Arsenal need to stop being slaughtered by the EPL Big Teams

Losing scandalously to big teams has to stop! By Sylvester Kwentua

Happy Monday Gooners! Hope we doing good? Ok, just on Sunday night, I was in a deep thought and the cause of my worry,  was the manner that Arsenal lost to Liverpool.
See guys, losing in the first place to Liverpool is unacceptable, but losing scandalously, is worse!
For fact’s sake, Arsenal is a big club, and big clubs try all they can to match other big clubs, in terms of performances on the football pitch. So why is Arsenal not living up to their hype? Even if Arsenal should lose to other big teams, conceding more than a goal without scoring one, is not good. In fact in 3 “big games”, we have already conceded 11 goals…
Against Manchester City in August, Arsenal lost by five goals to nil. Before then, Arsenal lost to Chelsea by two goals. Now over the weekend, Arsenal lost to Liverpool by four goals. Is this going to continue as the trend against the big boys in the English Premier League for Arsenal? Why can’t Arsenal even score a goal against the big boys in the EPL? Should Arsenal also not be instilling fears into the other big teams in the league?
It won’t be a bad idea if the name of Arsenal instils fear into the minds of the supporters of other big teams, just the way most Arsenal fans feel when their team is about to play other big teams, will it?
No doubt Arsenal have had a good season so far, but one favour I would love to ask from the men at Arsenal, is to stop losing scandalously to the big boys in the league please. I want Arsenal to also learn how to start beating the big teams and instill a little fear of Arsenal in them, starting from Manchester United.
I am positive Arsenal will get past Newcastle United if Arteta gets his game plans right, but against Manchester united, I am sorry to say that it may be more difficult than we may think, but it is very achievable.
We are Arsenal and proud.

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    1. Still two other words: POOR SELECTION
      Against ManC we fielded Xhaka as the only DM. Of course he got overwhelmed and sent off
      Against Pool it was Tavares atLB rather than a fit and more reliable Tierney

  1. Even the “smaller” teams rarely get annihilated like we do.

    Soft underbelly that Troy Deeney is 100% correct about. MA is not the man to coach that soft side out of us, he himself was an extremely soft player.

    1. Can disagree, however look at our experience in this division 22yrs and younger players. Not bad, not bad at all. We look at the 1st half. Then 2nd session, basic mistakes which liverfoo to advance of. The joungsters felt bad because of the fear they have on playing against such big boys.

      1. The fist 30 minutes didn’t count for nothing in the hindsight. So I refused to see any good in it because we lost all the points and conceded four goals in the process. We didn’t even look like scoring in those period , all we did is preventing pool from scoring.

    2. @PJ-SA I disagree as I do not believe we have a soft underbelly. The first half was a determined performance and we competed well, even if we didn’t look particularly good going forward. But we were eventually over-ran in midfield and totally dominated in the second half.
      To me, it seemed obvious that we needed AMN on in midfield at the start of the second half in place of Aubamayang, who we just could not get into the game. But Arteta felt differently and we paid the price. Tierney and Nuno should also have been in tandem down the left to shit out TAA. Far too obvious for this novice to see.
      Also, what is the point of having ESR playing si wide? He is totally ineffective out there. Either play him centrally or not at all.
      We will continue to be beaten heavily by these sides while Arteta remains in charge. He is clueless with tactics and formations against these stronger teams. And if ever it needed proving that we are a more solid side with Xhaka playing then Saturday proved this. Until we have someone better (which is not difficult) then Arteta will play him. Partey was made to look poor simply because of being dominated by a better midfield who play as their manager instructs. Our midfield rarely creates( check the goals scored column) rarely dominates (even against lesser quality sides) and rarely show signs of improving despite us having more talented players than the majority of the sides we have faced ( Burnley, Brighton, Palace, etc)
      Same old story- until we have a manager who knows what he is doing we will continue to get embarrassed by these teams.

      1. This is a reactionary and dishonest post. Last season Arsenal defeated Chelsea home and away.
        Or was that Chelsea not a stronger team.
        So you are clearly being unfair and unbalanced in your comments.
        This is a young and inexperienced team which is still developing.
        There is also a clear lack of respect for some of the other teams in the premier league. Those teams you quoted would give any team a serious test on their day.

  2. Arsenal were outplayed by Brighton blah blah.
    Where was the much touted defence ?
    Alexander was given too much time and space to deliver point passes.
    NU wont be easy meat, In fact ALL lowly teams can fight,Then MU will be eager to puch ahole in the gunners confidence,

  3. Agree that the gunners shd stop being annihilated by big scores.The question is how.
    Why not flood the md and hit on the break

  4. If we fail to score a goal against any of the big teams in the EPL then qualifying for the champion league will be of no use because we will get dismantle by experience side.

  5. Going forward not as smoothas you want it to be. /just look at the team in 2004. Sublime passes and set up, fast and accurate.

    The ball passes to Saka and he stop going forward and passes back cos either no supporter or he does not dare to take on defenders.

  6. Arteta is fine, but he is not on the level of the top coaches yet. I know people like that he went after Klopp, but I don’t. Not at their home. He fired them up. Klopp and Liverpool thrive on emotion. That backfied bigtime

  7. And to think that we want to play champions league football with all this soft and passive players.. Think about how will fair at the Alianz Arena? If we have been in the same league with Liverpool and City, watch them every week, know their strengths and weaknesses.. but we still get humiliated season in season out…

    So why do the fans really wish for more embarrassment from the continental stage inform of the Champions league against teams we don’t too well..

    There’s no too ways about it, just like Lampard wasn’t at Chelsea, Mikel isn’t fit to take Arsenal forward… keeping him we are only prolonging our sufferings and calling it “Process”

  8. I love our women team. Anytime our male wants my emotion down. Our women team always makes me feel happy. IMHO I think it’s high time we get an experienced manager / coach to take us forward. COYG

  9. Played: 21
    Won: 8
    Drawn: 3
    Lost: 9

    Goals for: 22
    Goals against: 29

    Points per game: 1.28
    Win rate: 38.1%
    Loss rate: 42.86%

    Goals per game: 1.04
    Goals conceded per game: 1.38

    This was lifted from an article written in May…. hardly getting “destoryed” by the big 6.

  10. Wee Fella- we are included in the big six

    so it’s “the big five(5)”
    Except u want to drag Leicester in there, which if u do I will ask u to equally drag Brighton as well cos we haven’t had a recent good record against them, that is if ur definition of top teams are the teams that have recently been causing us problems.

    1. Buddy it was actually a mistake on my behalf, I should have said the other 5 teams within the so called “top 6”. Technically we’re not a top 6 team & havent been for 5 years now. I still don’t think we get pumped from them as much as everyone makes out to be. Under Wenger/Unai we got LEATHERED by the other top teams. In my opionion we’re much better under Mikel vs Wenger & Unai.

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