Arsenal need to stop these two Aston Villa danger men

Mikel Arteta has made Arsenal’s defence extremely hard to break this season, and currently have the best defence in the Premier League, but today’s game against Aston Villa could provide a real test for Gabriel and Holding, and the rest of our back line.

The Villains have already scored 15 goals in just 6 games in the League, and Jack Grealish and Ollie Watkins have scored 4 each, with Ross Barkley contributing a couple as well, so they are in excellent form at the moment.

Mikel Arteta has picked out Jack Grealish as the biggest threat to the Gunners, and he told Goal: “He is a top player, great talent, he is player who can make a difference at any moment in the game.

“He has this personality against any opponent, at any ground, to take the ball in any area of the pitch and he can make the difference, so we have to look after him.”

He is thinking that if he keeps Grealish quiet then Watkins will be short of service up front. But the 25 year-old is extremely hard to stop in the final third. He became Villa’s record signing when he stepped up from Brentford just this summer, and after scoring 26 times for the Bees last season, he has carried on where he left off at his new club.

With the danger posed by Barkley as well, the Gunners will find it very hard to keep another clean sheet today, but we must keep the faith!

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. yes we need to keep him quiet as he is extremely dangerous.

    I would love to have him in our team but there is no way we could afford him, even if we were to win the league, FA cup and UEL this season lol.

    But an old fool can dream 😛

  2. Don’t supppose the article, which presumably strives for balance(not!!!), has also noticed how many Villa has let in of late!

    1. The article clearly states the topic of Villa’s danger men. If the title was along the line of Villa’s strengths and weaknesses i could see your point, however its not. So pointless comment.

      1. So you don’t believe in balance in articles then? How interesting and how revealing about you and your life philosophy!

        1. Let’s take a look at your life philosophy shall we. Grumpy old man with nothing better to do than pick the tiniest detail about absolutely any thing to moan about. I would say i feel sorry for you but clearly you take enjoyment from being a miserably person. Looking forward to then next grumpy john post 🤣

  3. The Emirates is Grealish’s favourite stadium… would’ve loved to have had him in the famous red and white! He’s top-notch….

  4. You have NO Hope of signing our Jack, now or in the future. He wants to stay with super VILLA, a club on the rise!
    Once a Villa, always a Villa. If I was on Jack’s wages, and VILLA mad, I don’t think I could put my heart and soul into being a squad member for anyone else. Would you?

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