What is crucial to Arsenal winning against Liverpool?

Arsenal face two pivotal home clashes in April, first of which is against Liverpool this Saturday afternoon. The Gunners were absolutely irrepressible during March, when they won all their games that saw them remain in 3rd place on the Barclays Premier League table and progress to the semi-finals of this season’s FA Cup after trouncing Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Three of their four Premier League opponents were from the bottom half of the table, and Arsene Wenger’s men weren’t challenged in any of their games, except against Newcastle United who were unfortunate to not even recover a point after producing a stunning second half display. Going into this Saturday’s home game against Brendan Rodgers’ side, what do Arsenal need to do to win all three points and move up to second place, at least until Man City play on Monday?

It has been invigorating to see Wenger become more flexible in his approach when setting his side up for these big games over the course of this season. Arsenal have sat back more than they used to in previous seasons and, fortunately for them, it has paid dividends on a couple of occasions. Against Liverpool at the Emirates, however, the North Londoners need to start the game on the front foot and grab the early initiative against their opponents who are handicapped with a whole lot of injuries and not coming into this game in the best of shape. Wenger’s wizards, if they start the game well, can alter any tactical plans Rodgers may have up his sleeve.

Before the international break, Manchester United travelled to Anfield and seamlessly pocketed all three points against an in-form Liverpool side. They found plenty of joy on the Merseysiders’ left-hand-side, where Alberto Moreno had an absolute nightmare and Juan Mata scored two cracking goals to win all three points for his side. With Rodgers favoring the 3-4-3 or the 3-4-2-1 system, Arsenal ought to test this Saturday’s visitors on both the wing-back positions. Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck, with their pace and power, have the necessary ammunition to make openings for Arsenal from wider areas on the pitch.

When it comes to pace and movement, there are very few Premier League clubs that can play with the flair that Liverpool do. In the current Scousers’ setup, Philippe Coutinho and Raheem Sterling, two players who will be crucial to the visitors’ chances of winning this Saturday’s game, can cause all sorts of problems for their opponents, with their trickery, movement and rapid pace to go past defenders. Francis Coquelin will have his work cut out and need to have a good game if Arsenal are to win this fixture. In the midfield areas, the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Santiago Cazorla and Mesut Ozil need to help Coquelin out whenever the likes of Coutinho and Jordan Henderson get on the ball and look to drive at the heart of the Arsenal rearguard.

Arsenal vs Liverpool is always one of the most anticipated clashes during a Premier League season. From this Saturday’s point of view, it would be naïve of the Gunners to sit back and rely heavily on the counterattack against an injury-hit Liverpool side. Starting on the front foot and scoring that first goal, has to be the No.1 priority for Wenger’s men.


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  1. Mick The Gooner says:

    Scoring more goals than they do.

  2. Nokia810 says:

    sanchez not starting

  3. misoko says:

    3 points!! COYG

  4. Twig says:

    Giving Sanchez a well deserved break

    1. Twig says:

      More reason why he needs a well deserved break. Let’s play GNABRY instead. He’s fresh.

      1. mike says:

        Yikes, that’s an embarrassing suggestion. Not trying to slag you, mate. But if you claim to know football, and that suggestion was not written on April 1, then I think you should reconsider suggesting to start a player who has barely been playing. Theo would be a better suggestion. But not really, as you just CANNOT sub one of the Prem’s best players in a marquee match.

      2. vince says:

        thank gawd you don t run AFC
        Imagine wenger wld actually listen to knuckleheads like you

  5. gooner100 says:

    Starting with urgency, closing them down quickly, using the flanks to push Moreno and Sterling back, tracking back when needed and making sure there are no mad moments in defence. We have the team to do it just need to be 100% focussed on the job and with 100% concentration and commitment. Gabriel needs to start with Koz (due to their pace) and I’d much prefer Alexis and Welbz (if fit) or Cazorla (if not) on the wing as they will all will put the necessary effort needed into tracking back. Nail this and we go into the Chelski match with everything to gain. COYG’s!!

  6. davidnz says:

    Remind the bus driver this is a
    home game before you pass Stoke.
    Don’t drink too many largers
    during the warm up.
    Don’t wear the same strip as Pool.
    Play Ospina not Cazorla in Goal.
    Make sure the players wear boots not flip flops.

  7. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    The tapping up of Raheem Sterling

    It is the weekly meeting at the Emirates. Wenger walks in

    Wenger: Let’s get this over with

    Gazidis: Arsene why are you wearing beech shorts, a string vest and flip flops to a senior meeting?

    Wenger: Bruv, I’m coming straight from the airport. Didn’t have time to change

    Dick Law: How was it?

    Wenger: OK first of all this is a senior meeting So not sure why you are here. But I’m going to let it go. Because I am rested and relaxed and have a new perspective on life. From now on I’m not going to let the little things get to me and end up acting in strange ways.

    Gazidis: Anyway, let’s get to the point

    Wenger: Yes, please. Got stuff to do before the squad get back.

    Gazidis: OK the big issue hanging over us is Walcott

    Wenger: No the big thing hanging over us is Dick Law’s quadruple chin.

    Bould: *bursts out laughing*

    Wenger: No wait I’ve changed. I take that back.

    Gazidis: ERM…….

    Law: So get him to sign da ting

    Wenger: *leans into Gazidis* I swear to god…..

    Gazidis: OK so that resolves it. Theo is in the next room

    Wenger: you mother******s just snookered me. No welcome back Arsene or anything. Just go and deal with more ****

    Wenger walks over to the other room

    Theo: WTF?

    Wenger: what?

    Theo: what kind of crazyass negotiating tactic is this?

    Wenger: no no you got it all wrong. I’m coming straight from the airport

    Wenger’s phone is on the table and it rings. Wenger quickly leans forward and rejects the call

    Theo: that was Raheem Sterling flashing on your phone

    Wenger: oh no its not that Raheem Sterling. I know another Raheem Sterling

    Phone rings again

    Theo: then why is Raheem’s PIC flashing too?

    Wenger: funny story but this Raheem Sterling even looks like the other one?

    Theo: so you know someone that has the same name and looks just like Raheem Sterling?

    Phone rings again

    Wenger: sorry got to take this * Wenger walks out to speak. Theo can still hear him*

    Wenger: I missed you too……..

    Wenger: Nah didn’t get the chance. Don’t worry won’t let Dick handle this one

    Wenger: yeah bruv, hoez were crazy

    Wenger walks back in

    Wenger: So how have you been

    Theo: so this guy has the same name, looks like him AND sounds like

    Wenger: Bruv you got to get over this

    Theo: I know your game bro. This is what you did to me

    Wenger: listen man you know…..

    Theo: *interrupts* last time we sat here you told me I would be a striker, played me there twice and then when I signed it was back to the wing

    Wenger: and you can be a striker

    Theo: i feel like I have lost your faith

    Wenger: No raheem………no I meant Theo I meant theo

    Theo: that’s it *storms out*

    Gazidis: good going Wenger *shakes his head*

  8. samuel@justarsenal.com says:

    Suhith, I think the boss already has with him the starting Key of the HALTING AMBITION GUNNERS STARTS that he will start to unlock Brendan Rodgers’ tactical game plan and nullified the Reds intensity play. And consequently mould them with the score line of AFC 5-0 LFC at full time on the Emirates stadium playing pitch on Saturday afternoon. Thus halting their ambitions to qualify for the Champions League at a costly expense of the Gunners winning this season Barclays Premier League title.

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