think will needed to be watched entire game and id actually love coq to have that job but for obvious cant… so am not sure how or who but whenever hazzard moves someone needs to be on him . If they do score from counter the likelyhood is fab and hazzard will be involved so like i say we need to lock them down. I dont believe this bull about all strikers being out, they said costa was out for four weeks but then he trained before the week was out. Drogba will play some time im 95% sure. Really hope the lads kept there best performance for this one.. they must be itching to get at che.

  5. They will park the bus, right?
    Lets put this team..
    Bellerin Giroud Kos Ox
    Theo Carzola Ozil Alexis

    all attacking..we will score a rugby match..due to our many goals and our poor defence..but we will win and thats what matters, right pals, 😀 😀 😀

    1. No, its much easier to stop someone from playing beautiful than it is to play beautifully.

    2. Giroud won’t make a very good CD and Ox won’t be that great as a LB

      You also forgot Coquelin, one of our best players. I like Rosicky but I prefer Coquelin as DM

  6. It will be Now Or Never..Give it everything you have guys..Do it for Wenger..He needs to beat Maureen at least once…it needs to be a win..

  7. Hate them Chelsea scum bags, wanna win it so bad, I,d give my right testicle for a win.

  8. If we don’t win this match at home it will be an even worse feeling than losing to Spurs away for me. Even a draw is unacceptable, Wenger needs a win against this guy once and for all.

  9. I think beating them would be huge. It would put down a marker for next season, and get us over this psychological barrier Mourinho has over Arsenal.

  10. This is more about pride then anything else.
    I want us tO beat Chelsea
    I want us to beat Mourinho and Fabregas
    I want Wenger to beat Mourinho. I’m sick of him not getting one over that jerk.
    We beat City (twice), we beat United, we beat Liverpool
    Now we must beat Chelsea to send them a message that we will be after 1st place next season

    Obviously, a win will also help us finish 21nd place

    I believe in my heart that we can Win by more than 1 goal

    Arsenal 3-1

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