Arsenal need to stop counting the pennies and show ambition

Arsenal count pennies in transfer yet again! by Konstantin Mitov

I’m never too optimistic whenever we are going for a world class player. because when it comes to Arsenal and transfers we’re always trying to cut a corner when it comes to the price. And it’s no different this time with Pierre Emerick Aubameyang!

We’ve sent a three man squad including our CEO and our head scout in hope of securing a deal, but after a third day of talks I’m ever more certain we will fail to strike a deal. Why is it taking so long? Dortmund have set a price for the guy, which is not that high and we’re still trying to lower it down.

If I’m Dortmund, I’d say after 3 days of negotiation that you either cough up the money or you leave. Just think for a moment how Liverpool paid 75 million for Van Dijk! And we don’t want to pay that much money for one of the best strikers around? I’m sorry, but the longer it takes, the worst it will get.

Latest rumours suggest they want a replacement first, which makes sense. We wanted one in the summer in order to sell Alexis, so I understand their point, but what I don’t get is why we haven’t offered Giroud yet? He’s behind Lacazette in our squad and we also have Welbeck.

Dortmund were reportedly interested in him in the summer and it’s a world cup year, and France head coach said that he needs more game time in order to make the cut. It makes perfect sense to offer Giroud as part of the deal or strike a separate deal for him first.

Olivier has been a great servant to Arsenal and is a player Arsene likes no doubt, but we’re talking Pierre Emerick Aubameyang here! We offered 44 million when Dortmund want 60, and I’d add Giroud to the offer and raise it to 50 if we have to. But unfortunately we’re a business first and even though we’ve sent new figures to try and make a deal it could end in the same old despair.

You see, counting pennies cost us to sign Ronaldo, Drogba and a bunch of other players who went on to win everything in club football! We live in the past. Our owner doesn’t care about the club, he cares about the profit, but even so, we were outspent by Huddersfield in the summer!

We were on a huge profit despite missing the CL and I wonder what have done with the money from selling Gabriel, the Ox, Wlacott and Coquelin? We’re supposedly seeking Auba as a statement of intent that will help sign Ozil down to a new contract but I feel like we’re messing it up again.

And what I’ve mentioned so far should be another reason for Arsenal fans to be happy to see Mkhitaryan join, because otherwise those 20-30 million we would’ve got, would’ve happily built a ranch in the US, whether now we at least got a very good player, who played for a manager who’s style of play doesn’t suit him at all.

It’s interesting to see how Walcott got an assist and the Ox is improving at Liverpool and left us despite a 60k a week pay cut compared to what he would’ve earned here. My point is that we’ve failed a lot of players and we let their contracts run down, so in order to not have Wilshere and Ozil join a more promising project, we need to start acting like a club with ambition.



  1. John0711 says:

    So far we’ve bought a young Greek lad for 2m
    A swap with Utd for our best payer and potentially spent two weeks trying knock a £ off aubas fee

    Oh we do have 300m in the bank

  2. Samij says:

    The way Arsenal price players look ridiculous

  3. OJames says:

    Couldn’t say more myself. Right to the point, I totally agree.

  4. Vlad says:

    We can only speculate what’s going on behind closed doors. One thing’s for sure, our negotiating team IS in Dortmund, and they are trying to get the deal done. Perhaps it’s the price that is the stumbling point but more likely it’s Giroud. We haven’t heard from him, and we really don’t know his side of the story. Does he want to go to Germany? Could it be his wages, or new contract? Who knows. I, for one, am actually very optimistic and think we’ll soon see PEA in red and white colors. There’s still a week left so let’s leave the negativity behind for now, and hope for the best.

    1. jon fox says:

      Vlad, What you call negativity, most of us realists would call realism based on much previous experience. Hope you are right and I am wrong but I expect nothing of worth from our stingy club.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        I’ve desperately wanted Aubameyang for the last three years and as I’ve said on many occasions, the nearest I’ve seen to Henry and I agree with Vlad, it’s probably the Giroud factor that’s holding up the deal. But surly it’s in Giroud’s favour to go on loan to Dortmund till the end of the season. He needs game time if his going to achieve what he obviously wants most, which is to go to the World Cup, and his not going to get that at the Arsenal. I still think we’ll pay the money eventually whether Giroud is included or not. I also agree with Jon to an extent and wish sometimes we’d just pull up the fee and stop all this haggling.

        1. Sue says:

          Got another 7 days of this window Kenny… if anything is going to happen it’ll be on the last day knowing Arsene!
          It’s doing my head in… how hard is it to offer the money & sign Auba!! Come on!!!

  5. satank says:

    Gazadis is in Dortmund to fool the press and the fans that the deal will happen.
    Ox, Walcott and Le Coq money will go straight into the LA Rams’ stadium, not into a blooming transfer, of course. kroenke doesn’t need us in the top four necessarily. Top six is also a good position. Top ten might actually do a couple of times, as far as he’s concerned. I’m beyond sure that Auba isn’t happening, as we know how these things work at Arsenal – pay the press, fool the fans.

  6. Midkemma says:

    Waiting is frustrating me, either get him or move on and admit to use fans that we want to make a profit each year from transfers rather than invest in the time of need.

