Arsenal need to spend less on kids and buy what we need NOW

The window has only just opened, are you sure? by GW

I just read a post that talks about us only being 18 days into a 63 day transfer period. Many people that think they are in the know, say that the window opened in July.

Not sure how we signed Granit when we did then, in fact if memory serves me correctly, we signed Podolski when we were still playing in that season.

I‘m sure someone will tell me you can agree terms with a club and player but it doesn’t become official until July. If that were the case then why did we have pictures of Granit on before the Euros?

I think the point to all of this is if you sign your players early, they bed into the team, join in pre-season games and are ready to go at the start of the season. That to me is not only common sense, it makes the fans happy.

I keep reading about Higuain and his ridiculous buyout clause, why does that keep getting mentioned? First of all we would never pay it, and secondly he isn’t that good. If Wenger didn’t sign him for £32mil he sure as hell isn’t going to pay more for someone that is almost 29.

Why didn’t Cesc, RVP, Nasri, Adebayor, TH14 and all the other players we sold on the cheap have buyout clauses?

Wenger seems obsessed with buying potential, yes he bought Bellerin and Anelka from a young age that worked out, but what about all the other young hopefuls that didn’t. Wellington Silva, Nordveit Havard, Senderos, Djourou, Ryo, Bendtner, Lupoli, Miguel and not to mention those we currently have that we were left drooling over (at the time) such as Krystian Bielik who we were told was the new DM we needed.

I know I sound negative but we need to stop buying all these kids that rarely make it and spend some cash on what we need now. Such as Mahrez, he’s available and cheap. Or maybe even a punt on Marco Reus?

Bayern Munich have won the Bundesliga 4 years on the spin, and each year bought at least 3 top players, maybe we should try doing that, the other way hasn’t worked.

Wenger got shot of TH14 because he had 2 jobs. Wenger himself is a pundit, but that’s okay? I think he gave TH14 an ultimatum because he hates people around him that aren’t yes men. And he does like a yes man. Perhaps if he spent a summer concentrating on the team that pays him £8mill a year, we may do a little better. Maybe.



  1. We not have same board as Bayern Munichs! Their boards want TROPHY!! Our board want the PROFITS. I think Arsene must to spend less time buying the Arsenal shares and the more time buying top top top players!

    1. But their TROPHIES give them more PROFIT than us, I repeat, TWICE. We’re ranked no23 in most valuable sports team, Bayern are ranked no11. Winning trophies = MORE $$$$

  2. Since the invincible season in 2004
    Arsenal has searched for the strikers
    to propel the team to the EPL title
    once more but to no avail.
    Here is a list of strikers signed since
    the summer of 2004.
    2004 Bendtner, Van Persie.
    2005 Vela
    2006 Adebayor, Walcott
    2007 Eduardo
    2009 Arshavin (Jan)
    2010 Chamakh
    2011 Chamberlain, Campbell, Girvinho, Myaichi, Park,
    2012 Podolski, Giroud.
    2013 Sanogo
    2014 Sanchez.
    2015 Fortune, Marlen.
    2016 Asano…
    If top 4 is your go obviously a top striker is not necessary.
    Leicester won the title with a 1 mill nobody striker up front.
    Perhaps Giroud Sanchez Walcott Ramsey Sanogo Asano
    will be enough for top 4 but what about the title?

    1. eduardo story still bugs me. i was sure he would have been huge for us, one tackle chnage destiny for him an for us

      wasnt to be 🙁

    2. Leicester won with a TOP SCORER, stop being in denial. A consistent goal scorer is what we need.

  3. Why are we buying potential instead of proven quality players? Let’s go for Riyad Mahrez, the boy is so skillful, even Draxler is not as good as Mahrez…

  4. Sorry dont you guys have life or a hobby? or are you perhaps handicapped? this constant childish ranting is getting on my nerves shut up and enjoy the football or if not complain once and if you want to change something boycott or DO something but dont write literally the Same stupid thing a million times… so annoying

      1. No offence to as this is my favorite blog.
        But there are far more fan’s using ‘Twitter’ (thanks twig ?) than anything else and if the the majority of the fan’s are not happy with Wenger’s transfer dealings and his stubborn ways then surely the majority can’t all be wrong? ? ?

