Arsenal need to stop the uncertainty and let Ramsdale leave in January

Should Ramsdale be sold in January?

Arsenal’s season has been great so far, we currently sit on top of the table, four points clear of Liverpool and 7 points clear of Manchester City, and people are starting to realise that this Arsenal squad could and should be going all the way this year.

But i can sense a cloud hanging over the club. with all this negative press and stuff about David Raya and Aaron Ramsdale, and I can’t help but feel that Arteta has some what brought this on himself and if he doesn’t fix it soon, it could cause an uneasy dressing room.

Ramsdale was obviously a huge reason we got so far last season, helping us get back into The Champions League and finishing 2nd for the first time in years. Most Arsenal fans, myself included, thought Ramsdale, who had built up enough credit last season to be the number one keeper this season, but when reports came out that we were interested in loaning out David Raya from Brentford, it had me and I’m sure a few other confused.

Don’t get me wrong, Raya is a great keeper who last season looked at his best for Brentford and a few “bigger” clubs were chasing him in the summer but Arteta convinced the Spanish international that Arsenal would be the best place for him. I’m not sure if Arteta then promised Raya the top spot or what Ramsdale thought when he found out the news, but since then it’s been pretty clear who Arteta’s first choice is and after multiple reports have come out saying there’s unrest between the two, is it time to think about letting Ramsdale go in January.

Raya is the clear first choice, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing and has had he fair share of mistakes, conceding 3 goals to Luton at the weekend really started people to start questioning him, and in Arteta’s post-match press conference Arteta heavily avoided the questions about Raya’s mistakes and blamed the defending.

Personally, I think Ramsdale deserves to be getting minutes and if it’s not with us, and Arteta no longer has plans to build with him, then I think it’s a bit harsh to expect him to stay just in case we get an injury,

Ramsdale has made his fair share of mistakes also but after last season I don’t think he deserves to be on the bench. Maybe a loan is the smartest idea if Arteta isn’t sold on putting all his eggs in the Raya basket just yet, but for me he’s picked a clear favourite and unless Ramsdale wants to fight for that spot I think we should let him go in January and bring in someone else.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. OT but great results over the past 2 night! Newcastle, City and Spurs losing!

    Back on topic, I’m quite confident that Ramsdale has made far less mistakes than Raya per game for Arsenal.

    1. People now expect Arsenal to just bulldoze everyone and when we don’t then the knives come out for the manager.

      The league is difficult, it doesn’t matter how small a team is, they will give you a proper game. That’s why Arsenal, City, Liverpool, Spurs, Newcastle, Chelsea, United etc are finding it difficult to blow away these so called weaker teams.

      It’s going to be a slog of a season for each and every team in the league. We just nees to relax and calm down a bit.

    2. I was having so much fun laughing at Spuds yesterday. I knew that when Richarlison was subbed in, the hammers would go on to victory, lol.

  2. Why are people making such a big deal out of this Ramsdale v Raya thing?
    Seriously, it’s reminding me of the Ozil, Martinez, Guendouzi, Auba, Saliba, Martinelli, Balogun etc saga’s.

    Last season the same individuals were absolutely destroying Ramsdale, the criticism that the guy got at the tail-end of last season seems to have been forgotten all of a sudden.

    Weren’t people complaining about Arteta continuing to stick with Ramsdale even if he was making a lot errors and blunders that cost us points in those last 10 games?

    The same people were saying how Arteta was playing favourites by sticking with Ramsdale and ignoring Matt Turner. How Arteta wanted to justify spending £30 million on Ramsdale a player that was relegated with two clubs?

    I know many people already made their minds up about Arteta being a bad man manager, about him playing favorites with certain players, about him being rigid and not wanting to accept his mistakes etc. There is a new charge “He is sticking with Raya because he is a fellow Spanish.”

    How can he play favourites when most of these players are here because he chose them to signed? It’s his own players.

    Let’s calm down and stop trying to make over inflate the situation when not warranted.

    Let’s all take a deep breathe.

  3. Great post Daisy Mae. I agree with everything except that MA has brought it all upon himself not just somewhat. He has the perfect right and obligation to play who is in his opinion the best for the club. However, he had to anticipate the reaction from fans and pundits and realize that it could have a negative effect on both Raya and Ramsdale because they are human and do not live in shells (as far as I know).

    When Ramsdale replaced Leno there was already much disgruntlement with Leno’s as well as the club’s performances and Ramsdale came in with fire and great performances. Raya has come in at a time when the club had finally made it back to the UCL and barely missed winning the PL.

    MA may continue to stay with Raya; but, Ramsdale should also be treated properly including being allowed to leave, he’s earned it. In any case, the fans must not necessarily agree with but nevertheless support whoever ends up being the #1.

    1. Bruised Banana
      I don’t think Ramsdale has deserved the right to leave. Xhaka did after several seasons but Ramsdale hasn’t got there yet.

      Leno put the wind up me but his injury allowed Martinez to grasp his chance and the rest is history as he couldn’t get the assurances he wanted. Bad luck for us as he’d never been given a chance before- having been overlooked but I understand why Arteta let him go. Grr!

      1. Rather than being overlooked, I believe Martinez simply got better as he has continued to do since that time when he was being loaned out all over creation.

        1. I just read where MA stated regarding Raya that if we look at his form and what he has achieved since he’s been with us is really really impressive. How many believe that? Does Raya?

