Arsenal need to start rebuilding for the future NOW


With a number of Arsenal players having been in the team for a while, and now looking surplus, including players like Walcott, it may be time to rebuild, first for next season and with the immediate future in mind. Perhaps the quick-fire signing of Konstantinos Mavropanos (one build for the future but with clear thoughts that if called upon, Mavropanos may even start tomorrow) maybe Arsenal are best advised to rebuild now rather than waiting. This rarely happens in mid-season, but with a season that we are chasing a seemly impossible top 4 spot and with key players likely to leave, it would not be bad advice to buy now and get the players who can begin to integrate into the new Arsenal and off to a flying start for 2018/2019, with the second half of this season used to get new players integrated.

If that be the case, then starting with goalkeepers – Arsenal would be very interested to look at either Anthony Lopes of Lyon or Sergio Rico in Seville. Sergio Rico is tall, and at a prime age of 24 and easily being kept off number 1 spot for Spain by the brilliance of one David De Gea. He could be gotten for a bargain of 20M and you would probably have the another young Petr Cech on an ascendancy.

Someone else worthy of looking at would be Anthony Lopes of Lyon and Portugal. Lopes is 6 Feet and very agile. He is a good organizer and marshaller of the defenders and maybe the kind of goalkeeper who can ‘wake-up’ Arsenal defenders to perform. He could compare to a Jens Lehmann-like profile. He is already 27 but that is young for a keeper.

I know we have already brought in Konstantinos Mavropanos. In this department we have the ageing Koscielny, Mertesacker, Monreal and Debuchy. We need someone who can slot right in and proceed with it like we had never even changed. James Tarkowski of Burnley would be that kind of a player. He is already 25 so he is not coming in to be grown into and has played in the Premier League too. The Polish player can also fill in in the defensive midfield if need be. For 7M he would be available immediately, but with Burnley performing surprisingly well, he could be hard work to buy right now. However, an arrangement of purchase and re-loan to the same side could be arranged.

In Central midfield we continue to ask for more players even when we have the likes of Xhaka, Ramsey, Wilshere and even young emerging talent. Ainsley Maitland-Niles could fill in here. Whoever, this is a sensitive area where we need to avoid pitfalls of previous seasons and strengthening would be advisable. I would go for Ignachio Camacho from VFL Wolfsburg as an additional acquisition that can give a decent if not stella performance when called upon.

With both Walcott and Sanchez knocking for exits, we would need serious recruits for the wings to remain relevant. For the left wing, Jose Arnian is with Barcelona B and only 22. He a Spanish player who would fit the mold of future stars and already linked with us before. If needs be he can fill in for attacking midfield role.

For right wing, Christian Pavon would be a considerable acquisition to replace Walcott, even an upgrade. This is an Argentinian player with Boca Juniors and still only 21 and there is considerable interest from European clubs including Inter Milan, Manchester City, Liverpool and PSG, some in the past and some right now. We have been linked with him too in the last few days. Pavon can play both wings and as second striker.

For Lacazette’s understudy we can bring in Andre Grey from Wolvehampton in the Championship. Losing the likes of Giroud, Walcott and Sanchez in this transfer window is a possibility and it means players who can fill in for decent centre forward are leaving exposing us to lack of strikers. Wolves could be tempted to let him go for 20M.

Here is my 2018 rebuilt squad. It would play in 3.4.1 pattern






How would you suggest that Arsenal rebuild given the opportunity?


  1. McLovin says:

    Tarkovski signed a new deal yesterday until 2022. If Keane went for 25 mils, Tarkowski won’t be anything less…

  2. Ray says:

    WTF, man? you still have Xhaka in the squad!?

    Also you still have Ozil in there who i’m certain will be leaving at the end of the season!

    But, seriously.. Arsene Wenger has to be the first casualty in a re-build. I’m not getting into an “Arsene Out” protest here but, all i’m saying is that this team will always need a re-build under him. He fails to attain the high level of quality Arsenal used to be built on under his early management. Football has changed over the years. Unfortunately, Arsene or the club did not change with the times. The “big” players who were “sold” the dream by Arsene have realised that in recent years which is why they are not committing to a new contract. Who ever comes in is likely to face more of the same failure! under the same management!?

    1. Anko says:

      Most of our players are not fulfilling there potentials under Wenger, ambitions are just to make top 4, make lots of profits and win whatever we can. Fans are deeply unhappy, pundits don’t respect us anymore, both small and big teams beat us at will, defensive errors everytime and the biggest part of it Wenger refuses to change our play to meet the present tactics in football!! Everyone can see what is wrong with us except him (Wenger). Am exasperated!!!

  3. Anko says:

    If rebuilding the future is around Wenger then I don’t think there is any rebuilding to be done. What the club need is for Arsene Wenger to quit and let someone with a winning vision take over. Wenger need to go! Period!

