Arsenal need to stand together and fight to silence the critics

There has been an amazing knee-jerk reaction from fans to Arsenal losing to Brentford with an inexperienced team decimated by injuries, and then being beaten by the two teams that contested the Champions League Final.

The fixture list for Arsenal could not have picked a worse beginning of the season for the Gunners, and of course everyone is disappointed, but if our first 3 games had been against Norwich, Burnley and Brighton, for example, it is safe to say that everyone wouldn’t be so depressed as they are now.

But, to look on the bright side, we have got two of the hardest games of the season out of the way, we are getting most of our players back to fitness, and it is time for the team to pick themselves up and start winning again.

As Edu said on, it is now time for the team to stand together and fight for the badge to prove that the criticism is totally unjustified. “I always say, in these periods, when you are exposed, it’s really easy for everybody to come and hit us.” he said. “No problem, we have to accept that. But it is our responsibility as well in this period to be together, to work and go through this difficult moment. So these kind of moments are important as well because you see who is who. Who wants to fight. Who wants to step forward and say now we want to change it.

“We have the team to change it, we have the fans to change it, we have the right coach to change it, we have the right players to change it. So now is a good moment to be together, to work as a team, to step forward and say, ‘Listen guys, we have to change it as soon as possible’.”

We have to change it next weekend when we face Norwich at the Emirates, and the important thing is get the home fans behind the team and cheering them on. 5 of our next 7 games at home (with reasonably easy away games at Burnley and Brighton in between) so with a fair wind and our fanatical home crowd, there is no reason why we can’t get a great run of results to shut our critics up once and for all.

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  1. At last a positive article… I’m also looking foward for changes everywhere but wait till some fans starts commenting jmpmdjnjqmjpjtmhn. It’s their opinion though like this is mine.

  2. Totally agree, all the criticism from our own fans is counter productive at this point and welcomes the media bashing we are so easily a target for. Let’s stand together and see this new look team have a run of games.

  3. Agreed, finally a positive article. Of course we’re all disappointed and its not just the results, its the manner of the performances. But when we look at the team (including very good recent additions) the talent is there. Its now up to Arteta to get the results and performances. I still believe. We’ve been through tough times before and we will again. This is where the real characters come to the fore.

  4. OT.. What a fantastic performance from our women! A 3-2 win over the Chavs (although our winning goal was offside, I’ll take that all day long 😄)
    Brilliant brace from Mead!!
    Well done 👏

  5. “If our first 3 games had been against Norwich, Burnley and Brighton, for example, it is safe to say that everyone wouldn’t be so depressed as they are now.”well I wouldn’t be so sure,have you forgotten that we lost to Brentford,their first PL game in 45 years?and you believe that we would have beaten Burnley and Brighton really?

      1. I always hope/wish/want for my team to win,expecting is a all different matter, are you saying that you were expecting us to beat Man city and Chelsea?

      2. To expect:to regard something as likely to happen.since you always expect us to win, that’s how you felt before our games against City & Chelsea is it?

    1. Agree Siamois, at the moment we cant say any team in this division for us is easy, we could just as easily lose to Norwich, Brighton, Brentford, Burnley or Newcastle as anyone.

  6. No “children” so far, calling for MA’ s immediate exit. Where have all the children gone? Away forever, hopefully!

  7. frankly I’m rather surprised Edu had the time, considering his busy holiday schedule, to make these desperation-induced pronouncements in person, doesn’t he have access to hologram-based technology…as for his message, the expression day late and a dollar short comes to mind

      1. no doubt Reggie….I wonder in which “phase” these oft-times empty words actually evolve into real world actions…based on the amount of times the word “window” was referenced, 3 years or so

  8. In our first home game, after the abysmal defeat against the Bees, the crowd were STILL 100% behind the players and were still urging them on after being 2-0 down.
    It was ONLY when the players seemed to give up that the fans became frustrated and MA seemed incapable of changing anything.
    As for calling fans who are questioning MA as “childish”, I would suggest that this comment deserves the contempt of all fans who, while questioning and demanding football that we associate with The Arsenal…. and MA is simply not delivering it.

  9. I used to be this way when Wenger was getting mauled by negative fans. I really feel the negativity is those years actually cost us points, and considering we only missed top 4 by a single point that was clearly detrimental to our collective success.

    I do not feel that way anymore. I would title the article differently ……..”Arsenal need to come together and silence the optimists”.

    A lot of the people who share the views of this article are the very same people who were demanding change (often in a negative way) during the Wenger years.

    In the here and now we have rookie management (MA/Edu) that has shown no concrete progress for over a year!

    Silence the critics? C’mon mate….. you and your lot bend over backwards finding ways to make MA look good. This site is full of positive Arteta articles. Why?

    I think many of you feel guilty of your actions during the end of the Wenger years and instead of accepting we have made another mistake in MA/Edu, you keep hoping that it will turn around.

    I just watched Everton, a team much inferior to ours in regards to personnel, managed by a veteran which we could of got, Benitez, score 3 smashing goals against Burnley….. are we going to do that? I really hope so.

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