Arsenal need to stop relying on Alexis as lone striker

Arsenal have been struggling this past week, and in every line-up I am questioning the selection on the left-hand side of our attack, and I can’t see why we can’t move Alexis back to the left in order to play a stronger XI.

It feels almost as if Alexis Sanchez has been outplaying and outfighting teams almost on his own up front, with Mesut Ozil struggling for consistency this term, and only Theo Walcott earning his spot on a regular basis.

Alex Iwobi, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Aaron Ramsey (when fit) have been vying for the remaining spot in our attack, but with Olivier Giroud having already proven he is well up to the task on a number of occasions, I cant believe the Chilean hasn’t been rotated to start in that spot on occasion.

I know Alexis has been our star this year and we need to do our utmost to keep him happy, and hope this persuades him to sign on the dotted line, but nothing more than wins will keep him running on full confidence and at his peak morale.

We all love him playing centrally, as he has grown into the role perfectly, but I don’t see how fielding Iwobi or the Ox was a positive selection yesterday.

It would seem that Wenger thinks that Lucas Perez hasn’t had enough football to be selected to start, although he has been exceptional when called upon, which leaves us with the only other option of returning Alexis to the wing, and playing Giroud up front.

The Frenchman gets plenty of stick but I remain a big fan of his. His goals speak for themselves and his professionalism is highlighted by his attitude to being left on the bench to accommodate Alexis in his favoured central role this term.

He has shown on more than one occasion that he is willing and ready at all moments to come in and do his job, winning us more than one match from the bench this term, and he deserves to be considered when trying to field our best XI.

Should Alexis have started yesterday back on the wing? Does he lose that much by being dropped back to the flanks?

Pat J

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  1. Sam, need a striker says:

    “His goals speak for themselves” this Giroud you speak about, the writer forgot his drought for more than 10 games last season, he must remain where he belongs, the bench …
    Like it or not, Arsenal attack is all about Sanchez … No one upfront, just Sanchez …

    1. bran99 says:

      it was 15 games mate

  2. gotanidea says:

    Alexis Sanchez is not our striker currently. He is our central forward/ attacking midfielder that will go deep to get the ball, create key passes and be a playmaker in the front. Giroud is our striker, but we do not use that tactic anymore.

    1. Jansen says:

      We could try that tactic with Perez. We wouldn’t want Giroud to slow down our play.

  3. Sanchez it not the problem but the team.. we re always timid and scared against other big teams which I think the problem is from our gaffer because we have been experiencing this problem for years now

  4. Peanuts says:

    I don’t think Alexis being the striker is the problem, his goal haul so far this season is enough evidence that he is effective upfront. My main issue with the team is the overall lack of drive and intensity in some games. So much so that one never knows which attitude to expect at the start of a match. Another issue is how the team fizzles during a match and simply seem confused in the middle of a game. Unfortunately, both issues are the responsibility of the manager. The truth is that Arsenal needs a young vibrant and dynamic manager that can motivate these players adequately before a game and keep them on third toes throughout the 90mins.

    That is what a lot of younger coaches can do…bark instructions during the game so that no player can go to sleep or disappear on the field and immediately substitute any player that is not playing at the intensity or form required. The issue of some players being lazy on the field while others are giving their all must stop. The issue of players panicking, losing concentration during a game must stop. If not, Arsenal will not win the league title anytime soon.

    See how Conte and the other coaches behave in the technical area to ensure full concentration from players and quickly substitute any player that is not performing as expected, but I can’t remember when Wenger made a substitution before 60 mins even when some players are performing woefully. He waits until the match is lost before reacting, this is not good enough. Also, how do lazy players like Ozil get away with it. Very few managers in the premiership will tolerate Ozil’s tempo in some games, and definitely none of the other big clubs will allow it as can be seen in the cases of very good players like Oscar, Depay and the likes.

    Wenger is perhaps too old and comfortable on the job to handle these players I the manner required to ensure that their drive and intensity remains the same EVERY TIME they turn up for a match. There is simply no room for complacency. These guys earn a lot of money, they need to be made to put in commensurate effort.

