Arsenal need to relax and play without fear against Everton

Winning or Losing against Everton won’t be the end of the world for Arsenal by SE

Arsenal are travelling to Goodison Park today, and without a shadow of a doubt it is one of the marquee clashes of the season. Arsenal would want to continue what has been a decent start to the season, and build momentum with each and every passing weekend. Their side looks well balanced – and the returning German trio of Mertesacker, Ozil and Podolski – will reinforce the Gunners that much more.

This clash against Everton will also present Wenger, with another chance to prove his doubters wrong. The Frenchman wasn’t at his vintage best in these big games last season, and that cost Arsenal dearly, after leading the Premier League table for 128 days over the course of the season.

However, as much as it is important for Arsenal to take maximum possible points from Goodison Park this evening, it would not be the end of the world for the North Londoners if they win or lose against Everton. A match of this magnitude in the Premier League, coming so early on in the season, doesn’t really hurt a side by much. Yes, you want to win every game you are part of, as you don’t step out on to the pitch thinking of anything other than three points and a win; each game has its own ‘consequence’ – but over a 38-game season – one’s title ambitions won’t face obituary by the result of this clash between Everton and Arsenal.

Arsenal can also use this as a piece of motivation, when they take to Goodison Park this evening and play without fear. Pressure in big games is no more than the weight you exert on your own shoulders; sometimes when you have nothing to lose and play your own game, 8/10 times you do end up on the right side of the coin.

‘Play without fear and inhibition’ would be the message to my players, if I was Wenger. This is only the second game of the season, and neither team’s season ambitions will be affected by what happens today.


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    1. Sorry for jumping…!
      Line-up is positive for arsenal!!

      1 Szczesny
      2 Debuchy
      18 Monreal
      16 Ramsey
      21 Chambers
      4 Mertesacker
      15 Oxlade-Chamberlain
      20 Flamini
      17 Sánchez
      10 Wilshere
      11 Özil

      1. In press conference on Thursday Wenger says german players lack match competition, but here two of them are straight into the team where as Fit and fresh player Joel and Rosicky still sit on the bench.

        Atleast Sanchez is in the middle he got that part right.

  1. This will be a tough match for us
    It’s an away match, Everton has an excellent manager who knows how to exploit opponents weaknesses, Lukaku is a better striker than Giroud, they have an excellent defense.

    I expect us to lose by one goal. It will be a tight match though.

    I believe if we had a top striker and CDM, we would win this match.

    1. Isn’t Lukaku injured ? Chambers may struggle otherwise.
      Why is Ozil on the bench, we need a fast start, stick it too them from the get go, sub him at half time if needs be. He’s had enough time off imo.

  2. I find the title of the article a bit offensive. So Arsenal now needs to play without fear against Everton? Everton?! I think we’ve lost the battle already. SMH.

  3. We wont beat Everton thats 4 sure…i hope 4 a draw,wt player like wilshere and giroud we dont stand a chance against the strong teams!

  4. how are we going to win when we are always playing with 10 men?

    Giroud is always guaranteed to miss at least 1 chance per game

  5. My first team xi with the current team:
    Szczesny Debuchy Mertesaker Koscielny Gibbs Chambers Ramsey Ozil Alexis Walcott Campbell

      1. Against newly promoted team finding grip in PL…
        Oh I forgot he is not Giroud so it is brilliant Bravo!!!

          1. If you call it a sensational strike it is up to you but it isnt convincing…..
            But again he is a chelsea player and not arsenal so yea i get the point

              1. Well it is a standard by now arsenal grinds out a result they are not title contender while any other team doing so will be a winner for most and so on and on on everything
                And yea you have a point but the again as a reply to own comment made the anger in me let loose plus no intention to tell you. It may be a frustration to the site/ members.. Really dint want to comment and it was not for you..

  6. Giroud Dropped, Campbell starts, Wenger’s learning
    Szczesny, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Chambers, Monreal, Flamini, Ox, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis

  7. I really, really, like the selection Wenger has made for today’s game. Can’t believe neither Sanogo nor Giroud is starting, LoL.

  8. Wow well done wenger you’ve suprised me with your selection. No og or ya ya wonder how we’ll line up? Show time lets see how ozil and sanchez combine 🙂

  9. Pace means Everton wont be as bold as last time to play with high line. I hope Campbell gets a bit of game time, even last 15 minutes. He’s too good to be benched for 3 games straight.

  10. Great team selection. Looking forward to seeing this team play. So much creativity, pace and quality but Flamini means we shouldn’t be short at the back either. Can’t wait to see Özil and Alexis play together!!
    Side note- Podolski is fully fit but not in the squad. Looks like he’s off. Wonder who his replacement will be.

  11. Good line up but playing ozil as a winger is a mistake everton always throw their fullbacks forward and ozil isnt great tracking back. Would have prefered jack on the bench and campbell wide.

    1. How ever this line up could work if chamberlain is on the left and jacks on the right as debucy provides width but still dont see why we have to complicate things when we can just bench wilshere.
      Anyway like i said before the season started jack wilshere will get forced into the lineup

  12. I’m getting the same feeling that I do every time we play a big team away, the feeling of doom, the feeling of being thrashed, it’s all coming back to me. You see Mourinho with Chelsea, he goes 1 season without winning anything and then does what he has to in the transfer window and spends relentlessly… Wenger puts too much faith in the mediocre players we have at Arsenal such as Giroud and Arteta, Mourinho would have washed his hands of those two long ago and brought in decent players in their stead. We cannot win the title until we stop getting pathetic injuries and we make 1 or 2 more marquee signings. I really do not have a good feeling about today, I predict 1-1 however wouldn’t be surprised if we lost 2-1.

  13. Most important thing today is no imjuries. Our whole season and squad for the next few years is hanging on wednesdays result. Qualify for cl and we stand a chance of signing our transfer targets. Coyg.

  14. Giroud > Costa
    Giroud > Aguero
    Giroud > RVP
    Giroud just hasn’t shown his true potential yet


  15. Poldi off to juve then. Is campbell on the bench? If he doesnt play today I think hes also being sold or loaned. Only other explanation I can think of is that wenger thinks hes fatigued / not fit after his world cup efforts. Love to know what wenger thinks re campbell.

  16. Arsenal cannot relax and play without fear Wenger has managed to pick a shit team and of course we are losing.


    maybe he wants to buy a whole team of wingers and midfield players.

    1. If we cannot beat Everton then we cannot beat the better teams and this is proof that Wenger needs stronger defenders and a Striker to win.

      Winning the cup has gone to his head.

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