Arsenal need to stop playing defensively away – Go In All Guns Blazing

Time to address the ‘Away Game’ problem by GunnerJack

We all have our own ideas on why we suffer away from home. For what it’s worth here are mine.

1) We know that UE likes to study our opponents and there’s nothing wrong with that. My contention is that in away games he treats the opposition with far too much respect while at the same time showing little respect for the ability of his own players.

2) This leads to him choosing a defensive lineup – but I think most of us would agree that unfortunately our defenders are far from being world beaters. So my question to UE is this: why invite pressure on what is the weakest component of your team?

3) Away from home our midfield is also chosen with defence in mind. However for me they are much better going forward than defending.

4) OUR BEST/CLASS PLAYERS ARE TO BE FOUND IN OUR ATTACK! So why on earth leave them on the bench!!??

5) Our home record shows that Arsenal AS A TEAM play far better when attacking than defending. So as our best players are in attack and the whole team play with much more fluidity when attacking then WHY NOT ATTACK EVERYBODY – HOME OR AWAY – STARTING WITH NAPOLI?

Personally I want to see Mesut given free rein and spraying passes to Auba, Laca, Ramsey and also Iwobi. Iwobi was much improved on Monday and was one of the few players who worried the Watford defence AND showed much more composure with his final ball. With a bit of luck he would have had 2 assists to his name.

I also don’t really believe in resting players for whole matches. I think they want to play every game. So let’s not disappoint them – start EVERY GAME with our best players and when we have a game won then, and only then, take them off. They will then understand that they are being subbed to rest/protect them from injury so they are ready for the next game WHICH THEY KNOW THEY WILL START and are not being subbed for playing badly. You’ll find there’ll be no more tantrums, no more thrown shirts but instead a happy and motivated squad.

To my mind playing defensively has SIMPLY NOT WORKED. Can we really do any worse away from home than we’ve done so far? With that in mind let’s switch to an attacking lineup, similar to when we play at home, for ALL our remaining games starting right now.

We may not succeed of course. However if we don’t make it then I for one want UE and our players to remember that WE ARE THE GUNNERS! NO MORE MEEK, UNCERTAIN AND NERVOUS DEFENCE! FROM NOW ON LET’S GO IN WITH ALL GUNS BLAZING AND BLAST OUR WAY TO SUCCESS!



  1. Ackshay says:

    We need to score 1st or else all hell could break loose. Napoli home is like dortmund home its intimidating for opponents and the fans will push the players all the way. if napoli score 1st in the first half then we will be in a very difficult situation. We score 1st and we kill the match because i don’t see us conceding 4 goals.

  2. Omar says:

    Admin, I have asked these very same questions in print many times. It took UE. more than 30 games to utilise Arsenal’s full force with both Lacazette and Aubameyang in attack, when Josh Kroenke was present against Man. Utd. at the Emirates and win 2-0.

    The paradox and incongruity is that UE’s CV proffers the audience all UE’s managerial, tactical and team selection skills; no other manager has ever achieved 3 Europa League Cups in consecutive years. Yet UE has manifestly been bereft of effective and efficient team selection or tactics at Arsenal thus far save that one game vs Man Utd at the Emirates. This frustration has permitted to the squad that Aubameyang is now publicly venting his views.

    Hats off to UE. in that even with these shortcomings and the injuries to players, he has navigated the team to “Top 4” of EPL(yes thanks to Man.City thrashing Chelsea 6-0, Arsenal are above on goal difference).

  3. Jah son says:

    It was soooooo hard watching Arsenal struggle against ten man today makes me nervous. Funny thing is that most of these games we are the better team on paper.

  4. Abbas says:

    Ozil hasn’t been spraying passes to anyone when he’s on the pitch, I’m not sure he’s going to start today. Strikers making fantastic runs while Ozil passes sideways.
    Don’t wanna hate in him, I love him genuinely do, he stopped for a photo with me and my son recently, really nice of him. But let’s face it, to have a free role and offer little in terms of pressing and aggression he needs to slide in batman or Laca now often than he has.

    Whoever starts I’ll be supporting the team 100% and I hope Ozil proves me wrong. If I was UE I would be starting Xhaka and Torreira in CM with Ramsey supporting the 2 strikers. Width coming from AMN and Kola

    1. Jah son says:

      We tried that last game at the very beginning Rambo can’t play the ten role. He likes to score goals not to assist them.

      1. RSH says:

        Still it’s better to have Ramsey there defensively than Ozil. Ozil came on during Watford game and wasn’t much better. For all the hate Iwobi gets he ended up being the most creative player that game.

        1. Midkemma says:

          I disagree.
          Ramsey is an awful number 10, my mum could do better in the number 10 role, Ramsey doesn’t have the intelligence/vision to play a WC number 10.

          Ramsey is a top TOP 8, that is not a 10. They are different roles. Ramsey best position is deeper than a number 10.

          Iwobi as well… Did you watch the game? I know I did and Iwobi was infuriating! He runs with the ball well but anyone who watches Arsenal will know Iwobi is a headless chicken, he is worse than Theo! Theo wasn’t good enough for us and Iwobi is worse.

  5. jon fox says:

    I’ve rarely read a more spot on article than this! We simply CANNOT DEFEND, whatever we do, so why play a defensive line up, and weaken our team by leaving out more talented attack minded players for ones who are nominally “defenders”? We either go on the offensive or go out. THE CHOICE IS EMERY’S. The plain truth is that we have not a single fit top class outfield defender at our club. That fact stares us in the face, at least those of us who choose not to fool ourselves. The way that “wrestling,” shortish, Sokratis has been stupidly overrated by many on here, leaves me, as an arch realist, almost speechless with incredulity. I deplore fans who refuse to use their brains and their eyes!

    1. Mihado says:

      Yea Socrates may not be the top class defender we all wish for… But in honest truth he make it better compare to what it was before…aside from VVD at Liverpool… And the City defenders… I see no other defender in the league better than him…

      He brought Cojones which Troy accused us of… He has dsame tackling style with Kompany a no nonsense defending… And that the kinda defense we are crying for since the days of Adam’s and co

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