    1. Arnold says:

      “We talk. We know the players. We know. It’s not that we discover, we know every single player in Europe before Sven arrived.

      “Sometimes, in a little club in Germany, he might know somebody we might ignore.”

      with comments like that from Wenger, there is new problem for our new Head of recruitment to do his job independenly – solution Wenger needs to go

  4. gotanidea says:

    Never heard of those young players, but Arsenal should be more careful before getting the wrong players again. Xhaka and Lacazette look very good on YouTube, in fact most fans on were drooling over Xhaka and clamoring when Arsenal bought him.

    It turned out that Xhaka is not the defensive midfielder nor the deep playmaker that Arsenal were looking for. The expensive flops Arsenal bought could play better under different system and if they play in the correct positions.

    Arsenal should buy players that are suitable for their current system, not just some physical monsters that look good on YouTube like Moussa Sissoko, Carvalho, Krychowiak, etc.

    1. Jon Fox says:

      Pray, stop writing sound common sense. YOU KNOW IT ANNOYS THE BLESSED ARSENE. Ansd we can’t have that, can we, or we might hurt his feelings and he might up and go and where would we all be then? Drunk on Champagne, speaking personally!

  5. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Rebuilding for the future? We all know that we need a Goalkeeper with Cech coming to the end of his career. Has anyone read the comments coming out of Juventus regarding Wojciech Szcesny, “we have one the strongest keepers in the world , the perfect replacement for the legendary Buffon” and the dinosaur let this excellent keeper go, kept the ageing Cech and the very average Ospina

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Because he saw him smoking a cigarette

    2. gotanidea says:

      Martinez and Macey look promising.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Agree, I like Martinez, if it was up to me, he’d be in now

      2. SuperClaes says:

        Agree but than again I don’t think Martinez gets much game time in Spain!

    3. SuperClaes says:

      So you were happy when Szcesny played for Arsenal? I certainly wasn’t…

      Talk is cheap!

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Ok, he made one or two mistakes, but not as many as Cech and Ospina. Szcesny had enormous potential but unlike Walcott wasn’t squeaky clean. Anyway thanks to Wenger, Juventus are benefiting now.

        1. Jens says:

          you compare cech more to ospina than to sceszny?

          fans are a waste of space

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Your post has got no meaning, I suggest to try again

  6. Jon Fox says:

    For once I will not spend more time slaughtering Wenger. But I would seriously ask this: when he first arrived and he moved on the existing deadwood in splendid double quick time(likes of Hartson etc, who was never a Wenger type player) and swifly re-built the club in his own magnificent -at that time- image. So why has he now- and for much of the last decade- done the precise opposite? This last decade he avidly collects dead wood and hoards it, treasures it even and throws huge wages at it , for virtually no return. Walcott comes immediately to mind. CANT THINK WHY! On the other side of the equation, he leaves gaping holes, like CB’s lack of quality and the decade long cavernous hole at CDM, to be filled by incompetant and hopeless players. I need not list the many duds, the latest being Xhaka , he has wasted there,since Gilberto left. So , he has totally changed tack in an opposite direction and, guess what, our results have gone from superb to appalling. He looks , though older , like the same person. But in methods, effectiveness, pro-activeness and results gained he could not be more different. WHY? Anyone ? And please don’t say money. HE HAS WASTED COUNLTLESS MILLIONS IN WAGES AND ON COLLECTING LONG TERM DUDS, which in his glory days he never did.

    1. Ivan says:

      My theory is that Wenger has simply been in the job too long. The most efficient and successful guy I ever worked for reckoned that as a manager (not specifically football) you are most effective in the first three years in any job and after that you go backwards partly because you get too comfortable and partly because your staff have heard all your words before and I don’t think this is far wrong in football either.
      In football even the successful managers rarely do 4 or 5 years so actually I think that Wenger did really well to have 9 good years. Because he has gained total control and does not really answer to anybody he has become too comfortable. He would have benefitted from a change himself.
      People may say what about Ferguson and I say he is on his own a complete freak. He had a personality that demanded respect and a ruthlessness to get rid of anybody who dared challenge him (Beckham, Stam, Keane etc). Wenger does not have these qualities. In fairness hardly anybody does.
      When I look at other great managers who were long serving some of them lost impact in their latter years (Bill Nick, Jock Stein and Brian Clough spring to mind)

      1. Ivan says:

        Just thought of 2 more examples of being in the job too long.
        George Graham (who won more trophies per year in charge than Wenger) lost the plot and Bertie Mee lost impact and respect with the players in his last few years.