        Arsenal fc have now started to bann fan’s from the Emirates, because of their comments made on social media, Now that just about sums up the direction of our beloved club, in the hands of the communist – like party.
        It’s beyond a joke. ?

        1. to be fair, i’m pretty sure those people have harassed/abused/threatened other users on Twitter related to the club. I know Vardys wife got a lot of nasty comments. I think the club has a right to do so. People need to smarten up and realize they can’t say whatever they want on the internet, and it’s especially stupid to do so if they’re name is attached to it.

    1. @Krish

      To be fair, it works both ways. When AKB’s defend Wenger, how many times have we heard excuses such as: It’s the finances, it’s the injuries, it’s the officials, etc! Hopefully now that more and more fans are pulling their heads out of the sand, we’ll see consistent, and larger protests this season, as they were a little tentative last season. Wenger’s already said that he won’t be sorting out all of the problems in the transfer window, so hopefully some protesting against Liverpool will put some much needed pressure on his shoulders from day one.

      1. That’s only when they get in a discussion with one of the fans who type the same thing over and over. You won’t see an akb just coming on and typing an excuse as you call it, with no-one prompting him. And they won’t come on ..repeat rinse and repeating. They aren’t an ounce as annoying as some others, who you want to grab by the scruff, and say ..we know said that already!! …not thirty seconds ago dude!!

  5. Don’t mind the links and rumours for now,

    Unfortunately Wenger is waiting to see results against Liverpool and Leicester before he can add more to the team, any positive results in those games will convince him not to sign.

  6. gazidis has been concise in explaining that wenger has absolute final say on transfers.
    considering everything he already does, is it asking too much?

    ita flattering in a way hes so attached to this club that he is frugal with our funds, where jose van gaal pellegrini throw money without a care.
    but this frugality has been at the detriment of our success.
    these past few seasons gave us optimum opportunity of titles . several clubs in transition.

    what could have been ….

  7. I dont understand one thing about Arsenal that Hector is being pulled by Man city and he is very much interested by their manager’s aura that it is becoming closer to reality. I really hope that Wenger addresses this news.

    1. It’s funny how City have offered £43 million for Bellerin, which happens to be Arsenal’s valuation that scared Barcelona away.

      Different rules for different fools, I guess that Wenger would drive Bellerin to Manchester, if they offered £50 million ?
      Maybe thats why Debuchy is still an Arsenal player? ?

  8. Mahrez better than Draxler? IDraxler is 1,87m, Mahrez 1,79m. Draxler is younger and probably World Champion in 2 y ears again. Bis price in 2 years can be 125mio. Mahrez in 2 years 25mio.

    1. Well Draxler plays for Germany, Mahrez plays for Algeria, so his chances of ever being a world champions are close to none. Mahrez is just as good in my opinion. Just because he doesn’t have a giant pricetag like Draxler doesnt mean much. I’d take either of them on Arsenal without question. Plus, Mahrez has led his team to an EPL title. Draxler hasn’t done anything like that in an easier league.

  9. As a club I think buying young talent is always good, however
    – We never got proven talent(except Ozil and Sanchez) to compliment the young guys
    – When we sell, we dont have a release clause
    – When we sell youngsters, we dont set a buy back clause
    – We dont buy enough good youngsters, they go to elites. Chelsea bought a major chunk in last 5 years, Barca/Real/BuLi clubs attract the best, City has its new academy, the rest come to teams like us.
    – The policy in EPL to have a home grown quota is killing us. We have to overpay Wilshare/Walcott/Ox/Chambers etc and same time, no way to get rid of them. hardly an English player goes outside EPL, and seems outside EPl no one cares for them. They can be squad players, but can be the main team players on regular basis!

    Transfers have changed a lot in last few years, even average clubs do it. But we are struck in the old mentality, old transfer policy and evaluation from 20 years back

  10. if you were bellerin and had the chance to move to a club with ambition, that wants to win the premiership and champions league, or stay at arsenal and celebrate winning the arsenal cup (champions league spot), what would you do?

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