Arsenal need to stop playing out from the back (or replace Leno)

Will Leno’s mistake against Rapid be more costly then it seemed? by Shenel

Can somebody please tell Mikel Arteta that he does have more than one goalkeeper in his team..

After Leno’s rather shocking but not surprising display in Austria, it was only going to be a matter of time before a goal game from the stupid way that they play out from the back. But even after conceding they still continued to play out from the back.

I think they should reconsider that playing option because if they do that in the league they will be punished. I think it is the worst bit of play any team can do especially if the defence is not as confident and it really frustrates me.

Although I wasn’t surprised to see Leno in the starting line-up I was disappointed. I feel Runarsson should get a chance and a run around, that is why we bought another goalkeeper right. Or is Arteta going to only use him if Leno ever gets injured? Well if that is the case then that is wrong in my eyes. I am not saying Runarsson will be any better, I have never seen him play so I am not an expert in his game play but surely Leno needs to know that he has some competition. And if he sees it and is put to the test day in day out in training and during competitive games then surely that will make him stand up and perform better especially when under pressure.

Leno is a top player there is no doubt about that, but we are yet to see his top level. He needs to lose the mistakes and Arsenal need to lose the playing out from the back before it really really costs them. The quicker Arteta can see this and ring the change the better it will be especially if he continues to play Leno through every game. Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. Ars must used another gk instead of leno.

    The problem is that, Arteta don’t want to hear someone’s protest.

  2. The new guy should play in early stages of cup comps, that’s a given. Otherwise if Leno gets injured, we’ll be potentially destroying our season with a new GK without top experience…

  3. Agree, we should either stop playing from back bec we have seen how poor we are when we play from back or find better ball playing keeper. Some of the issue has been resolved by having Gabriel, Cebollos and Partey bec these player have the capability to implement MA’s plan to play from back but with holding, Xhaka, Elenney and Leno it’s a no no. All players mentioned do not have the agility neither are quick to pass that leads to mistakes at back. Xhaka is a good passer of ball but he is too slow to react and he is kind of player who need time on the ball. I don’t understand some of the MA’s logic with regards to everything interms of some of the players we have signed, the type of football we are playing, this obsession to play from back with Leno, benching better players and then in last two matches complete wrong player selection on top.

  4. That’s exactly what some of us are saying, what’s the meaning of buying a goalkeeper if you can’t even trust him to use him in the carabao cup or the Europa league, all the other top teams use there second keeper in the cup games, and if the keeper played well it will show the first keeper that he has some good competition.

  5. We must respect the coach’s decision. His philosophy has so far improved the team immensely. Some adaptations take longer than others and some fans need to be patient, as, all his(Arteta) iideas cannot be implemented at once,by all the players. Hence, in the implementation of the new patterns of playing, mistakes will be made. But, the key is mitigating mistakes, while players continue to improve their understanding and implementation of the new patterns learnt. Fans chill.

    1. Precisely. Even with that “stupid playing from the back” as the writer says, our defense is the second best in the league. I guess some perspective is needed.

      The Manager sees what our defense is doing playing from the back. The fact that they continue to do it means they have his backing 100%.

      You lot keep praising the Manager regarding what he has done with the team so far, and yet still try to teach him his job. Use this formation, use this player, bla bla bla. He didn’t need your advice to get us to where we are today. Just cut him some slack.

  6. Replace Leno?

    The back up goalie is similar to
    the 2nd string QB in college
    football or the NFL. Rabid fans
    are always clamoring for him
    when the starter struggles or is
    not in form.

    Leno HAS been a little dodgy lately
    but how many knowledgable
    Arsenal fans honestly think an
    inexperienced Icelandic lad who
    was 2nd best @ Dijon is the best
    option for MA’s troops going


    1. Then he should have replaced martinez with a competent goal keeper. What happens if Leno gets injured today. Won’t the second choice gk at dijon become our first choice then? If we don’t have that much faith in him, why did we sign him?

  7. We have scored plenty of goals thanks to us playing from the back and are much better at it that we used to be a year ago. Progress is being made despite the occasional error.

    Of course Leno can and should progress with his passing decisions and precision in his distribution but that’s something that Arteta will make him improve over time.
    I’m happy Leno played for that away game as it was the hardest one of the group stage and it shows Arteta takes the competition seriously.

    This said, for some of the other “easier” group stage games, Runarsson should be given the start if Arteta feels he’s ready to play.👍

  8. Lets us start by putting the ridiculous statement right that “we have more than one keeper in the team”. We do have more than one in the squad but only ONE in the team! If anyonehas EVER seen two keepers players simultaneously in goal in one team, I will eat my hat. So that statement is false, to begin with.

    The rest of this tosh article amounts to no more than Shenels personal opinion that he knows better then MA about how we should play out from defence. As such, it can be disregarded as the mere opinion of a novice who is desperate to write at all costs, even when he has nothing sensible, save his own naive opinion, to write about.

    1. A team is everyone put together to achieve a particular goal. I believe that includes the bench as well.

      Shenel did not say starting 11, Mr English Man

    1. I think the writer is bit biased based on their opinion of how arsenal should play. Should the writer have watched the other games where playing from the back enabled us to score the writing of this article would not be so slanted. I think you as the writer should go back and watch a few games before writing a piece which will only further irk the neigh sayers of Arteta

    2. Then he better gets players fit for purpose. Leno is very dodgy playing from the back. This invites undue pressure.

  9. I agree that in UEL games, especially the group games, we should give Runarsson a chance there.
    I really dont see the point in buying him to not play him, considering he came recommended by our GK coach.

    With playing out from the back, I think the team needs to use some common sense, that goes for MA aswel, with when and when not to do it.

    When you consider teams that have a high press like City and Liverpool, we can beat that press by playing over it, its not like we lack pace up top and throughout the team is it?

    All the blame for Rapids goal cant all fall on Leno, the defenders need to make angles for passes so that needs to be improved.

    Hopefully over the next few weeks / months we can start to play more aggressively now we have TP in the middle of the park

    1. Spot on with the common sense statement. That was something martinez used to do. He didn’t play from the back all the time. He knew exactly when to shoot

  10. Leno gets the ball then he waits until the opposition is ON him then only ďoes he pass the ball. Or he kicks the ball to Tierny or Ballerin timeously BUT the ball comes in too high and they must first struggle to control it at which time the opposition is already on them.
    Or Leno would get the ball then he waits until the opposition is almost on our guys then only kick the ball to them . At that time my nerves are shot

  11. Leno does that on purpose, to try and draw in a player to make space, that is why they call it playing from the back.

  12. I have been saying stop playing from the back since Emery came and destroyed our style.

    All we needed was proper investment to stop team. We needed a DMF and two CBs. All of high quality. Then we needed to find targets for Ozil.

    Wenger was sacked half way through that rebuild and we came up with managers who are playing from the back!

    We can get back to attacking football if we focused on letting defenders defend and then asked some of the attackers to help, while others were ready for the counter attack.

    Arteta needs to listen to Wenger and use Ozil.

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