Arsenal need to show pride and desire at Chelsea tonight

What was so frustrating about Saturday’s defeat was it came after the news that Spurs had just lost.

It gave Arsenal every incentive to win at Southampton. It would have made up for our previous two defeats and put us back into a healthy position to make the top 4.

While it would be unfair to accuse the Gunners of not showing up at Saint Marys, like they were not motivated at Palace or at home to Brighton, it was still an opportunity wasted.

It would take the most optimistic Gooner to believe the same team who have lost 4 out of their last 5 fixtures will now stay unbeaten till the end of the season when 4 of their final 7 games are against rivals in the top 7.

Yet, instead of focusing on the negatives, we should concentrate that our fate remains in our own hands.

That’s how a squad with leaders would approach this week, but of course we are increasingly learning we lack the experience, hence the weak mentality on display. A draw at the Bridge keeps us in control of our own destiny. It would mean if we were victorious in the remaining 6 matches, we would qualify for the Champions League.

It’s natural to think if we had shown up for even one of the last three encounters how healthy our position in the table would look, but the players simply have zero time to think like that.

In general, they have played like a group who don’t understand what’s at stake. They have been going through the motions, when in reality it’s inexcusable for them not to be fired up when the consequences are so huge.

They have a chance to be known as the Gunners who take us back to UEFA’s elite competition, which financially would be huge for the club.

Man United won’t be as bad next season, Newcastle now have the resources to grow so it’s not an exaggeration to say we might not get a better chance than this to return to the promised land.

If we fail because we are not good enough, that’s acceptable.

We can understand the squad lack experience and have been left with a lack of creativity and firepower. That we can question management about.

What can’t be accepted (and has been by a section of our fanbase) is a lack of desire and pride by those who represent the badge.

If we lose at the Bridge because Chelsea are better that’s just where the two teams are. But no one in a red and white shirt should play in a London Derby with a chance to go level on points with Spurs and not be incentivised.

I would take a draw if you offered it to me…

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Dan Smith

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  1. Funny enough they’ve shown that in the past 3 games for, probably a total of 10 minutes.

    Don’t think its going to change tonight. Our best bet today, like last year, is not to go there to play football at all. Just park all 11 men, whole double-decker, behind the ball for 90 minutes and keep hoofing it and with with any gods grace we might just nick a point.

    1. @DaJuhi
      I hear ya. 1-0 to the Arsenal…I’ll take that any day over the drubbing I’m expecting to take place. IJS

  2. I’m going 1-1
    Might sound daft but sometimes we do play better against the bigger teams ,if by some Miracle we do pull off any kind of result it might springboard us back into the top 4 fight .
    On the flip side any kind of drubbing will probably see our season end tonight .

  3. One thing is for sure Arsenal’s last three losses are not down to pride, desire, the January transfer window, the owners ambition, the Managers man management skills, leadership, team selection , tactics, subs, fatigue, crowd support or even injuries . There is no clear and obvious reason/reasons for the three losses and we are left clutching at straws, barking at every passing car and quoting every stat as far back as 1872. Spurs, Man U and Arsenal are all becalmed desperate for a wind shift snatching defeat from the jaws of victory game after game while the fans angry rants can be heard in the next county. The fans of all 3 clubs by now have sacked every player and the entire coaching staff multiple times and have appoined a new manager and transfered in 20 new players with the open cheque the owner must honour. Yet no one really has a clue what to do. No a good soothsayer 🙂

    1. Lol
      Your comments are always sounding like a broken record.
      Please can you do me a favour by telling me which planner you are living in

    2. @Fairfan
      Welcome to “football fans” mentality.
      But this is where football is at. Keep changing managers after one season if things don’t look great.
      Spuds have been going through this process for more than 25 years. I don’t know how many managers Spurs have appointed since wenger joined Arsenal.

      But this lack of patience or critical thinking is where football is. Every club now hires and sacks, hires and sacks after a season and a half etc.
      I don’t like it but it is now part of football.

    3. More to the point, has the manager got a clue what to do?
      We, the fans, go along and support the club and give our opinions.
      But we are not being paid millions of pounds to do a job.
      Maybe, when studying those stats, you might just see the trouble we are in, but let’s keep joking about it.

  4. It’s going to be tough after the confidence crashing defeats against mid table fodders (Brighton, Palace, Southampton).
    We need to see a better mentality and attitude against Chelsea even if we lose. Being humiliated for the whole game might start causing the players to question Arteta for the first time. He has had the complete trust and respect from the majority if our players since he joined. Now that might start changing with 4 losses in a row. Caube 5 loses if we don’t perform against Man United too.

    Squeaky bum time for Arteta..

  5. We need a result today. Players have to be in it from the whistle for 90 minutes.

    Arteta has to have a plan B ready if we are struggling. And I don’t mean throw every attacker on the pitch and hope something sticks.

    Players have to step up and show they can be counted on, and manager has to show his tactical chops.

    Either we start showing we’re worthy of CL, or might as well find someone else to lead this young group.

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