          It is very annoying in this situation that he can’t simply admit that there have been some serious errors but that Raya is still his favored choice at this time. Everyone could except that and move on but instead we’re once again scratching our heads and hoping he doesn’t really mean what he said.

          1. This is ridiculous.
            What are you annoyed about? We have two top goalkeepers and we are top of the PL.
            Raya has made mistakes, so have other GKs. Our overall play and control of games has been very good despite the errors and that is with Raya in the team.
            Why exactly should Arteta be apologising to you for doing what he thinks is best for the club?

            1. Nothing ridiculous. No one requested an apology. The annoyance is only with MA’s statement. Read the second sentence of my first post supporting MA regarding doing what he feels is best for the club. Sorry for criticising anything MA related. Top of the PL on Dec 8, retract all statements of opinion, my mistake. Geez. COYG

                1. top4 — I agree and was surprised that David took my post(s) the way he seems to have done. I’m really only a fan of Arsenal per se even thou overall I have liked the way MA has conducted himself as a player and now as a manager.

                  There are many opinions regarding how good of a manager he is or is not but I would always hope that we are all free to criticize as well as praise his decisions and conduct while realizing that everyone wants the best for The Arsenal.

  4. We can keep making excuses for Raya, or tell it as it is. If Arteta doesn’t want Ramsdale, Raya, isnt taking Arsenal to Utopiah. Raya is not that great. You can see he is nothing special.

  5. It is clear that Arteta no longer rates Ramsdale regardless of what he says in the media, and it would certainly not have escaped his attention of the mistakes Raya has made this season either.
    For me it is feasible to suggest that neither Ramsdale nor Raya will be at Arsenal next season and a completely new signing will have taken the goalkeeper shirt..

    1. Losing both of them, to be replaced by who? Great keepers are more uncommon than half decent strikers. There’s probably just three in the PL.

  6. Don’t worry your head over it, there is no dressing room unrest and the Raya-Ramsdale talk is just that, talk. If the press are talking about it, it’s just them stirring the pot and if that’s all we’ve got to worry about imagine being a spurs fan (ha bloody ha) at present, or a City fan or heaven forbid, an Everton fan. I think some on here are worrying far too much about the keeper situation, if he stays great, then we have two decent keepers, if he’s sold to Newcastle for £35 million great, we’ve got money added to the pot. As I said, don’t worry, be happy.

    1. I have learnt to stop getting all emotional about Arteta’s decisions. He has been doubted by majority (myself included) since he was appointed. But he keeps doing it his way and keeps succeeding in getting Arsenal back fighting with the big boys. So I decided to just let him do his job instead of always triggering himself or thinking I know more than him when it comes to choosing players that he knows inside and out. He works with nearly everyday, knows their personalities, their strengths and weaknesses. But we on the outside always think we know more if not as much as the guy who manages these players day in day out.

      I will let him make decisions that I might not agree with, I will have a little whining here and there but I will let him get on with it. His decision will make or break him. But he keeps proving that his decisions continue to be overwhelmingly correct / Right. And I will afford him that leeway.

  7. On the contrary, I think we should keep Ramsdale at all cost, and off load Raya ASAP. Karl Hein may even get some opportunities to show his worth.

  8. We came close last season. It is Arteta’s job to try to identify the areas, where we can get that bit of improvement, which may get us all the way.
    He obviously thinks, Ramsdale isn’t quite the first choice goalkeeper, we need.
    So he is forced to get another one. Raya doesn’t look like he is the answer either.
    My guess is Arsenal is still searching.

  9. Personally I would like to see more competition between our keepers. Raya was shocking against Luton; just because Arteta didn’t want to talk about it doesn’t hide how poor Raya was.

    This should open an opportunity for Ramsdale, if there really is competition between the GK.

    Ramsdale should get a chance now, and if he plays well he should continue starting until his form dips.

    They are all professional athletes not mentally frail children. Poor displays have consequences, Raya SHOULD be concerned about his next start, and this SHOULD open up an opportunity for Ramsdale to fight for his spot.

    Actions speak louder than words, so we will find out about “competition” and all the buzz words Arteta threw around at Raya’s signing.

    1. I get your point Durand but Ramsdale got his chance against Brentford and was hardly convincing
      The trouble now is that there is wall to wall coverage of both Ramsdale and Raya. Not ideal and hardly helpful that Raya has looked vulnerable as the preferred number one

      1. Fair point, SueP.
        I only mention competition because Raya had looked quite squirrely and lacked composure for a couple games in a row, yet continued to start.

        Ramsdale started against Brentford due to loan requirements, and didn’t get the chance over several matches like Raya has.

        From the outside it looks like 1 or 2 mistakes in Ramsdale’s single chance and he is back out on the bench. Meanwhile, Raya had 2 absolute howlers against Luton, and he isn’t facing a benching like Ramsdale.

        Personally I don’t think much separates the 2 keepers; Raya better with footwork and passing, Ramsdale better at claiming crosses and stopping shots.

        A true competition would benefit the club in the long run, as well as deciding which should get the majority of starts as we chase the title.

    2. All that talk about competition and substituting keepers by Arteta was probably just to entertain the press and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

      The number of games Ramsdale has played since Raya’s arrival showed that rotation was not really on the cards and Arteta has immense faith in Raya, unlikely to be waivered by a few mistakes here and there

  10. I think it is better to let him go.

    We already let go of Leno + Martinez, and MA prefers Raya for no reason .. he’s no better than Ramsdale

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