Arsenal need to sort themselves out!

Arsenal have consistently suffered more injuries than every other team in the Premiership, and the case of Aaron Ramsey pulling up with his third hamstring strain of the season has yet again highlighted the Gunners ongoing problems with muscular injuries to their players.

According to the former Wales assistant coach Raymond Verheijen firmly lays the blame on Arsene Wenger’s shoulders. “There are two solutions. Either Arsenal sort themselves out or Aaron has to go to a club… where training is more balanced,” said Verheijen.

“It’s one or the other. The medical staff can only cure the problem but football coaches cause the problem because they are responsible for football training sessions.”

Naturally all JustArsenal readers have known for years that there MUST be something wrong with the training methods, because it can hardly be a coincidence that every single year Arsenal get hit with a full-blown injury crisis, and this season has been even worse than usual.

After the Leicester game and Aaron Ramsey’s seven minute stint on the pitch, Wenger was asked if he was worried about the Gunners constant injuries, and he replied: “No – because for example Arteta has an ankle problem, Debuchy and Wilshere had an ankle problem and they are injuries you cannot do anything about.

“The only thing you can worry about are the muscular injuries. Arteta and Wilshere and Walcott were joint injuries – you cannot do anything about that. When you get tackles like we get, sometimes when the players are a bit tired it’s difficult to get out of it.”

So basically Le Prof is saying that Arsenal get targeted by the bully boys and make our injury situation worse. Who agrees with Wenger?

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  1. Bullbags. Muscle/tissue injuries can be avoided. If they keep occurring something is wrong in fitness, training, rehabilitation or medication (or any combination of these).

    More excuses.

            1. Like the AFC under your idols stewardship these past 10 years.

              Do you have his jacket too and wear it whilst watching the games fumbling with the zip?

      1. Go read a book, or do a little research on sports science. Everything he said was spot on. My gf has a PHD in Pysiotherapy and nutrition, would you like me to send you her dissertation on the “Role of Fatigue in Susceptibility to Acute Muscle Strain Injuries”??

        I warn you in advance, it’s fact and research-based….so your current argument, based on ignorance, might need to be adapted.

      1. It’s always the same players. It’s Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey and Arteta. Some people are prone to injury, it’s as simple as that and unfortunately we have at least 4 of them! Some aren’t. Take spindle shanks Peter Crouch, built like a Crane Fly and yet rarely troubles the physio’s couch. It’s the luck of the draw unfrtunately.

  2. I hope arsene will rest some of our first team players ahead of boro game, we can’t risk picking up another crazy injury. Hopefully gnabry and akpom will start

  3. So, former Wales assistant coach Raymond Verheijen, how do you suggest Arsenal sort themselves out….Whats the cause of the injuries, what can be done to prevent it….what are we doing diff from other teams….

    1. He is not likely to give us the answers is he no?. wenger and his chosen medical staff should already know them

      See my post above and below for some stab in the dark ideas…

    2. What you are asking needs an in depth study and analysis.You can’t just say that in one interview.And there are hired professionals at the club to do those sort of thing.

  4. Verheijin/Martinez on tissue injury;


    Even Ray Parlour said when recently visiting Colney that Wengers methods are years behind seeing how the pace and power of the game has changed so much over the years. They were innovative and fresh 5-10 years ago but times a change and Wenger is long in the tooth and doesn’t seem capable of doing likewise. You know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks..

    Really I think this is a massive point. If one of your own returns and can’t believe what he his seeing then something/s must be terribly, terribly wrong from a training/preparation perspective.

    Surely this has some contribution to Our continued injury NIGHTMARE?!

    Only one man to blame and it isn’t a referee or a player from the opposition before this is wheeled out..

  5. Arsenal clearly have an issue. I don’t know where it lies, but it’s there. I can speculate a few ideas:
    1. We rush players back and they never fully recover (see Koscielny)
    2. Our physio team are not strong enough
    3. We do not do enough fitness training
    4. We overtrain
    5. We have players who are injury prone and have either suffered early recurring injuries or are weak muscularly
    6. We have friggin’ bad luck

    I believe it’s probably a mixture of all of the above factors and not some easily pigeonholed issue. What Arsenal can do about it is limited, but bringing in new fitness coaches and physios is something they’ve already been doing so I’d imagine the next step is to look at training regimes and recovery periods a little more in detail. Theo has certainly been nursed back but minor injuries we seem to throw caution to the wind over (see Alexis and Welbeck). A review should be held to examine the evidence – only the club can really do that with any real viable medical evidence to back up the findings.

  6. We have went over this. Arsenal do get a certain physicality put to them because of our game. When you have teenagers on the end of that treatment it must cause some proneness towards injuries. That is not the full story however. We are all built differently, some can take the punishment as well as give it and others cant. Many Gunners over the last years have looked too lightweight.. in my opinion. Training methods, there is obviously a problem here as we shifted midway through last season from a high intensity to a lower one. Arsene wouldnt have done this if he thought not a problem.

    Whos to blame, well there is only one man to answer… Shawcross… obviously the buck stops with Wenger.

  7. What a roller coaster season this is. We WIN, we LOSE. Today we are HAPPY, tomorrow we are SAD. We PRAISE Wenger today, 2mao we want him sacked. Fighting for Top 4 seems to be d only thing constant and injuries.