    Playing devils advocate to my own feelings, we wouldn’t have him playing for us before our next EPL game so why not go in with a bargain offer and return with a better one instantly WHEN it was rejected… but you don’t get the bargain if you don’t try.

    It makes sense. I want AFC to unveil Auba NOW!!!!! I have been a fan of his since we was linked to him years ago and he went to BvB instead. But I can’t deny that we do have a bit of time to try for a bargain when looking at it emotionless.

    Looking at our sales and purchases, I would say that supports the bargain thought, we offered just under what we have left of the profits made from transfers. AFC board would love to have gone to Silent Stan and said “net spend still negative now where is my pat on the head boss, i polished it this morning just for you”

  7. Vlad says:

    TO ADMIN: Are thumbs up/down coming back or not? It really is not the same anymore without it. I used to come here almost daily, and comment on a bunch of different topics but now I see myself going to Arseblog and other places more and more. Bring it back, man, or a lot of people will jump the ship.

    1. John0711 says:

      I agree

    2. jon fox says:

      Mr. Admin, I too have far less enjoyment now, without like/dislikes and am currently seeking another site to join instead. Can you not at least treat us with the decency of an explanation please?

      1. Admin says:

        I cerrtainly can..
        The old plugin got corrupted and wouldn’t work any more. I have tried three more since. 2 didn’t work at all and the third one wasn’t even noticed by your lot even tho it was n action for 3 days. So I deleted it!
        I am currently on holiday for a few days but I fully intend to find a workable one when I get back. It is not as easy as you may think….
        If anyone has suggestions of a suitable plug in let me know please….

        1. Sue says:

          Not going to Germany to help sign Auba are you Admin??!!

          1. Admin says:

            Err I think I’m more of a south of Spain sort of bloke. Not that nterested in freezing my tits off!!!

    3. Admin says:

      I have replied to this somewhere on this article I think! Please bear with me it’s not easy mate….

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Admin, you can’t take holidays when we’re desperate for thumbs. Have a nice time mate

  8. Sue says:

    So I’ve just read that Ozil is set to join Sanchez at Utd in the summer ???

    1. John0711 says:

      If that happens Sue someone deserves the sack oh hang on !!!!

      1. Sue says:

        I’ll be distraught if he goes there too!!

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Me too Sue!!!

  9. Durand says:

    Aubamayang in Giroud out is absolute no brainer. Laca, Auba, Mhki, and Ozil is almost unfair to field against opponents, almost.
    Attack solved (resign Wilshere, Ozil, and Reiss tho), and in summer need quality CB, CDM, and definitely new GK.
    New coach appointed early in summer, and “catalyst for change” complete.
    I’d rather have Conte if he’s available than ancelloti, but thats just my opinion

  10. olis says:

    arsenal fans never learn..
    . I’m quite sure aubamayeng is not coming to arsenal ..

    1. Sue says:

      Will he? Won’t he? This is driving me mad!! Just pay the money!!!

  11. bran911 says:

    Even with having respectable people in Germany nothing seems to work, are they really working on Auba deal or it’s just a smokescreen

  12. ThirdManJW says:

    I am currently doing a degree about business at the moment, with the view of starting my own in a couple of years time. One major thing I have learnt so far, is to always be keeping an eye on the market place. Arsenal, and more specifically Wenger, have been refusing to this for years.

    When negotiating business to business, each side must be willing to walk away if no deal can be finalised, but Arsenal/Wenger seem to do this far too often. There seems to be this refusal at our club to accept that it’s a ‘sellers market’, and that valuations on players are very unstable.

    A good strategy for Arsenal/Wenger to start using would be to bid high early. The Lemar transfer was a fantastic example. If we’d gone with around a bid of £60/65 million straight away I think we would have got him. Because we let it drag out to the final day, Monaco then wanted £90 million! Why? Because they would have had no time to find a replacement, and they knew we were desperate at that point. Going in high early will actually save money most of the time.

  13. jon fox says:

    Great article, once you get over the shock of seeing “arsenal ” and “ambition” in the same sentence. Snails and winning 100 metres gold medals would be more appropriate couplings.

  14. khitb77 says:

    The club needs to make a signing that will get the fans behind Wenger (for the rest of the season).

    We have the money, the fans know that, the press know that and Dortmund know that.

    I don’t see a reason why we can’t get a straight signing, no including Giroud in a deal?

    I don’t think it’s a wage issue (as we were in danger of exceeding PL rules – we’ve got Walcott, Sanchez and Coquelin off the wage bill recently), so why not keep Giroud at least until the end of the season AND sign Aubameyang?

    Personally, as much as I like Welbeck, I’d rather we kept Giroud, even though he’s 31 years old. So we could still potentially offload Welbeck once we’ve signed Aubameyang.

    I think we come across as unprofessional with our transfer negotiations. If Dortmund want £60M or whatever, pay it. Get it done so we can move on.

  15. Gelz says:

    The longer this Aubamayang transfer saga drags on, the less likely we will get him. 3 days this has been going on and we still don’t seem close. I am seriously hoping that once again they have not got the fans hope up for nothing and if history tells us something, we are set for a disapointment.

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