    Unfortunately, all I have written may mean nothing if the board of the club and the Manager are TRULY okay with top 4. They will not say so openly but that may be the case. So the fans continue to feel the pain. Maybe when we do not make top 4 something will eventually change.

    Should that be the wish of the Arsenal fans?

  5. Jansen says:

    Currently, we have no answer to our problems IMO. Our problems are mental more than anything else. We can not muster 90 minutes of spirited fight.

    Sanchez is a massive improvement on Giroud and should stay in the central position, Theo is also adding more goals than last season. So our front line has improved. IMO neither Ox nor Iwobi seems to have made a convincing claim to the left wing position, although I have high hopes for Iwobi. It is hard to understand why Perez doesn’t get more time on the left wing. Perez would compliment Sanchez game. Sanchez says he is more of a passer and would have made every assist for Henry had they played together. Perez being a good finisher could provide this partner for Sanchez.

    IMO it is our midfield where we are losing and being over-run, and this trickles back to our defending. It is hard to see how we can remedy this. I am a big Ozil fan but I am honest enough to admit that he becomes a liability when he is not “on” or when we don’t have the ball. In absence of Santi taking over Ozil’s role in those games, we could try Ramsey. Everyone knows I don’t rate Ramsey particularly on the wings, but his best position is in the center. So perhaps we could give Ozil a rest and try Ramsey on the number 10 role. Alternatively, we could drop Sanchez back to the nr 10 role and put Perez as central-striker.

    I don’t claim to have the solutions and as I said IMO they are mental weakness, but I am 100% sure Giroud is not the answer and never has been.

  6. Justsoccerfan says:

    Sanchez should join Liverpool that will be the team to watch.

    Oops sorry gooners.


  7. Franko says:

    Did I not write some time ago that we need to put out a front four with the highest chance of getting the goals and assists? The best we could get right now to do that are Perez – Sanchez – Walcot and Ozil. If Carzola was fit, I would have him play the number 10 role in those difficult games not Ozil. Was it in Ozil’s contract not to be dropped as long as he is fit to play?

  8. Franko says:

    Did I not write some time ago that we need to put out a front four with the highest chance of getting the goals and assists? The best we could get right now to do that are Perez – Sanchez – Walcot and Ozil. If Carzola was fit, I would have him play the number 10 role in those difficult games not Ozil. Likewise if Welbeck was fit, I would have him play ahead of Walcot. Was it in Ozil’s contract not to be dropped as long as he is fit to play? Because it seems to me that he is untouchable even if he plays badly and from my own point of view, if a player is playing badly and doesn’t get substituted then it shows how weak the Manager is mentally.

  9. arsenalkid1970 says:

    Aw needs to stop playing the same system week in week out. Change it up and play some fresh blood. We have kids at arsenal start playing tbem give em a game. And LP go the love of god play the kid

  10. bran99 says:

    Sanchez is a work horse and I’ve seen him in all the matches that he played, calling his teammates to pressure the opponent’s defense, but the guys won’t do that and just stay behind the midfield. this irritates me as pressuring them causes them to panic and lose the ball or just kick it in-front to avoid making errors.

    If only we had wingers who work their asses off like Alexis, the front line would have been one of the frightening attack in the league

  11. Onochie says:

    No need to read the Article,just tell me who else that fights for this team upfront except Alexis then in midfield,its only le coq and defence I would say Monreal and Kosciencly.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Cazorla when fit?
      Welbroke shown fight to press the ball high but yeah… he broke.
      Xhaka has had a good start as well, not played as much as Mustafi and he has had the quieter moments but 1st season in EPL…
      Cech has shown fight, even getting forward for lass second crosses etc.
      Theo has actually done well fighting for the ball this year, try watching the games before commenting on who fights for the team?

  12. Reuben Joel says:

    Wenger can drop Ozil and play Sanchez in his role but being Wenger, am can only dream of dat happening.

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