  8. i say sack him for good and move on…

    we need to rebuild the team…

    with the new tv deal…..500k a week is no longer an issue….

    time to spend the money…

    1. did you seriously say 500,000 a week isn’t an issue…

      again, admin, please ban this idiot; all he does is pit Arsenal fans against each other, free speech is overrated when it only fuels conflict.

      1. Free speech is so overrated.. Classic.

        I know let’s move the Emirates to North Korea and you, Wenger and Mao can reign supreme?

      2. Tidan2, look at his name very well. Tells you his background and why he keeps doing this and reasons the way he does. Once you come to this assessment of him you’ll no longer be pieced with his comments.

        1. now then Yen; my old psyhcoanalyst friend. With your deep insightful powers into the human psyche did you also happen to observe how he called me ‘full of $hit’ for suggesting the injuries were some how self inflicted by AW in my post?

          I Didn’t start throwing around insult at him did I now? however it seems acceptable on here if you question ‘our leader’ To spout abuse at the discerning voice.

          I won’t ask you if you do hold a license as a practitioner in psyhcology (no matter how tempting).

  9. I think I’ve been reading other version’s of this article on this site before – the point is that year in year out we have pretty much the same discussions while the only constant in all of this is Wenger. The club hires all these professionals yet one man is everpresent and so are our problems.

  10. Every team get injuries, we all know this but it would seem that the combination of our style of play coupled with the physical attributes of our players (slightly built generally less physical) AND the fact that clearly our training and physio facilities (try saying that when your drunk) are well behind the times. Its no Coincidence that every year we suffer from a horrendous injury crises but IF we had a more balanced and physical squad the these injuries wouldn’t be a crises at all. Ramsey being out is not really a season breaker at this point as he has never really appeared this season, Sanchez being out is a problem if its long term, BUt why are we relying on one player to boost us in every game? Many of us shout for a Viera replacement and that’s something we really need and not just the Physicality of the man but also the mental attitude, its clear that many of the lower sides and I’ll use stoke as an example feel free to smash our players about with impunity, We have no commander in the squad, You all know that the side ten years ago that Viera played in was a tough side if you put a clattering challenge in on an Arsenal player then Viera took it personally and you knew you were going to get some back during the remainder of the game, same with Dennis Bergkamp if you hurt him he’s hurt you back at some point. the squad then had some steel in its balls, the squad today seems to be overtly populated with soft as shite kids who are scared to have a go back. Im not suggesting that we encourage aggressive behaviour but its a contact sport and the opposition need to be physically intimidated as well as out played and we don’t have anyone who appears to do that. Sanchez maybe is a tough kid and gets involved but apart from that there are few that will. This is the way that Wenger wants his players to be and he buys in more delicate and less physical players now I’m all for skill and subtlety but we need so,me enforcers as well who scare the shit out of the opposition.
    Off Topic but related to this article, why are we still counting Diaby in our squad ?? if he EVER plays competitive top tier football I will eat my own leg.

  11. Shad Forsythe, our new physio (or physical trainer) said that our preparations and the state of the players shape after games was “prehistorical” (I am quoting “France Football” where he gave an interview) and it will take him up to a year to figure out what to do.

    Medically, we know there is something happening even though the “deluded one” continues to pretend that he is “surprised” and “shocked” by the amount and the inexplicable injuries.

    On top of that, Wenger does not know how to manage his squad… Sanchez is tired because he played almost all the games due to no descend back up. He is the one who carried us up to Xmas.

    Wenger said that we could win the league in 2017… I wonder how is he going to do that? Magic?
    We will win the league again, just not with Wenger at the helm… That is just a clear and obvious fact.

    I red in the new that Wilshere might be sold and Liverpool are interested as a replacement for Gerard (Well, I am no Liverpool fan, but I would be insulted if the club project was to replace Gerard with the worse midfielder in Arsenal squad)… !!

    This season could be a perfect image of the last one.

    I guess, based on the club ambitions, a top four and a FA cup is a good return.

    I hope, one season soon, the papers will talk about us being European great and league “titan”…!!

  12. Damn. Same old topics still keep coming up.

    Arsenal had a tense game against an organised spirited Tottenham side who needed and wanted more then us.

    They got their tactics right. Switching play and attacking our flanks. Bellerin got caught of position and hence Ramsey had to compensate.

    It was too much for him. He wasn’t sharp enough, fit enough for such a game. He got run ragged, trying to be everywhere.

    He wasn’t ready for the Leicester game. Simple as that.

  13. there are plenty of complaints that can be and should be made against Wenger’s management, health of the players. And being 14 points from 1st
    place in February (never being close to 1st all season).

    However, we can still get something out of this season. We are still in 2 cup competitions

    1. We could Win the FA Cup and Champions League and finish 4th to 2nd

    2. same as above but 1 trophy

    3. FA Cup but out of Top 4

    4. Top 4 but no trophy

    5. (Worst): Not in Top 4, No Trophy

    Champions League is not impossible. Teams have won it that were not favourites ie. Liverpool, Porto, Red Star Belgrade, AC Milan, Steau Bucharest, Hamburg, etc. Even Chelsea a couple of years ago weren’t favourites.

    FA Cup: Very decent chance.

    So Keep the Faith
    Don’t Lose hope for a great season
    There will be plenty of time to show anger and frustration and sadness in the summer


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