Arsenal need to use Welbeck more productively from now on

Why are Arsenal struggling this season? by SE

Arsenal, with 10 competitive games into the season, looks like the team that isn’t going to come up with the goods any time soon. The FA Cup win from last May led us to speculate that we might see a resurgent Arsenal on show at the very beginning of this season but, on the evidences of their displays until now, Arsenal’s detractors (one amongst them, Jamie Carragher) have every right to feel vindicated once again. Far too many times, they lack imagination and fall prey to the internet trolls and disparaging comments.

Coming to the analysis part however, why are Arsenal struggling this season?

The Gunners, of all the 20 Premiership teams, are right up there in terms of possession, enjoying 58% of time on the ball in the 7 Premier League games alone. While the Gunners have enjoyed large spells of possession, the failure to threaten their opponents’ goal has been the worrying part of it all. Those two crucial home games against Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur were testament to Arsenal enjoying large spells of possession, without posing any sort of menace to the opponents’ goal. The inference is simple: Arsenal are struggling to score goals, and their frontline – inclusive of Welbeck, Giroud and Sanogo – has scored just 2 of the entire team’s tally of 11.

Albeit it would be pernickety to indulge Sanchez in the list of less-than-impressive Arsenal players, the midfield duo of Ozil and Ramsey (until his injury) has failed to stamp their mark on proceedings so far. Arsenal, as a result, are feeling the ill-effects of not having their marquee men in the best of form, and rendering that cutting edge which is so badly needed at this level of the game.

The injection of Sanchez into this Arsenal setup meant that Wenger had to tinker with his favored 4-2-3-1 system, which was subsequently replaced with a much more safety-ensuring 4-1-4-1. While the 4-1-4-1 is in no way different to the 4-5-1, the Gunners are failing to play to the system despite having the players suited to it. The Chilean is yet to bring his A-game to the fore, which has put an enormous amount of pressure on Welbeck to be the solitary goal scoring outlet for Arsenal. And, although the former Manchester United striker has looked lively, he is feeling the negative side of being the solitary man upfront.

An ideal scenario would be to utilize Welbeck’s physical strength, play it into his feet, and let him hold it up for the others to join in on the attack; if that isn’t going to happen, however, Arsenal could continue to struggle to pose a serious threat to their opponents. With Chamberlain, Welbeck’s full potential could be utilized once again. Sanchez, playing as the Left-Winger, could cut in on his right foot, while Chamberlain can hold the byline and put crosses into the danger area for Welbeck to attack, which could happen starting this coming weekend against Hull City.

Final Thought
Arsenal are failing so comprehensively that it becomes so difficult to attain cohesion abruptly. The defensive partnership of Koscielny and Mertesacker has failed to live up to the standards that were expected of them, letting in 9 goals and contributing to Arsenal’s downfall. The engine room has been talked about far too many times that I am not going to touch upon it. For Arsenal to climb up the Premier League table, however, they need their defense, midfield and attack functioning better than what it has so far. Otherwise, with Manchester United, Liverpool and Spurs to compete with, even 4th place could become a difficult objective to fulfill.

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  1. ur not saying that Welbeck would be better for Arsenal if he was more like Giroud are you? I dont wanna see hold up play, I wanna see him take players on and score goals.

  2. Welback is doing okeys. Poz of concerne is the Dm, Cb, and slightly the Lw which has been filled with players who are not up for the job.

    The 4-1-4-1 poz is a result of Wenger forcing all the cm’s into one formaton which brings unbalance in the team. Ramsey and Wilsher need to rotate for their poz. Ozil and Santi to. Wilsher needs to play deeper and not up, and Wenger needs to make sure to get the best out of Walcots speed when he will be ready to kick of the ball again.

    ———-Chamber-Potato head-Boss-Gibbs———

    1. ks
      not sure what you got thumbed down for
      i think wilshire does seem to play better coming from a deeper postion
      and rotating the players more i think we all agree thats been a problem for us for quite a while
      the left wing can be sorted aslong as we use the right players wich we seem to have sitting on the bench most of the time,,,
      i really hope wenger goes in for a top defencive player in january and as he normally dosent do alot in the winter maybe someone who can cover cb / cdm

  3. Mesut Özil can’t help Arsenal. To bad defence and no fighting spirit. The most overrated player i ever saw. Hope he goes to Bayern Munich. Karim Bellarabi is a very, very good player for Arsenal. maybe better than Reus.

  4. Our dear coach is at it again, here’s what wenger has to say when asked for an update on giroud’s injury ..
    He added: “Welbeck and [Giroud] can play together in the centre or separately.
    “Welbeck also played on one side for Manchester United. Welbeck played in the same team with [Wayne] Rooney and [Robin] van Persie. He can play down the sides.”

    WENGER – playing players out of position since 1900bc

    1. ha did he even answer anything about girouds injury then ??
      has there been anything said about welbecks ankle ?

  5. I watched a video of ozil just now 14min to be precise. The guy was a absolute genious, he used to glide past players, he actually has pace to my surprise, he had this passion that shocked the sh#t out of me. Im in no way a ozil fan boy as you lot call it. My opinion=Ozil became over confident, when he was signed, it was like he was the main man, whereas at Madrid he was competing wth di maria, Ronaldo, higuain, benzema. When I watch his games for us vs his games for Madrid, he doest reaallllyy put in that effort or try. All our playa’s are sissies apart from flamini and kos maby, which is why losing to them is ok, as by Madrid losing aint a option.

    Put walcot, sanchez, welbeck, ox infront of him for 5 games. I believe we’ll see ozil flourish like boom boom bang.
    Cazorla and walcot are my favourite players though so im confident arsenal will get going again.

    COGY……some perspective for ya’ll

  6. conspiracy theory#35 😀 😀 😀
    ozil missed giroud 🙁 🙁 🙁
    theire pals 🙁 🙁 🙁
    he couldnt stand seeing giroud alone in the medical room 🙁 🙁 🙁

  7. What are all the negative? Just 7 league games including matches with the top teams like Chelsea, Man City etc …
    We are not yet at our best but no where near terrible.
    We have new players coming in Sanchez, Welbeck, Debuchy, Chambers – all need time to gel with the team and the manager are trying to find the formation and tactics that can get the best out of his star players Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey, Carzola and at the same time try to bring up the likes of Wilshere and Chamberlain.
    Dont think we will win the league this season especially with Chelsea in such fine form (hate to say it), our squad not as strong as Man City as well. As long we can do the following this season, we will be in the title race next season
    – A new DM and a backup CB. With so many players to be free agent next summer, we should be able to get them for decent price come Jan. Khedira, Rabiot, Ron Vlaar, Winston Reid, Williamns, Carlvalho openly talk about moving to EPL and news of Juventus willing to offload Vidal.
    – Find a tactics and formation that can get the best out of our star players. Hopefully to see Wilsheres, Chamber & Chambers plus Gibbs to make a step up
    – Better injury record.

    Together with a 3rd place and above finish, decent CL and FA Cup run and I would be a happy Gooner.

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