      2. Jon Fox says:

        Ivan , A beautifully argued case. Much truth in it, though I also firmly believe the devastating loss of his close friend and dedicated, talented David Dein(A proper Gooner for life) hit him -and the club – far harder than anyone predicted at the time. The loss of Dein, in my opinion as a life long fan, has been the biggest own goal BY FAR in our history. The downward spiral started in 2007, the year Dein was forced out and also when Kroenke arrived , soon followed by the deceitful Gazidis. All these were major factors too. BUT WHAT YOU SAID WAS ALSO VERY TRUE.

        1. Ivan says:

          I agree about David Dein. He did a lot of work on his own re players and then just went to Wenger would you like? for example Sol Campbell (after spending hours in his house with Sol selling Arsenal). He was the dealmaker extraordinaire.
          Also for some reason the AKB’s credit Wenger with vision of the new stadium when it was David Dein and Danny Fizman who came up with the idea. No we have definately missed him.

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Very good article Ivan. Regarding David Dean, I often see him outside the Emirates, my entrance being next door to the Diamond Club and have had many conversations with him, If I had a £1 for every time I’ve pleaded with him to come back I’d be rich man, extremely amiable guy, has time for everybody, be they a Diamond Club member or ordinary fan.

          2. Ivan says:

            I’m glad he still goes Kenny, as Jon says Arsenal have a lot to be grateful to him.

          3. Jon Fox says:

            I have also often seen him, though I no longer go ,until Wenger leaves, when I will start again. Have spoken , briefly three times to him in all and he is a warm, intelligent and superb human and dyed in the wool Gooner. Rather like Kroenke in fact, eh? Or just possibly, NOT!!! If we had a compehnsive poll of all who attend regularly how many d’you reckon would prefer Kreonke to Dein? You can bet there would be one. There always is! Probably Kreonkes banker!

        2. A.Ball08 says:

          Jon & ivan
          Both of if you have hit the nail on the head.
          Jon. DD has been the biggest loss to afc then any other person at the club in the last 10 years.
          I heard he was Friend, sound board and woyld give him a whipping if AW strayed..ok whipping is a bit extreme
          I have said it before and will say it again. AW is still a good manager who wants to win, knows how to win things but has settled for 2nd best because upstairs has settled for that, which means he has had his day and needs to move on
          Problem is who ever comes in has one heck of a job to to get us back pushing for a top spot place and will stan and his merry band of robbing men Sanction such an order of spending 300 to 400 mill with no guarantees of returns apart from a bit of silver ware which they are not interested in.

  7. Simon says:

    That’s a really good point…

    I agree, a big investment in players is needed with so many key people about to leave

    But makes no sense if Wenger buys when he is leaving just 1 season later.

    Better to put in new manager and give him the funds to build the team he wants and needs to return glory

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Yes Simon, as much as I would like to see some new players, you’re absolutely right

  8. RAZ says:


  9. Arnold says:

    you can now Wenger is trying to take a swipe/undermine our new head of sout publicly like did with Gazidis when he was talking about bring in Director of Football – man the man love power!!
    but his days are numbered we need a modern, young fooball manager who is gong to be more enganging others

  10. Grandad says:

    Why would any Arsenal fan include Xhakand Mustafi in plans for the future when they are clearly inadequate?

  11. ruelando says:

    I actually think arsenal has started to rebuild already, unfortunately it might be going slower than what we want. Wenger power has been reducing over the past 2-3 years. I doubt if any players being scouted or being bought has anything much to do with Wenger and more to do with the new people at the club. Good or bad we will so further down the road.

  12. pires says:

    TO BUILD a DOMINANT club you have two ways:
    1-to spend astronomical sums of money(like or Chelshit)
    2-to have a top acdemy like la Masia
    WE don’t have money like CHelshit or city neither an excellent academy like Barcelona(although we have a GOOD academy but not ExCELLENT). altough wenger is at FAULT in many aspects,any manager would find it difficult to challnge with frauds like shity an chelshit.Lets not delude ourselves.

    1. pires says:

      Liverpool has changed eight managers since wenger is here without beicoming basically better than arsenal (we had won far more trophies in the same period)

      1. Jon Fox says:

        But WHY compare us to Liverpools last two decades? Or with them at all? The only true and meaningful comparison is with what WE were a decade ago. On that comparison we are a dismal and unambitious failure. In any case, Liverpool are firmly on the up, showing real ambition and with a good manager , who has not lost his grip with reality. You would not find Klopp , playing A M-N at LB to learn his trade in the wrong position. This crazy idea is Wengers alone and no other proven and top manager does it. We have also won more , less important trophies, than many teams but have not come anywhre near reaching the level a club of our world standing and worldwide support deserves. And THAT is what matters. Not pointless comparisons with other teams. I like your passion for our club but despair of your thinking, at times.

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